Lost Wallet At Target

  • I need help. My wallet is dear to me. It has my children's insurance cards, my CC, our socials! I know I'm not supposed to carry that but we are getting ready to move and I didn't want them to be lost during the move. Please help!!!! It's a black Dooney & Burke check wallet.....clues, hints, anything!

  • I feel it was handed into a help/information desk or security. But there is a feeling of someone not being trustworthy, like they wanted to keep the wallet.

  • Have you returned to the store(s) and asked if anyone found a wallet? I get the feeling you have not done that, yet. Retrace your steps, and check between the seats of your car. My feeling is that is not lost, just misplaced. Hope this helps.

  • yes I've called the store several times and no one has any record of it. I have also looked under the car seats and everything...and nothing...

  • Do you--by any stretch of the imagination--carry a purse with compartments? I feel strongly that it is misplaced and not in a place you would ordinarily use.

  • Try going into the store and speaking to another person there is security or management because I feel someone there was not being honest with you.

  • Firefly...no...It was just a wallet...I had it tucked under my arm and I believe it fell out when putting my son in his carseat....The Captain..I will certainly do so.. thank you!

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