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  • So I am currently in a 3 yr relationship but 4 weeks ago I met a man, a man who I barely talk to but whose eyes have this crazy effect on me. I don't know I feel that even tho we've talked a few times (about "work" excuse that I use so I can get near him and look into those gorgeous eyes) I feel this crazy connection to him I feel that we have a lot in common! I had a dream about him before I saw him a dream in which he was wearing something similar to what he wore that morning.!

    This is driving me crazy! Why do I feel a chemistry there! is the universe trying to tell me something this has never happened to me before.

  • Hi Wonttell; not so much a message at all. Appreciate the beauty of those eyes, and nothing else. Our sense of anguish, of obsession, comes from within, and has nothing to do with the other person. Enjoy seeing him when you do, but seeking him out will only bring difficulty. He has, or is about to be with, someone else. I'm sorry. : (

    Chemistry can simply show you something that you are looking for in another. Take heart. That attraction you feel can be had with someone else.



  • Your subconscious is expressing something. Something that happened to come true. This happens and I don't know how. Did he have the eyes in the dream or dressed similar, or both. The subconscious fascinates me. It doesn't miss too much and knows what you want. He is his own person. Get to know him. I would back-up because there may be a reason. God has been known to work thru dreams.

  • The eyes are said to be the window to your soul.Who knows what one's soul sees when it looks into the eyes of another. Some times we can not hold a persons gaze for more then a moment. Other times it is like we could look into another persons eyes forever. Maybe it is because the moment we meet someone, and make eye to eye contact our soul can tell if they are friend, lover or foe. Dalia is right I think you should get to know him a little better and if he is with someone else then I am sure you will move on.

  • I read Wontell's account with great interest as this happened to me two months ago. Having struggled alone with my boys after my marriage of 13 years and being single for 8 years, I thought I would never meet someone that I could "stare at forever". I met him and we could not stop staring at each other. Even others noticed. He is in a relationship. I was deeply affected and to this day haunted by crazy beautiful thoughts..even...that he is my soulmate. I would never tell him as I do not know and will never presume to know what his current relationship is like. I am now in another country (away from him) but just can't get him out of my mind. The chemistry is as electrifying as on that first day...I looked into those eyes.

  • Remember high school crushes? Dreamy eyes often were part of them, too. Just because you're out of school and have a real life doesn't mean that crushes don't occur. As I remember, whether acted upon or not, crushes don't last that long.

    Sometimes its also the newness, the unexperienced person. You've been in a relationship for 3 years. Not alot you don't know by now about your partner, and that can sort of put a damper on the unexpected (though there is something to be said for stability and depth). The dreamy-eyed guy can be a source of great fantasies.

    On the other hand, he may be a soul mate, or someone who was a partner in a past life. You may feel this connection. The problem with this is that you both may not be on the same page in this lifetime. Been there, done that. It's not pretty.

    If there is some subtle way of getting his birthday, you could check out the aspects between both your charts. There are aspects which provoke exactly this kind of feeling, though sometimes they aren't experienced the same way by both parties (one may feel a connection, the other may feel suffocated with too much closeness).

    Bottom line? Keep it to yourself. If it's meant to be, it will. Try to spend time with your current partner, doing something which is new for both of you. Routine can be a killer to relationships, and cause people to look outward for that which is lacking at home. Good Luck.

  • Is he really? I know. I don't "work" with him any more so I won't be able to appreciate those eyes. 😞

  • When I found out when his b-day was I freaked out his was on feb. 17. 1971 mine was on feb. 18. 1986

    where can I do this?

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  • He must have something for you and he must think about you a lot. That's a good thing is he married? If so just stay away no matter how much attention he want to try and give you. If no enjoy the complantments. Tease him before he tease you, or just go with it.

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  • maybe you feel the chemistry because he has feelings for you. it's in his eyes, his longing for you or someone like you. it is also possible you were lovers in your past life and something happened that you two didn't end up together so he was carrying this longing within him when his spirit reincarnates. note that this longing may not necessarily be to you but you might look like someone that he long for. maybe in the past, maybe in this lifetime he had to let go of someone that he loved dearly. whatever it is, his eyes had communicated it to you.

    it is normal to feel a chemistry even if you are in relationship with someone else. what matters is how you deal with it. do you want to pursue him or do you want to stay. everyone is a flirt, no matter what sign they are. it's just that some people do not flaunt it and control it, and you do. it's your choice now what to do.

  • Religion does not mean anything. People can still develop feelings, we are people first. It's what you do with those feelings. So if you don't want to subcome to those feelings keep your distant. or either you or him will have to step up to the plate. If not stay strong.

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  • hellooo...I saw this guy at a social event a couple of years ago and he has some killer gorgeous eyes...been seeing him a lot lately we seemed to have this instant connection..but I hesitate to initiate contact although I did finally say hi to him..he accidentally bumped into me this summer..and said excuse me I am sorry and I was left speechless..but through the weekend we kept meeting up and having staring contests the most recent was couple of weeks ago..I hesistate cuz he is younger...but he seems interested..I really really like him..I think he feels the same way because he was really lookin waved at him..he smiled and looked away...I don't know though he seems kinda shy..more then me but I find I am now around him..

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