AstraAngel reading request please

  • Hi AstraAngel, I'm new to this thread and would like to ask if you can please do general reading for me. I appreciate it.. I recently moved to another state due to job relocation. Do you see possible layoff on my part next year or so? Can you also tell me about something regarding love? Thanks. My b-day is April 11. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Hey arieslass

    Sure thing, let's take a peek at your life, I am trying to catch up with other requests so this is going to be pretty quick, however it should give you what you need at this time.

    Eight cards...

    1. Past work life - FOUR of PENTACLES - you have had something steady and it has worked okay, you have been focused to saving and working toward something better 'down the road'. You weren't too thrilled about the relocation, however in the back of your mind you thought that it could also help you find something better in this new state.

    2. Present work situation - EIGHT of WANDS - Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Your job has you running around, like a rat in a cage, you could really use something better! Do you really like all the running around?

    This also can portend a soon change in your work life so lets cross our fingers that the "better" work shows up for you. You open to that?

    1. Future work situation - THE WORLD - Yay! Something very nice is coming for you in your work, and I see this as a situation that will suit you to a tee. Some travel seems indicated too! Do you like to travel? Not "relocate" I am talking about getting to travel around the world for a company and doing lots of fun things alone the way? Could also open up some amazing opportunities to find love too! Wow, this looks very bright to me!!!

    Okay, now love...

    1. Past love life - NINE of PENTACLES - I see someone who has a lot of love to give, and you have prepared your heart well, and all is ready. SO WHERE IS HE?! This card tells me that much of your life thus far has been a preparation phase in love, and not a discovering phase in love. You have done some really good work in this area, you learned fast what love is supposed to be about, and so now you are looking for the the right person, in the right setting, who would LOVE to sample your garden. You are poised and proper and sweet as apple pie in love. In the daytime anyway. You have love coming to you, anyone who has worked through some touchy love situation as you have, and still left with her dignity and bright hopes for tomorrow - will be rewarded.

    2. Present love life - THE FOOL - well, you say you are looking for love? This card tells me that you are about to walk off a cliff for love. You don't mind that do you? You have been there before... you remember how hard the ground was when you hit? Hurt didn't it? You know what that was? Preparation. Preparing you for the REAL when the REAL comes and that is AT YOUR DOOR. Be VERY alert to signs and signals from others AND your environments that you are in, could be work, does someone have an eye for you there? Is your heart being drawn to someone at your job? I see that as a very real possibility. I am getting that kinda strong. What's going on there? One way or the other LOVE is opening a door to you and you need to be ready to step through - or off - the cliff again. Don't worry, this time heaven has prepared something a little softer to catch you when you land. LIke a feather bed.

    3. Future in love - TWO OF CUPS! Hey hey, we're the monkeys! Having FUN in LOVE! WOW this looks pretty amazing for you Arieslass! Very strong love sign like something very SWEET and (finally!) very BALANCED so that you aren't the one giving and giving - and getting little back. That was all a part of your preparation. All those little things you did trying your best to be sweet and loving to "whoever it was' - can't remember their names now - was PREPARING you for someone who will LOVE YOU the way that you deserve! So YAY Arieslass! Yay and yay and double yay for you sister! STAY vigilant and be ready so that when the right person shows up you can simply hold out your arms and receive what they have to give you, It will be very sweet and kind. and for once you aren't going to be wondering "do they really love me." Oh, you'll know. Believe me, you'll know. )

    • You asked "Do you see possible layoff on my part next year or so?" - KNIGHT OF WANDS - i don't see a layoff I see you giving them your two weeks notice as something super hot drops into your lap from heaven. This puts YOU in the driver's seat for a change. ANd instead of being 'relocated' against your wishes, you will have your choice of where you would like to work from - home, an office, or travel anywhere you like! You will have the freedom in a job that you always longed for and I see you with a BIG smiles on your face instead of blue mondays. Every day at your new job will be a Friday! 🙂

    • ADVICE card - this is where you should focus your energies right now - Page of Swords - keep your innocent heart and be ready to RECEIVE good news and REPLY to good news in writing, So your writing skills will be called upon. Are you journaling as in keeping a journal. You should be doing that, you will want to have a place to record all the amazing events unfolding in your life. Love - and travel!

    FANTASTIC events coming very soon for you arieslass... your patience is to be rewarded. Much more than you thought possible. THe EMPRESS sees you sitting pretty and the whole word is your oyster.

    love and bright tomorrows,


    (cruise ship photo courtesy of morguefile on the world wide web)

  • Thank you so much astraangel for the wonderful reading. I really appreciate your time in doing this. Regarding the present love life - The fool. I'm actually drawn to someone right now and that's where I'm having trouble with. He and I have been friends for a long time and just recently, he admitted that he liked me. I've liked him for a long time, but our situation right now prevent us from pursuing more than as friends. We haven't talk as much lately. Is he doing okay? Will he be ready to commit if I had asked him? I'm curious if he is the same person you're seeing in future in love. Would you mind to do chart reading for us. His is 6/1 and mine is 4/11. I'm actually just started keeping a journal recently again..Thanks so much again! Your reading is very hopeful and makes my day!

  • Hey arieslass... let's see...

    I can give you more insight with your birth year. He is a Gemini. So that adds some special need for understanding from you. Gemini is a hard sign to pin down, they are the "twins" he can be one way now, and change a little tomorrow. He could keep you busy trying to keep track! Can be fun though, with you as Aries, you are fire and strength, and decisive... he is more fluid and of the intellect. You are more spirit and wanting to move, an make things happen. He will want to talk about life and philosphize with you. I would say as long as you can do you philosophical sharing on a train or plane, you should be fine! He will be called to move around with you, FOLLOW... you will be called to LISTEN.

    Here are some thoughts on your questions...

    1. Is he doing okay?

    Ten of Swords - not exactly okay, however this is the truth of where he is at. He is mentally drained for some reason right now, life has added and added a weight against him and he has struggled to understand his path. You seem a welcome breath of fresh air to him, however he is rather weak right now. Tens are like no further movement possible, so the feeling I get is he is at the end of his rope on some issue. He would love to see you yank some of those swords out of his back.

    2. Will he be ready to commit if I had asked him?

    Temperance. This says that he will certainly weight it out very deeply. It will take him a little time to go there with you it will not be a spur of the moment choice. The good aspect is that once he does, it will be deep and profound and very committed.

    Page of Swords - he is really fond of you, very much so. He thinks of you a lot, and is hoping that choice becomes available to him.

    Nine of Wands - he has been through the wringer on love and commitment. He has been in situations where commitment was ventured by him, and it backfired on him. Several situations where he was giving and giving and a partner was taking and taking... leaving him rather distraught and empty and very afraid. His present condition seems to be an echo of that. He is wanting to trust again, he is afraid, and it will take some gentle nurturing by you to bring him back around the merry go round, so that he can be merry - and very - in love again. He wants it so much though.

    Four of Wands tells me that you and he WILL enter a very sweet relationship, after a period of gentle friendship love, and care and compassion. YOU are the Four of Wands for him, do you see that? Your birthday... look at that... the FOUR of 11... two ones are WANDS (the two lines beside each other) so this is you entering his life.

    3. I'm curious if he is the same person you're seeing in future in love? I believe so...

    King of Pentacles tells me that there is a very grounded man coming into your life, very stable. And one thing about Geminis, once they finally make up their mind which one of the twins they want to be, you will not find a more stable, and established, and loving man. My late father was a Gemini, and he was the most loving, kind man I ever knew.

    I see something very sweet and tender here between you and him. Seven of Cup, you are both in a place where you are imagining a life together! Very innocent... I would keep that close to your heart. He is really hoping that you are a healing in some way for the sword pain he has felt now for a long time. (Nine of Swords).

    I have prayed that something beautiful happen here for you and he. My blessings and love showered on you both.

    And that is wonderful that you are journaling, what a beautiful way to share your life with him down the road.

    I would place every tender thought you have about love and life in there... and any pain too. That's what I do. It all goes in there, sometimes it can be painful, however it all has to come out sooner or later. Lord, I bless arieslass with the most wonderful experience of love possible, And her Gemini, please let something wonderful happen here. Amen.

    Love, astra

  • Thanks so much again.. I can totally understand why it will take him time to commit and it is very true in our current situation right now. He actually wants to move out of the country in the future. Do you think that's something that will be better for him in the long run? Do you see any possible kids for us in the future? can you tell how many? just wondering.. Also, can I ask if it is better that I stay in the state where I relocate to or will it be better if I move back where I came from? Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate your support and love.. Thanks..

  • Do you think that's something that will be better for him in the long run?

    Five of Pentacles - doesn't look so good according to that card

    Do you see any possible kids for us in the future?


    can I ask if it is better that I stay in the state where I relocate to or will it be better if I move back where I came from?

    King of Pentacles - this King looks like you couldn't move him with a Mack truck. So it looks like STAY is the word there.

    Hey I hope that helps AriesLass.... blessings and love to you


  • AstraAngel

    I would love to have a reading to see what the future holds on finding love and having a relationship. I am not in a relationship at the moment. I thought this guy charlie was interested but to no avail. I have a guy at work who might me interested although I am not sure could you

    be so kind to give me guidance and clarification on this matter. Thank you so much.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Khemosabie

    Let's take a look!

    Celtic Cross, eleven cards...

    1. Self - this is YOU in this situation regarding love. Seven of Wands - This finds you very, very anticipative of love. You are weighing, watching and wondering about love, and ready to make a move at a moment's notice. I have the sense that a guy so much as asks "do you have the correct time?" and you will be shopping on that evening. I am having a little fun with you. Maybe. A little. It's kinda intense.

    Clarifier - NIne of Pentacles - this sees you rather comfortable materially, you seem rather well to do at least you are not hurting, However you ARE hurting inside where it counts. Your heart is really longing for a companion, someone to love with all of your heart, and who in turn responds in the same way toward you. What a lovely dream, I know the Universe and God will answer that longing, let's go on...

    2. Your situation - This further expands on the Self (feelings) card as it relates to the general environment of your life as regards your desires for a relationship.

    Six of Swords - again this sense of being willing to make a journey for love, given the right person, the right setting, the right signals. Your radar is working overtime. Some sleepless nights, your pillow has become your best friend. One things for certain, whatever was "back there" didn't work and you would just as soon forget all about it. That will happen readily enough because what you are heading toward is so much nicer and so much sweeter than anything you have ever known before. Someone is waiting for your little boat to land. "Row faster" you are saying! The oarsman smiles. She likes you too.

    3. Crossing - Temperance - an energy you are being asked to embrace in order to see this matter to a successful conclusion. Temperance says to slow down, calm down, keep your wits about you, and stop leaving post it notes on that guy's desk at the office.

    "Hey James. I know we only met once at that company picnic, about two months ago. I was wondering though, would you like to go out to a movie, and maybe dinner afterward. And then maybe we could hang out at my apartment after dinner, and watch my fire burn down, while i play some nice romantic music?"

    Slow down a little. Leave out the movie. Everything else is okay.

    Seriously, all you have to do is keep going as you are, keep your eyes and your heart focused on heavenly places and know that the Stars WILL bring a beautiful, beautiful love into your life at just the right moment. Until then, a little restraint, a little. Don't worry, James will be asking you out soon enough anyway.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - the Seven of Pentacles - interesting! This is not a Cup, I would have guessed this would be a Cup or the Lovers, High Priestess, the Moon... the Seven of Pentacles. Let's see what does that tell us? The lady in this card is staring straight at the viewer, she is holding this really long staff (like a wand) in her hands, and she has this look like "I am on a mission to find my material security." The seven pentacles is a card of material choices. I think your mind is really on the security and home aspects of life, you have been very focused on your own welfare materially, and that still dominates your thinking, even though you would really love to have a relationship. You may not be aware of how strong this is for you. It could be causing you to be a little defensive toward your potential mates. Like, "I have a domain to protect, and you had better prove to me your worthiness!" That is the feeling I am getting.

    5. Difficulties of the past that have led up to the present - The Knight of Swords - So here is a companion who came in and ran out about as fast as they came. Coming and going is what I get. Wham, bam, thank you well you know the rest. Hurt a lot. This Knight was sweet at the first - and then he yelled for his faithful steed and vanished in the knight. Took something of yours with him too. I think it was your heart. You have worked hard to repair the breeches, and you are not about to let history repeat itself. You built a moat around your castle and a drawbridge and you dare any one to try that trick again.

    6. Recent past - something you are just now walking out of - Ace of Wands - you recently made a life-chaging choice in some area, spiritually related I believe. Or career. I am getting career. Like you were offered something and you took it - hook, line and sinker. It looks pretty promising too, like you are prouf of yourself, and like what you are seeing. The scenery is nice too, new scenery. Like potential date material scenery. Nice, you are shopping and like the options. I'll take one of those, and two of those, and this Friday night I will be expecting some of this. Wow, this is fun!

    Ace of Wands is a hot little card. Like tobasco hot. You like Tex Mex? Something tells me you will soon have your hands full keeping the temperature down.

    "Get your hands off of me!"


    "Get your hands off! Soon! ... not right now.. in a little while though... for now its okay what you are doing... soon though, take them off me you cad!"


    "... in a little while... not quite yet... yeah, that's okay... soon though, I want you to get your hands off of me and buzz off! Not yet though... I'll let you know when... "

    "..what? okay..."

    Poor James. He doesn't stand a chance. You will give new meaning to the term about a guy having his "hands full". He will have his hands so full with you, he will think his hands are on fire. Sizzle. Sizzle. How far is your apartment from where you work? And how long is your lunch break? An hour?

    Okay, time for a refresher on high school calculus:

    Time from office to apartment = 20 minutes X 2 = 40 minutes

    Subtract that from 1 hour = 20 minutes + add O.L.F.F. (office lunch fudge factor) = 15 minutes = GRAND TOTAL amount of time for you and James = 35 minutes to play monopoly or look at your stamp collection.

    7. First of the Future - this is what is coming up quick! - Ace of Swords! Woah! Look out! It is coming baby! Did you see that? And Ace on the background and an Ace coming up - and how do I put this in ladylike terms? - these are both about as phallic as it gets. Cups and Pentacles are more feminine, you know something round and on the "receiving" end. Wands and Swords are long and more like a guy, more on the "giving" end, its sorta symbolic. Do you catch my drift? So, to see two long things showing up like this on either side of your self and situation card... well the possibilities are strong for a new love, like about as strong as it can get. Matter of fact... that Ace over there to the left, could be Charlie.. and the one to the right could be James... I would not write off Charlie just yet. He is still in the running for you.

    Woah! I just asked for a clarifer on the Ace of Wands and I got the Six of Wands! That is definitely Charlie and he ain't out of the picture by any means! OMG. He is still out there, he is waiting for the right moment. And I asked for a clarifier on the Ace Swords and received the page of Pentacles. This tells me that James is a young at heart kinda guy, and rather responsible and materially wise. Hey, that could be a perfect match for you. Pentacles strike home with you. He could be a really nice match up for this lovely lady who has some protective material issues... this Page could be just the one to thaw you out a little.

    "James! I though I told you to... slow DOWN! ... a little... no, not that much... you can go a little faster than that... "

    "how's this? ...oh and let me know about that joint checking account too! I am happy to combine our resources... oh, you are so lovely... am I going too fast?"

    "Yes! Back off! I am not that kind of girl!... well, not usually... right now though, I kinda am... go ahead, I'll be sure to let you know when you should slow down... here, let me help you I can take that off myself... here is how it snaps off..."

    James. Hmm. Which department does he work in? How often do you happen to walk by his desk? Twice a day? Can you increase that to three times a day this week? Once in a while, you don't want to make it too obvious. And then.. next week, increase that to four times a day? not every day though. Skip a few days too where you avoid him. Where something blue. and white. He loves blue and white. And anything with a lizard. Like a little gecko or something. Don't ask me why. Maybe he likes dinosaurs or something. See if you can find a brontosaurus necklace. SILVER. That will drive him wild. Something about that long tail.

    8. Future environment - Judgment - The first thing that came to mind was CHOICE - here you are feeling like nothing is happening and this tells me that the dead are coming back to life, which means that Charlie is coming back from the grave, and James is going to be hearing the call of Gabriel as well, so Judgment creates an atmosphere where you are surrounded by options, and these love situations will dramatically turn around and you are going to have your hands full. Be ready with asbestos gloves both of these guys are going to be after you.

    9. External Influences - Eight of Cups - This is telling me that (to others) you are moving away from a love situation that was painful. The Knight of Swords no doubt from your past, This energy is fading away though and these people are not aware of the new energies mounting with Charlie and James. Boy are they in for a surprise.

    10. Hope and Fears - Eight of Swords - This shows how imprisoned you have felt in love. You look like you are swooning in this card. The wild thing is, I think you actually dig the energy of this place, like you are waiting for your Prince to appear and rescue you. "Help! Help!... I am so... lonely! ... is there no one out there? .. who would like to rescue... a maiden... in distress? Help... help!" Well, your cries have not gone unheard, they went out through out the Universe and the guys are picking up on it and you will soon have more than you bargained for. Soon, instead of "help! Help!" it will be more like, "Get off of me! ... well, in a little bit..", and "Back off! ... well, maybe in just a few minutes... ha ha ... you are primed for something nice in love where your choices are mounting and adding up to more than you imagined.

    This is how heaven works Khemosabe - we go for the longest time where nothing seems to be working out, there are delays and what seems like one heartbreak circumstance after another. That is heaven's style! They love to work it that way because you are being primed for something so fantastic (after the delays) that the magnitude and org as mic ecstasy of the energies rockets you right up into heaven. Think of your life like a Saturn 5 rocket on the launch pad, When they first light those things, they don't go anywhere! The launch pad is holding you down... that is the "nothing seems to be working out phase!" ... meanwhile Heaven is arranging matters behind the scenes... the angels are busy... and Your rocket engine is just blazing away. ANd then! At just the right moment - BANG!!!!! every door swings wide, and THERE LOVE IS staring you right in the eyes and the launch pad arms swing away and your rocket lifts off in wonderful happiness in love - right into heaven!!! You and your lovely Soul Mate, your Twin Flame, joined in perfect unity and heading straight for the Stars!

    11. Final outcome - King of Pentacles - Well, if I were to bet on this I would say the cards are stacking up in James favor. You can trace the thread of Pentacles back in this reading and it seems to be pointing to him, a KING for sure in your future, very stable and dependable - and not like the flake Knight of Swords you had to contend with. This KING will be so kind and courteous, and will treat you like the Queen you are, very soft and tender...NOW at first he is going to be all over you... so you are warned! Something like this...

    "James... stop it, you are ripping my dress! Stop it... in a little bit... that's okay I can sew the buttons back on... how much time do we have left.... ten minutes? The office won't miss us... we can tack on another hour can't we?... slow down!... maybe.. a tiny bit... that's okay I can sew those seams back together... you can slow down ...starting tomorrow... "

    Hey Khemosabe, you have wonderful, wonderful news in love coming your way. Keep the faith, heaven and the good Lord loves you and has something very, very nice waiting.... my blessings... it will be perfect for you.

    love and light


  • Thanks so much again, Astraangel for your help.. actually, I should have brought this up before, but there is another person involved.. would you mind to tell me any relationship/love readings about him? His b-day is Jan. 4. Thanks again for your time and help..

  • Hey arieslass

    okay... another guy huh? Jan 4, Capricorn. You like mountain climbing?

    1. Your feelings for him - The Magician - you seem pretty taken with him, something about him reminds you of something from your childhood, like Peter Pan. You would love to see something spark up with him, and there are days you dream about him. Just a little. Okay, more than a little.

    2. His feelings for you - are you sure you want to know? The Tower. Well, there's two ways to look at this. A) He sees you as a disaster in the making, or B) He is about to "pop" over you. Which would you rather see as the truth of the matter?

    I asked for clarification and drew the Nine of Wands - this guy is worn out about something, that Tower could be something that he is coming out of, and his emotional feelings may be pretty numb. Are you ready to minister to this goat? He is empty and could really use a friend. He is still standing. Barely. He comes with a warning label: Caution: Contents fragile - Handle with Care.

    3. Where its going - Judgment - Wow! This shows some naked people coming back from the grave! Are you interested in helping this man resurrect from whatever he was dealing with? You good at blowing trumpets? Do you have angel wings? I tell you what Lass... you show up at his door with a trumpet and angel wings taped to your back, and some massage oil - and tell him you are there to minister to him, and you'll have a boyfriend for life. That's all we want isn't it? A boyfriend or girlfriend/ That's all I ever wanted.

    Of course, you could show up like that and he calls the local men in white coats for you. Love will make you do some crazy things sometime though. Are you ready to do some crazy things to find true love? That's the price of admission. Don't ask me how I know.

    4. Advice for you - The Ace of Wands - this relationship shows great promise, as long as you are willing to do some work, like care for someone who is near to death emotionally. He would love to start something up, he needs to see the angel in you. Also, he needs to see that you are a spiritual lady. You are spiritual aren't you lass? You have a bible? You know how to pray over someone who could use some tender kindhearted touches? Then you have a chance at something very beautiful.

    AriesLass, I hope that helps you.

    Love, astra

    (photo from morgue file on the world wide web)

  • Your name fits you so well you truley are an angel. I loved the reading and the way you put it into

    words was great. Thank you so much your the best. I understand that I must be patient and wait for the fun to begin. I do hope it is soon 🙂 I will stay in touch. Thank you again.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Astraangel, thanks so much again for your accurate reading on this one. You’re truly has been a blessing to me in helping me figuring out what’s been bothering me lately. He and I have known each other for a long time.. He is indeed spiritual and so am I. That’s our commonality. Is he or the Gemini one that I mentioned earlier that you’re seeing the one in my future in love? I’m kinda confused. Would you mind to enlighten me? Appreciate your tremendous help :).

  • AriesLass -

    Okay lets see...

    I am having a little trouble keeping these two straight too... Heaven knows who is who though, so I will simply draw some cards and see how it all falls out.

    We'll call these two "Long time guy" and "Gemini man" - how is that? And we'll draw five cards:

    1. Present situation with "long time guy" - Four of Swords - looks pretty quiet right now. Both of you are resting in the relationship, all is at peace. Nice. Gentle. There is a lot of understanding between the two of you. Much is being said without saying a word. This feels velvety to me. Satin sheets in a poem.

    2. Future potential with "long time guy" - Seven of Pentacles - This represents choices in material ways. The relationship feels very practical and kind of no nonsense. Some important choices for the both of you, being made together. I am sensing something like team work here, like there is a lot of respect flowing back and forth and you make some choices to make the most of what seems like a good thing. I want to add a card here to clarify this = Ten of Wands. This adds a lot of responsibilities to the mix. Whatever goes on between the two of you seems to add choices, and then issues at least in terms of a relationship. At this time this path, while it seemed to offer some promise, it doesn't seem to have the magic needed to avoid "issues" down the road.

    3. Present situation with "Gemini man" - King of Cups. Here is magic. At least from his point of view. This is a locomotive ready to head down the tracks and everyone and everything had best get out of the way. Rather intense, there is romance here with a capitol R, and he is raring and ready.

    4. Future potential with "Gemini man" - Queen of Cups. Wow. Wow, wow. The King and Queen of Cups embark on a mystic journey and who cares where it goes as long as you are together. This Gemini at this point seems to be the "anointed one" for you, in accordance with the cards. I would nurture this, nurture him, cultivate the relationship with great care, tenderness, kindness, compassion, as there is something here under the surface that runs very deep for the both of you. Maybe you haven't felt it yet... you will. I am feeling something very strong here and it only needs a little spark to start a blaze that will not be able to be quenched.

    5. Your advice - Eight of Wands -

    GET READY AND BE PREPARED - when this comes, it will come like a whirlwind out of the East and you will barely have time to grab your toothbrush. Whatever it is will most likely catch you off guard and you will be asked quite simply, "Are you ready?" At which point the DOOR will be open and you will RUN THROUGH fast as lightning. This will be the adventure in love that you read about in fairy tales, only it will be happening to you for real. You will be writing your own book of love, and he will be the co-author of a journey that will last a lifetime, and longer. You simply GO.

    GET READY AND BE PREPARED. This is something you will not have time to weigh, ponder, consider, think about, analyze, debate. This is the DOOR of LOVE. You simply GO.

    GET READY AND BE PREPARED. Love comes to make a house call, and the walls will become transparent, and you will float through between the atoms. This is the DOOR of LOVE. You simply GO.

    Gemini man is your companion. The moonlit summons of deepest desire, highest heaven. GO.

    love and light,


  • Hi Astra, I really appreciate your kindness in doing this. You're pretty right on regarding the long time guy :), but still unsure of the Gemini as the last time I've communicated with him awhile ago, he doesn't want any commitment. So, that goes along how he feels about me truly. Maybe things changed since then. I haven't heard from him for awhile. But as you've said, it will take tenderness, compassion and kindness to cultivate our relationship so we'll see where it leads us. Again, thank you so much for your love and kindness.

  • Hi Astraangel, I’ll be back in my hometown in a couple of weeks.. I would like to see Gemini, but the last communication I had with him didn’t go too well. Would it be advisable to see him? I’m not sure how he feels about seeing me at this point so I’m not sure if I should contact him to see me. Does he still wants to keep in touch with me or even stay friends? I haven’t heard from him for awhile. On your last reading, you mentioned that there is something very deep under the surface for both of us.. would you mind to elaborate? Thanks again for your kindness.

  • Hi arieslass,

    you asked...

    Would it be advisable to see him?

    Ten of Wands - doesn't sound like it. Will add a load to your life you don't need right now.

    Does he still wants to keep in touch with me or even stay friends?

    FIve of Wands - More wands, and this one isn't much better than the ten. Not at this time. I would release this situation to Heaven at this time an let the Universe handle it.

    You mentioned that there is something very deep under the surface for both of us.. would you mind to elaborate?

    Nine of Wands - Yipes! Another wand and this one has issues too! Well, this card shows victory though after struggles. What I am getting is that you both have faced broken hearts and are in a "healing place", individually right now. Heaven has you apart and being ministered to and you are finding good healing energies right now, in what you are doing.

    The word I am getting is to turn this whole relationship over to heaven, and stay focused on yourself. There is a pretty strong energy that I get that says to "stay to yourself" right now, That is all I get.

    Blessings and love


  • Hi Astraangel,

    So does this mean we are done for good? That I would just give up any future possibilities with him? I need some closure. How does he really feel about me at this point? I really miss him. This is why I want to see him and talk to him. Thanks so much again for your help and love, Astraangel. I’m really trying to move on and get past this.

  • I forgot to ask, can you tell if he is moving on and coping well? Thanks again..

  • Hi arieslass

    Let's see...

    1. So does this mean we are done for good?

    Queen of Pentacles - this is not a doom and gloom card. You are in a healing place right now, apart in your own corners for a reason. That reason seem to be very much concerned with YOU (as the Queen of Pentacles) so the sense is that there are material concerns in your life that need to be addressed, career, finances, some responsibilities. Your relationship concerns with him are weighing against your other areas of life that need more focus.

    No, you are not done "for good".

    2. Should I just give up any future possibilities with him?

    The Empress, this is another card that reflects similar energies as the Queen of Pentacles. The Empress is nurturing and caring and is very loving over material life and nature, growing things, and can be a sign of fertility and hope. This is a very nice sign for you and him to grow together over time.

    However, the focus again seems to be on you. Taking care of your own world, your own life, nurturing yourself. Then in the right way and time it feels optimistic for a reunion or reconnection with him

    3. I need some closure. How does he really feel about me at this point?

    Knight of Pentacles - His concern is for your own life materially. The Pentacles Queen as you, and the Pentacles Knight as him, tells me there is a real connection between you, however the concerns now in the relationship are much focused on material needs, and career issues. This does not mean you are no longer connected. In relationships it can mean you are separate physically and have no communication, and yet you are still connected. Being forced apart is the Universe's way of helping the both of you develop materially so that when you do come together, you aren't still fighting personal battles over your life path, career, material matters. Relationships do not do well when all of that energy is still being dealt with.

    There is no need to "close" the relationship, however you do need to be at peace being apart and connected only in spirit at this point. Make sense?

    4. Is he moving on and coping well?

    Page of Swords - He is thinking about you a lot and is still concerned.

    The Sun tells me he is doing well, and is happy. He still is connected to you though.

    Ten of Cups. Yes. Very nice.

    Let me know what you think. Don't be discouraged, simply see the relationship in a different place right now requiring some distance as you develop and grow materially, and with your talents.

    The Ten Cups tells me a VERY happy ending to the story at some point. Hang in there.



  • Thank you for your great reading. I’m still pretty amazed how you can tell and pretty much right on everything. You have such a God given talent and your name fits you well. You have been a blessing to me and others here. Your wonderful insight brings me comfort and hope. It is true that we do have our own careers and responsibilities to work on. I have come to realized that this is the main reason why we are not communicating at this point and both of us are definitely in a “healing place.” I do hope that at one point, we will be able to reconnect and have a happy ending. It is good to know that he is doing well. I don't know if I should ask you this, can you tell if he likes someone else? or if he has someone else? Someone has told me long time ago that I’ll be married more than once… can you still see that as a possibility? If so, will it better than the second time? I’ll be taking an exam in a couple of months, will I be able to pass it this time? Thanks again for your compassion and kindness.

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