Captain i need a reading :(

  • Hello Precious Captain, i really need a reading on my sister and i .. Our relationship breakup as a result of a long sad and horrible story of my lifetime with my "ex family" .. She wrote me for the first time in six years for my birthday.. But she wrote blaming me.. Saying i did many things to hurt her when i really didn't . And all the contrary she did many things that hurt me.. But i know is because shes confused and she believe all the lies they say to her to stop me from having a relationship with her cause i would tell her all the truth about what really happened. Even thought i try to tell her six years ago.. She didnt believe me. :(. Can you help me ? Please!

  • Can you give me a photo or both your birthdates so I can tune into your vibes?

    Off the top of my head though, I would say that if it is not time for the two of you to resolve the past (it does sound like you both need time to distance yourself from the past before you can discuss it objectively) then you have to work on having a happy present together. To do that, you will both have to learn to trust each other by concentrating on getting to know the sort of people you both are now, and not the old hurtful versions. Try calling a truce and not referencing the past until you are both ready, and like and trust each other enough, to handle it.

  • Make a firm decision to forgive, even if it seems impossible to forget. Family can cause us torments of grief and the troublemakers often fail to accept responsibility for their actions. Try not to discuss that period of time but focus on offering help, volunteering your time and energy for others' benefit. In the doing, there is a blessing.

  • My sister's birthday is: 04-25-84. And mine is 08-31-77.

    Thank you in advance with all my heart.

  • Thank u!

  • You and your sister: the two of you know how to leave each other alone - your bond, which often deepens over years, allows room for each person's privacy. A solid bond of empathy, respect and understanding can be forged here as the relationship has an easy camaraderie in general. You two will always share a similar outlook on money and handle it well - this can actually be an excellent career partnership. In fact, issues of sex, money, and/or religion will tend to crop up between you throughout your lives. Family is important to both of you, too.

    Since you Virgoddess need to spend a great deal of time alone, and are often busy with family and work obligations, it may be hard to form a really close or deep friendship with your sister who would demand a healthy investment of your time and energy. She will want to be play the dominant role in your relationship, yet she can benefit from your desire to be helpful and to serve. If problems arise, it will be your tendency towards criticism, dissatisfaction and self-destruction and her stubbornness, fears and inflexibility that create them. However your sister must take care to relieve your frustrations and issues by acknowledging them and adjusting her priorities accordingly. The strongest friendship here in this combination may grow out of either a working relationship or develop between more distant family members. A productive and positive relationship between you can mean a great deal to the continued existence of the family of which you are both a part.

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