• Ok i took a break from this site because i think everyone was tired of me and didnt want to answer my topics anymore but im back hoping that has changed im going thru alot now in my life idk why me i think ive been thru enuf this year guess not... as of now i feel really alone im not attracting anyone who really cares and i dont know why i feel lost in life now and i think maybe someone cursed me I have a stalker now a female who is obsessed with me because i ended the friendship NO I am not gay please dont ask she was just a friend but now she stalks me plays on my phone she is obsessed as if i need this kind of drama....can someone please tell me why me what have i done so wrong im trying so hard to be right a really good person but it hasnt got me anywhere in fact i think i have attracted lots of sociopaths because of it can someone tell me what is going on and how i can fix this is it my karma???help

  • When will i meet a man that makes it work with me ???Will i ever?

  • hotvirg never focus on the bad things in the past unless u are just taking a look back to learn from them. focusing on being the victim will attract more of that stuff. instead focus on what you want and visualize it daily several times if possible. this will help you to grow out of the victim phase. once you drop all this negative and are happy that itself will usually attract someone good for you.

    what is your sun sign ?

  • Hotvirgorising, the experiences we attract are a reflection of the life lessons we need to learn. As earthwindandfire suggested, life seems to be persistently bringing you the opportunity to grow out of victimhood. I recommend visiting the Spiritual Boot Camp thread in this forum (part 3 is the currently active one) and working through the exercises in the Captain's first post on the thread. Only you can do the necessary work to grow through this, but you are not alone—we're all on similar journeys of our own and there are many of us here to support you and each other along the way. Fellow travelers are always welcome. blessings, love, & light — gd

  • thanx so much both of u for answering me your right i totally been feeling like a helpless victim for a while now maybe I do need to learn from this but its hard to think positive when i got my window bust out my car by my stalker i am now gonna get a restraining order ive did nothing but be a friend to this person until she started acting crazy and obsessed with me and tryed to come on to me so i ended the friendship now i am being harrassed and terrorized daily but although this is my first stalker i have 2 other people in my life both males who wont leave me alone either ughhhh fuck my life im going to take u guys advice though.....:(

  • btw earthwindandfire Im a gemini although i dont feel that way lately

  • HotVirgorising~ I just wanted to make a few comments and add my 2 cents worth. Look, you're ok, just keep doing the right things. That person who's bothering you and causing mayhem will ultimatly stop. Sooner or latr its going to catch up with her. Now, focus on you for now, search your emotions and you spirit. Trust me, you're not the only one going through some issues...we all have them but we all stick together ok. This forum is to help each other out with their personal stories and advice.

    Are you healthy? are you working out? do you drink? smoke? are you high? smoking weed, XTC etc..etc...start looking at anything negative and try and change it for the better...dont make things worse...a guy isnt going to help right now especially the way your feeling. When your insecure and scared, you dont want to look to guys. Because the predators see this and will pounce all over you and use you and make mit worse...stay strong and do this alone...when all settles down, and you feel very good, then it's time to look for the right guy.

  • hot virg what do u mean about not feeling like a gemini? anyone can have times where you wonder( why why why it always happens to me ) i've had those breakdown times myself

    when life keeps throwing disappointing or tragic things at me, but dont liv it ! have a good cry if u must then move on forward and stay positive.

    so i take by ur name ur rising is Virgo . double mercury ! do u know ur moon sign ?

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