Is he worth it? (Libra man) Please help guys...

  • I met MY Libra guy 6 months ago (we work for the same company). Handsome and a real gentleman, he asked me out and I told him that I have a reputation to maintain so I dont want drama nor public affection at work. He told me that his mission is to make me happy and he wants to change my perception about love and relationships because I have been hurt before. He took me out, spent time everyday during lunch, spoke over the phone everyday, he made me laugh and I fell madly in love with him. A month ago he came over to my place as I cooked for him as it was his Birthday. I asked him why he switches his phone off when he is with me, he got angry and then he decided to leave. His reaction shocked me and He he kept his phone off the whole weekend. We spent over a week without talking and I was hurting all that time. I recently found out from a friend that he is seeing another girl at work (I was hurt) and I did not ask him about it as we havent been talking. I saw them walking together after work yesterday and when he saw me he turned the opposite direction. I sent him a text saying "I know about her, Relax" and he did not respond. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS, I AM angry and bitter. Should I send the other girl pictures of me and him so she can see what has been going on because by the sounds of this this girl has been with him way longer than me. What should I do guys?

  • Hi,

    He is not worth anymore of your time. He seem immature and disrespectful. Some guys get a kick out of other people pain. He seem like a love them and leave them type of guy. Honey never let him see you sweat or crack under pressure. It's not the end of the world. It could have been a worst situation than what happened. I understand you two work together. Just act as if he is invisible. He's probably has a reputation around the company anyways. You're not the first and the other woman won't be the last. It's a good thing that he took the garbage out first. He just saved you the trip of tossing it out yourself. Lol

    Have a good day

  • CancerDiva - Just mend your broken heart and move on, independantly!


  • Sounds like a Libra in Atlanta I dated....from my experience, they are womanizers, and very flirtatous. They can be very charming and make you feel as though you are the only woman in the world when in actuality, you are 1 of many he is splitting time with. I would say run for the hills! My Libra man strung me along for 8 months only to reveal that he was getting into a committed relationship with someone else. Do yourself a favor and walk away. Libra hate to be ignored. He will be me. Its on YOU to cut the ties and not allow him to use you.

  • Girl~~ Run and Run fast....are you crazy he played you like a cheap fiddle...COME ON wheres the dignity...are you pissed at him or are you more mad at her...he's doing you a favor...think about what the other girl is going to go through....

  • One thing I learned about Libra's way before I dated this guy was that they are charmers and THEY LIE A LOT. Lying is second nature to them, I used to tell him when I think he is lying about certain things and he would make it a point that he proves me wrong. I called favors for him to get his life sorted and this is how he thanks me? I guess I meant well while he was in it for the benefits. I can’t believe he played me. Is getting revenge worth it?

  • Nahh nevermind revenge, he'll hit a wall somewhere!


  • Hi Cancerdiva.

    Im a Arian so i would say yes as long as your sure, what it is you want out of it.. T hats the question you have to ask yourself and you can you deal with consequences..

    I will give you my experience if you like help decide./

  • Ruining their relationship won't make mend your broken heart, I can promise you that.

  • #Sigh# I hear you guys

    @Newsl4ng you hit it on the nail, lol.... I'm even laughing at myself because at some point I thought "Wow I found the one, a husband" lol... I shared everything about my life and family with him and he shared what I wanted to hear with regards to his family... can’t stop laughing at myself for being this naive, but I must give it to him he was good at his game (He fitted my Idea of spouse).

    @Scully.. Lets here what help you can offer girl...

    The thing is, I care what people think of me and so far a lot of people respect me at work as a woman of class, very strict, dress well and high esteem. I am worried that people are now going to see me differently now that I am not dating this handsome, calm, Leader, well dressed Libra guy anymore that is why I want revenge. But the truth is I am a kind person and have a forgiving heart. Thing is right now I feel like a looser who has been played and dumped. I see myself as a strong assertive woman so this situation has dented the way I see myself.

  • @ScorpWolf... How are things going with your Libra guy?

    @Newsl4ng.... Do Libras mean what they say or do they just say things that you want to here. The thing is he sent me a text message last night saying that I always have a special place in his heart.

  • My ex was a Libra. We were married 22 years. If any guy sent me a text like the one he sent you, I would think he was a physco. WHY?? BC he was playing you!!

    This man has no respect for you or any other woman. it is solely about him and how to make himself feel good.

  • @CancerDiva If you want my honest opinion, I don't think he was purposely trying to screw with your head, he just got caught doing something he knew he shouldn't have.

  • @ newsl4ng Well said...all of it in your last post. Couldn't agree more.

  • Hey Diva - well my Libra had the learn the hard way with me...the lies completely stopped, cause I just don't play (I put all his stuff outside and he begged to come back in)..he saw that when he tried to lie, I would not give him the time of day. Lies turn me off and he saw that. A liar steal from your conscious!

    So thanks for asking!


  • What came to mind id something Vanzant said on Oprah's Life Class "when people show you who they are Believe it"There is very little to decipher here if he "intentionally "was messing w/ you or just was being an idiot either way he's hurt you and can't be trusted. The Universe showed you what is truly going on. Thankfully it didn't drag on. What I'm really hearing is your need for public approval. Pay attention as best you can and be a mature adult in your response to this. What's done is done. How you handle it now will be what your work environment will see. Just be true to yourself.We all make mistakes. We are all human.

    Blessings Pfree

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