?Gemini Man?.....PLEASE ADVISE

  • I recently met a Gemini man and I'd like some insight on things. We began talking back in late August, then finally met in person late September, and things have been non-stop ever since. I think we hit it off and he's actually asked to see me every Friday and Saturday since the day we first met. I must admit, the chemistry is great. Lately he's been asking me for a committed relationship, but I am hesitant to get it one yet.

    Here's the issue: Basically, this coming weekend, he is having his retiremenent party after 20 years of military service. Its a big formal ordeal, but I'm not going. Seems the event was intended to be a "family affair", which his family began planning a year ago. According to him, he had no idea he'd meet anyone-let alone fall or anyone, so taking a date was never considered. My problem is the fact that he claims to be so into me (he took me to a familly function on our 3rd date, and he's constantly asking me for a committed relationship), yet he doesn't understand me being insulted that he hasn't invited me to his retiirement party. I can accept that its a "family only" event, but as I told him, I think the real reason he hasn't asked me to attend has more to do with his son's mother coming. Granted, we only started dating about a month ago, I am PO'd that he doesn't get why I am angry.

    I need some insight. I don't know what to make of this. He has been an absolute chivalrous man from day 1 (opening doors, wooing me, going out of his way to win my affection)...I just need to know if I should give him the benefit of the doubt or cut and run. His b-day is June 16, 1968 and mine is March 4, 1971. THANKS!

  • I say give him the benefit of the dought, Its only been a month and he has been nothing but a total gentleman. Correct me if I am wrong, you are a Pisces right. One thing about you guys is that you read too much into things. I know that its important for you to go to the retirement party but look at the bright side, you met his family before. It sounds to me like you have been reluctant with regards to giving in, so he does want to complicate things by taking you there while the baby mommy is there and on the other side he is not sure as to where exactly he stands with you.

    He sound like a darling, hive him time. Just so you know. Gemini's are on and off so be prepared to deal with that as time goes.

    Good Luck!

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