Help understanding relationship celtic cross???

  • i did a celtic cross on my "on and off again" semi long distance relationship, could someone shed a little light? i think i'm too close to the issue to really understand! thanks in advance 🙂

    1: Fool rx

    2 crossed by: 3 swords

    3: King of swords (him)

    4: Empress rx

    5: page of cups rx

    6: Emperor rx

    7: King of cups

    8: 10 swords

    9: 3 pentacles

    10 outcome: magician

    my deck is based on rider wait and I read reversals, any thoughts?

  • I read tarot so I will give you my two this a relatively new relationship? I ask because of the "Fool" card, it typically indicates an important beginning and one of which you don't know how it will end (i.e. in success or if you will actually play the fool)...also, does the rx mean "reversed"? That is important to the interpretation of the cards. And one other question since the 3 of Swords is the crossing influence, have either of you recently been in a relationship that ended? My experience has been the 3 of Swords typically indicates heartbreak and lonliness.

  • yes this is a new relationship, and we were both in longer relationships before we met. i do read reversals...

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