Hi Shuabby may i have a reading please-desperate!!!

  • Hi Shuabby, I wanted to know if you can give me some insight about a very crazy situation i am in. My boyfriend of six years proposed to me a year ago. I reluctantly accepted and wasn't really sure that a marriage with him was what I wanted. While and before I was engaged I was seeing Simone else who I just cut things off with yesterday. Here is where the situation gets crazy, yesterday my fiance found all of the email exchanges between me and the guy (his birthday is 9/20/73) and he also found explicit photos. My fiance (his bday is 1/7/74) is so hurt. He took the ring back and said he doesn't know how he feels about us anymore. I am desperate to work things out with him.becuase he is a.very good man and is very stable and i love him so much. But on the other hand i still feel Luke the other guy will be in my life somehow. Me and my fiance were supposed to get married.i really want to be his wife. Please help with your guidance.

    Peace and blessings!

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  • virgirl,

    I am gettting a strong feeling here that Simone is a man that offers more stableability in life on several levels that Luke does not, however Luke is more fun to be with.

    I get that neither of these men will become your husband. I sense that you need some alone time now. You need to stand on your own and not depend on a man so much for fullfillment. Make good friends and set a goal for your next five years.

    I feel rocky mountains here, as if through you will live in Colorado if you do not already. That is the state that came in clear as a bell for your future home.

  • Hi Shuabby, I apologize for the late response. Thank you for providing your insight. I just wanted to clarify that the names Luke and Simone were actually typos. Strangely enough the descriptions for each can certainly apply to the two men I was referring to. Lately things have gone from bad to worse. My sister told me that the unstable guy I was in love with propositioned my 21 year old niece behind my back and he is almost forty years old! I am so deeply angered and saddened by this that I cannot see past this hurt. Everytime i talk myself out of being sad i start feeling depressed again.

    So i know it's probably best for me to be alone for a while but do you see anything positive for me in the near future? I now feel like a fool for confronting the guy in question. And it's probably a waste of time to evem give this situation so much energy but i am in a rut and can't get out. Please, if you can, provide insight on this matter?

    Thank you much!!!

  • Also, i do live near water and there are mountains across the water. Perhaps that is what you saw. I hate the cold so Colorado wouldn't work for me 😞

  • virgirl

    I do feel your pain in this situation and sense that you will let it go in the next month. You will become more extroverted in 2012 and culivate new types of friendships and seek a man that will be stable in emotions and matters of the heart.

    I still sense snow around you so look to meet a man that home state is where there is snow, and a lot of it.

    You really do have a good heart and sometimes will tolerate what others would not. It takes a lot of inner strength to love someone that has emotional problems without being pulled down yourself.

    2012 will find you wanting a much better life for yourself and becoming determined to find one and fullfill a dream or two of yours . Start asking is what I get for you to do, and you will receive from some very outstanding people who are in your destiny path that will help you. I hear a Helen or Ellen, Mick, Jerry as names to look forward to if you have not met them as of yet.

    I see a bicycle here a symbol I am sure that says you will be gliding along more free than you have ever felt before in 2012. A residential move also coming in here to a dwelling that has yellow walls in one room feels like the kitchen to me and nice sunshine too coming in. Has a 5 in the address.

    Please rest assured that you are heading for happier days real soon. The rain has come , now you will look for and find your rainbow.


  • Thank you so much Shuabby, it is very comforting to know that this too shall pass. I don't know anyone with the names listed above but hopefully I will soon. My heart is still heavy so next month cannot get here any sooner 🙂

    Thank you again!


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