Love for sag man and scorpio woman

  • I am a sagitarrius man DOB 12/18/1990. I met a scorpio woman DOB 10/25/1989 in highschool. Its a long story but i was timid to pursue a relationship with her but we used to hang out a lot and I could tell she was very interested and attracted to me as she told me many times, but my stubborness and ego drew me away from her. Since then I feel like I haven't met anybody else that can compare to her in any aspect, and after reading compatibilty charts and signs many of the traits and characteristics of how I fell are true . I feel she has played a huge part in who I am today and there is a connection that no one else has come close to touching. There have been many times where I will experience things that remind me of her and even though we don't talk, have some way of coming in contact now and then. Even after not seeing eachother for months or a year, it still feels like it picked up right where we left off. I have not been able to pursue anything as she always is involved in a relationship. I have been thinking about her very much recently and have found out she is not in a relationship as all of hers have ended on some what of bad terms. I know it is sort of cliche but I feel as thogh she could be my potential soul mate as every time I'm around her I am extremely comfortable and happy in a way that I never feel like. Is there anyone, even a psychic that can help me or give me insight as to what I should possibly look for or do. I feel as though I need to finally pursue this and see where it goes because I feel if I don't I will regret it for the rest of my life. Any psychic or astrologist help would be much appreciated. Thank you to everybody on this site and forum

  • Scorpio women and Sag men are often cheaters, flirts and often get into trouble without trying very hard. This relationship will take much work on your part and triple that for Scorpio. She has trust issues and is ultra possessive. You have a hard path to win her trust.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks firefly. I think you're right about her having the trust issues but im willing to put in the work and see where it goes. thanks again

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