Wondering if I may have a reading please?

  • Since last being on here about 2 years ago Ive done much personal growth. I was just wondering if I could get a little insight into whats to come. What I need to focus on, ect. anything will be appreciated greatly. 🙂

  • i dint know what info is required... dob is 9-29-80, san antonio tx

  • If you would please give us some idea of what is going on in your life; details would be most helpful as not too many of us are mind readers. I sense money problems, relationship issues and a recent change.

  • lol. ok. money is defiantly an issue, but i have a positive outlook on the future. i have taken allot of time recently to evaluate myself. i was in quite a bad place for a moment due to past relationships. i would like to find some one new now, but this is only a want and not a need. i would like to start a new venture in business, and i am researching that now. i hope this is enough, thank you.

  • This is definitely not a good time to put any investment into new business. Next year will be your 7 personal year, the perfect opportunity to focus on spiritual progress, alone time, studies and finding time for solitude. Do not become overly concerned about loneliness. Instead, reassess past relationships, focus on family and creating balance in your life.

  • thank you! i was coming to the same conclusion! i very much appreciate your time!

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