Recurrent Nine of Pentacles

  • Hi there,

    Tonight, I had a sample romantic Celtic cross done on and the Nine of Pentacles card was drawn for the 'challenges' position. This intrigues me because I drew the same card in the same position the last time I had a romantic themed tarot reading. This was a few months ago and I had a different love interest (obviously that didn't go well.) I think it's possible that this is a karmic lesson I'm failing to learn.

    Do any practitioners have further insight to share on the Nine of Pentacles tarot card as it pertains to romance? If you're interested, I drew ten of cups for the love & me position, and the seven of staves for the situation position. I'm a little confused on how these cards interact on a romantic spread as well. I appreciate your help.

  • The 9 of Pents is a SINGLE lady who is comfortable in her garden of abundance. Are you uncomfortable being alone? Do you NEED to be in a relationship? Do you feel that finding that special someone will be the answer to all your problems? Are you currently in a relationship that is not good for you, but you are not getting out of it because you do not want to be alone?

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