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  • Good morning to who ever can please help me. Last night one of my neigbhors just went off on me. We have been nieghbors for about 2 years and we have never had a cross word. The other day she came too my house and told me that she was upset with me because she said that she was in the wash house and she seen her friend give me a pack of cigarettes and her friend did not he gave me three cigarettes. Now let me let you know since I have meet them he as always gave me cigarettes and she never said a word. Last month she went back on the East Coast and she gave me her keys to water her plants and everything was fine. She left again about two weeks and when she came back she as been actting funny. So yesterday morning when I was taking my son to school I seen her and we talked about a hour and everything was fine. And then last night she just went out to left field. My sons were surprised that I did not hit her but one thing is she is older than me she is 60 years of age and I could not hit her. And I know that would not have been a good thing. But I am not feeling too good about this because she was telling me about something she was going to do before she moves next week. And now I think she may try something with me. Can somebody please help

    Thanks Illona

  • Ask her if anything was amiss in her house while she was away. She may suspect you of something either missing or out of place. Reassure her you that you only watered plants and did not snoop. She's nervous for thinking you may have found something she did not want you to know.

  • Thanks Firefly01

    But you know it as been over a month that she was gone and she did not say a word and this is really like out of the blue. And she already knows that I did not touch anything of hers why would I do that do somebody that I thought was a friend I was only going to water the plants and that is all.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • You MUST ask her because THEN she will open up and tell you more. There is something on her mind that she wants desperately to share but does not know how to go about it. Call her and tell her you were thinking about her, asking if everything is okay with her. This will encourage her to share whatever it is that has been on her mind. Hope this helps.

  • Hello Firefly01

    Good morning thank you so much I was thinking about that going by her apt

    I will give her a call.

    Thanks Illona

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