Deeply concerned

  • I have a 14 year old teenager....he seems to carry the world on his shoulders....he has a negitive attitude towards life in general and stero types everyone , I thought we raised him right . He has A.D.H.D. along with other problems, he is in a very depressed state and now in a Behavorial Center, we had no choice..can you tell me what is in store for this worried child

  • Teenagers suffer agonies of torment with hormonal changes, trying to be "cool" and fear of not fitting into society. If he has ever been targeted by bullies, it takes years to overcome the trauma. Please understand you have done the best you knew how to do and that your presence in his life is there for a reason. He should know he should feel free to tell you anything without fear of reprisal. That could very well be part of the reason for his behavior issues.

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