Triple Leo

  • I am a triple Leo, I don't know what that means if it means anything at all, all I know that for the last 2 years life has been hell, I have been out of work, and what's thing called romance I have been hearing about, is that some kind of hobby, do you need a degree

  • Well, you probably act, think, feel and even LOOK like a lion, Michael. Your life and romance will be full of drama, just as you like it, because you hate ordinary boring situations. You live and love large - probably even have a secret yearning to be a super-hero, eh? 🙂 You never do anything by halves...but you can't entirely blame your horoscope for any failures. If you tell me your full birthdate, I will tell you what personal issues may be holding you back from getting what you want.

  • PS When you are with a love interest, make sure you don't spend all the time talking about yourself or demanding her attention - a very Leonine trait.

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