Captain, reading please?

  • Captain,

    Captain can you please give me a general reading on my career and love. Any advice?

    Thank you Captain

    Big hugs!


  • Sweetoty. I feel this is a big 'make-or-break' time for you. For years you have coasted along waiting for your lovers, friends, or random fate to make decisions for you. It's time you take your fate into your own hands and make drastic changes if need be. Stop looking for men to support you - be your own guide and leader. Otherwise you will keep attracting lovers who want to control you and use you, not love you. Your son really needs you to be strong and decisive for him, too. If you don't take charge of your life now and make the necessary changes that deep down you know you must, you will just drift along at the whims of fate and other people forever, never getting what you want. Even if it means changing your career plans and looking honestly and deeply into the sorts of partners you have been attracting, you must do it. My prediction for your future depends on what you do - do nothing and you will keep on getting nothing back. Take action and you can achieve whatever you want. This action will involve being more flexible in your thinking and attitude - if the ways of the past are not working for you, then you must detour off that familiar road and drive your 'car' onto new byways and highways. Make 'the new' your friend and don't be afraid to change plans in the middle of things. Do it now!

    I am getting a message that there is an indication of health problems in your hands and/or knees that you need to take care of and not just ignore the symptoms.

  • Thank you for the reading/advice.

    You are correct. I do urgently feel like its time I change my mind frame when it comes to men. Im going to admit it for the first time and say that I am a gold digger. But no more it end NOW. last night i googled "what is a gold digger" so i can change, do the contrary.

    Its sick how it became my norm...

    Captain I am happy to hear from you how important it is i make this change now.

    It's actually nice to know that im understanding what my "gut feeling" is telling me,

    Pain in my legs yes its my shins. ill make apt with Dr. I thought it was normal from working out. It can also be the burning sensation i get on my bone from when i stress out...ill look in to that again.

    thank you so much Captain for your help. You know Captain, at the end of the day i need/want my son to be proud of me. To know that he can count on me....hes an amazing kid...

    big warm hugs for you Captain ❤

  • I'm sure that the message you send your son as you initiate the big changes will be all about relying on your inner strength, compassion and intuition to guide you - and that is something he can really respect and value forever.

  • ..... I read this mssg over & over again to help make some choices that im facing at the moment.

    Captain, just want you to know I am very greatful for the time & work you unselfishly give to me/ all of us here on this site..

  • You're very welcome, Sweetie! 🙂

  • Captain,

    I'm sorry I'm probably being self centered by always asking for your help. I know your extemely needed by others here on this site.

    But here is, I need your further guidance. I don't want to be dependent on guys attention and money. I hate ( and you know this) being controld by guys esp when there not looking in jy best interest. Uugg NO MORE !!! I can support my self now. Here's the problem, I want attention! But not a.friend with benefits. I'm afraid of love, attachment because of what happen with my ex. I know I should of let him go, but I was still seeing. Just the other day I decided to have him how he felt about me. He just wants to remain friends. But yet, I don't want anything further because I dont trust him. He has money, he's a doctor. I liked his gifts. I NEEd TO stop with this hold digging behavior.

    captain, I can say I do love my self more the ever before but what else am I lacking that has me so

    screwd up. I need to work more on my self, but how, whats wrong with me?

    And captain what's wrong with my ex seksan. Why is he such a user. Ugh!

  • You know what captain, don't bother with me. I'm most likely confused and disapointed in my self right now. I have made a lot of positive changes within my self. I feel like a changed, but something just keeps pulling me back to him. I just need to STOP !!

  • Maybe you doubt yourself so much that you do not feel confident that you can support yourself on your own?

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