Strange happening at work

  • I was working at my desk and there was someone else in my office with me. I was facing away from the other person working on my computer. I heard a female voice whisper "hey" and I turned to look at my coworker to hear what they had to say and all she said was... "I heard it too, but I didn't say anything" i laughed and said what did you hear? They said a female voice whisper "hey" - can anyone tell me who it was or what they wanted from me? Should I try to communicate? Thanks in advance for any helpful answers!

  • Sometimes spirits are just passing through and they try to communicate with anyone that will listen. Some of them need to ask for help or pass on a message to move on so I would encourage you to see if you can help. Remember that you are just as powerful as them, don't be afraid. When in doubt if you feel uncomfortable just ask them to leave and ask your spirit guides to make sure that they do that. Other than that you can definitely see if they have something to ask you. However, some spirits can be rude, mean, and downright nasty. These spirits are just trying to get attention and scare people for the fun of it, or because they are hurt/angry and they want to take it out on others, If you understand that and feel comfortable still trying to help the ones that want it, I would encourage you to try.

    Let me know how it goes.


  • Thanks I have been so swamped at work and have had people in and out of the office no down time. I am hoping to stay late and see if anything will come through when its nice and quiet. Thanks again for your reponse and advise ! Many blesings!

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