Question on changing colors

  • I bought a paper weight of colored glass--purple. It's pretty large, shaped like a diamond. It has no backing or silver lining. When I get it inside my house changes totally to light (sky) blue. There's only one room in my house where it turns purple. Darker rooms will turn it purple. I bought it at a well-lit store and it was purple. Then I start thinking is it auras or energy or something else.

  • I believe the term for this is color constancy.This has happened to me as well, but with a perfume! The perfume was light sky blue in the store and purple when I brought it home. All colors have a certain wavelength - which is perceived through the cones and rods in our retina - but the light that it is in does have an affect. The store may have had flourescent, halogen, LED lighting - something different than your home. Even just the amount of the same type of light will change how we perceive its color. Think of the color of grass on a bright sunlit day versus on a rainy day. Also, since your object was crystal or glass I believe the light travels through it or gets scattered by it rather than just refracting off of it. Think of how a clear crystal can be a prism for all colors. I will try to upload a pic - the man is holding the same cards in each photo, but they look different as the lighting in his environment has changed.

  • Perfect stone for spiritual meditation. It will clear whatever area you choose to put and cleanse your spiritual vibrations, open you up and clarify your psychic intuition. As well, the blue is calming, especially if the opposite sex comes into that room. Fantastic choice!!! I commend you!

  • Thanks!

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