• I just finished reading Hans's article about 2012. I almost didn't make it past the second paragraph. I laughed so hard, I almost wet my Big Girl panties! I've been saying for a long time that the reason the long calendar ends is due to the fact that the Mayans were wiped out before they could do the next one.

    All kidding aside, I have decided not to let this stop me from enjoying my 64th birthday. It's the pits thinking that the world will end before I can officially retire. Soooooooo, I'm having a huge party at my place. Everybody needs to bring lots of booze and only food that will cause a major heart attack will be allowed! You can bring anything you want and I don't give a rat's patootie if it illegal, immoral, or fattening!

    One of two things will happen. If the world ends, none of us will care because we'll all be too wasted to notice or, we'll all wake up on the worse day after the night before. For me, it won't be a problem. I used to live in New Orleans and this will be like any other day for me.

    I will do the samething I did for Y2K. Nothin'! I intend to enjoy things as always. Spend time with family and friends, and carry the Bit Pink bottle with me.

    What are your plans?

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  • love it watergirl!! I just busted out laughing!!!!

  • Numerologically speaking, 2012 is a 5 universal year, a year of profound world changes, NOT the end of the world. A 5 universal year includes surprises galore and not always negative. 2012=2 (balance) + 0 (all challenges) + 1 (originality) + 2 (balance) = 5, the universally known surprise package no one is capable of predicting whether or not the year will be profoundly fantastic or profoundly dull. Think of 5 as the effervescent teenager, a little wild and rebellious, which is not always a bad thing, is it?

  • ReverendMotherAvalon,

    Hello to a fellow New Orleanian. I grew up there and hold the place close to my heart. I didn't do anything for Y2K either. As for 2012, well guess we will see when we get there, eh? Considering I am just about to get my B.S. degree in medical management, it would be too bad to think that i went 4 years in school only to have the world end, eh?

    Watergirl18, that is hilarious, i really needed a laugh this evening.

    Happy day to everyone.

  • 2012=5 Five is the number of mankind. It is found more frequently than any other number. Some numerologists will deduct two or three fives if the are five or more in the name.

    Five is also the number of great changes. In the comming year we can expect great changes for mankind. Odd numbers are more spiritual than even numbers. So here are my thoughts about the year 2012:

    Look to see some big changes on a spiritual level in the new year. I feel that more people will be asking more questions about what they believe and they make efforts to start to change some of their thinking. As thinking changes, so does our behavior.

    This will be an overall universal vibration. Each person's personal chart will be the strongest vibrasion and will be what they will deal with on the surface. So, don't look for revoluition. Look instead for evolution. Slow, long lasting changes from within.

    Well. I'll be darned!!! Three is number of the Triple Goddress! 2012 is a 3 personal year for me and I'm getting ready to set up a new, papgan online ministry after the first of the year. It's been so long that I've looked at my chart that I forgot where I am. Shucks folks.

    As I was saying, your personal vibrations are always stronger than the universal ones.

    BTW: if you find any typeos in any of my posts, it's because :

    A. I can spell but can't type B. I can type but can't spell C. I'm legally blind in one eye and can't see out of the other D. all of the previous.

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