Taurus Woman/Taurus Man

  • Good Morning TaurusFemmeFatale,

    Could I please have a reading .I just resently came in contact with a friend of mine that I have'nt seen in a couple of years., We have known each other for over 18yrs now maybe longer. Im now separated, I call for some advice,we met up resently just to talk , I just wanted to know if it is true about something he said to me, how he feel (IN LOVE ) with me and why did I just leave? I didnt say anything, I just disappeared , without saying why.The like that was in his eyes was of hurt,I dont know if I hurt him by doing that our not , I felt so bad when he said that to me, but one thing lead to another. Please help me to understand why I just walk away without say anything?

  • DOB 5/5 me

    DOB 5/9

    Will I see him this weekend(Saturday)

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