Astrology reading please I need to know

  • Could someone please give me a reading on this please, I feel so bad.

    I just recently came in contact with a friend of mine that I have'nt seen in a couple of yrs..We have known each other for over 18yrs now maybe longer,Im now separated, I call for some advice, we met up recently to talk. It was like old times laughing,joking talking having a good time,I just wanted to know if something he said to me is true?He told me that he (fell in love with me) and why did I just up and disppear without saying why? I was really afraid of getting to attach and (felling in love) myself I know that we couldnt be together like I wanted ,The look that was in his eyes was of hurt . I would never want to hurt him ever.I dont know if I hurt him by doing that or not,I feel so bad when he said that to me,but after lunch the way he kiss me(whoa) I think there r some feelings still there for me.or is he playing head games with me or is he for real. Me Taurus 5/5 He 5/9

  • Will we see each other this weekend

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