Astraangel could you please do a reading ?

  • HI Astra Angel...My name is Kristin DOB:10/15/1981...person in question is Randall /DOB:9/4/1976.

    We met back in February and I believe we are twin flames because I have had alot of mystical expirences connected with well as a merge in our energetic bodies. Could you please give me some insight into this situation/relationship. We are not currently dating but we just reconnected a wk ago after not seeing eachother for 7months and I would like to know if he is going to stay in contact with me? What the outcome possibly will be between us? Thank you so much for your wonderful insight.

  • Hi Kristin!

    Thanks for your request, let's take a look.

    We'll check your charts first.

    Your have a LOT going on in your Sun sign, wow! Your Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Libra. Either you are a high profile attorney or are a U.S. Congresswoman or something! Well, you should be! You have so much energy in Libra I am guessing anyone needs help to resolve an ethical or relationship issue in life you are the one they call. This must cause you to be a little intense at times, and somewhat vocal about your views and concerns. Anyway that immediately jumped out at me.

    Now, check this out. Randall has all of the other planets (or the important ones anyway!) in Libra as well! Venus, Mars and Pluto the transformer, along with a shared Mercury. Wow this is a really, really nice fit already! I can see the immediate connection and should you two ever decide to hook up it should be a lot of fun. SInce you both share Mercury in your Sun, then there is an immediate skill in communicating with each other, and then all the other bodies are there adding the rest of the energies. So between the two of you, you have the entire inner system (Merc thru Sat ) covered, and then you both share Pluto too! Wow I just saw that. So there is Pluto a shared energy between the two of you, helping to smooth any rough edges and keep the both of you progressing in your relationship. Very, very nice! A NUMBER ONE GRADE potential here <g>.</g>

    Let's see what else... He is a Virgo so he brings complimentary energy to your already balanced Libra spirit. His strengths are organizational and shares a nice discipline in the way he manages his life affairs. You both have a really strong energy of attainment and self-discipline and so I see a union here very balanced and supportive. You both have a shared respect for each other I can see.

    His Saturn in in Leo and so there is a nice balance to your more aggressive Mars energy in Leo. You are ready to embrace most any challenge and sometimes... this has caused you to step into situations that you looked back on and wonder was I a little too forward? He would bring some balance there, so when you want to go bungie jumping, he will say "I know a nice little river near here with a rope swing and it is out in the middle of nowhere and we could jump from a rope swing. Kristin, it will save us money too! Plus, I think we could be "one with nature" too!" You see? He offers a calming energy to your courageous devil-may-care Leo spirit.

    Your Moons... yours and your Chiron is in Taurus, and his is in Capricorn. Once again I see the very strong tempered (sometimes, it has happened once or twice where your emotions ran away just tad even though you have those justice scales!) - well, his Moon in Capricorn is much more "steady as she goes", and he likes keeping control there. This looks like a nice fit because he will be wanting to calm you down at times, and you will be trying to get him to show his emotions more. So this looks nice.

    You both share your Chiron (wounded warrior) in Taurus, so something you both identify with in each other is this little broken place, a wound from the past connected with the Taurus energy. So at times the bull has a little trouble enforcing the will, and now that you both recognize this in each other, you can work on it together and let that become a source of healing and strength in the relationship.

    Your Venus and Neptune are in Sagittarius, so your love energy is feisty! You are a handful when the lights go down and no doubt this is a turn on for him. His Venus is in your Libra, so you both have love coming and going and it is spinning mostly around you as the female which is perfect, especially as your "Centaur" half man-half horse is all to happy to take the lead, Randall is more than happy to oblige, more fun for him. His Neptune is in Sag, so when your love light turns on, he has Neptune waiting with some dreamy ideas and a little experimentation. This is a recipe for devil's food cake after hours.

    I am really surprised you two aren't already an item. You have a LOT going for you, and it is very nice! I will read the Tarot however I can tell already that it will be all good. I am feeling very strong that you WILL be an item soon! I believe Heaven gave you two a "taste" of each other "back there" and now that the memories have had a little time to season - BAM! - your orbits coincide again and you both should be feeling it stronger than ever! Yee haw! we would say in Georgia. ;0

    And by the way, I just got another nudge about that Pluto energy you two share - that is EXTREMELY POWERFUL STUFF there, you two are now immediately drafted into the army of Heavenly Lightworkers, Unlimited. So there, you both are now officially together and as far as heaven is concerned, you are a couple! I wouldn't rush out today and start trying on wedding dresses... well, I guess you could! Hint: Go to the nicest jewelry store you can find today and ask for a catalog or nice color brochure of wedding and engagement diamond rings. Then, the next time you know you are going to see him have that in your purse, and while you are talking to him, reach in your purse and 'accidentally' drop that on the floor in front of him. Then.. bend over... nice and slow... and pick it up and smiles really pretty, and say something like, "oh, this is something I am helping my girlfriend with..." His eyes will be opened, and like Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus road, he will 'see the light'.

    OK, now let's put a little reading together. I fell impressed to focus on you, so we'll use a Celtic Cross so you have a better idea about yourself with this man. At some point we can circle back and peer into his life a little, however sometimes we should ask for permission to do this. Sometimes.

    Okay, here we go...

    1. You - The KNIGHT of SWORDS - Okay the first thing that came to mind was YOU chasing love all over kingdom come. Like YOU don't wait for the guy to ask you out, you show up at his office and TELL him to ask you out. Your Libra sense of balance is balancing out a long history of ladies waiting and waiting and waiting for the thick headed guy to make the first move. So this tells me you have NO FEAR when it comes to love. (isn't there a brand of bikinis or something with that label? Maybe it was sunglasses). Your tactics have worked too well though. You have found yourself in dates that you ended up excusing yourself in the middle of dinner, to go to the "little girl's room to powder your nose" and from there you make your escape. NO FEAR and you also know what you're looking for.

    2. Your Present Situation - The EIGHT of CUPS - Uh oh. Looks like one of those dates actually tried to turn into something and you gave it the old college try, unfortunately the football team was not having a winning season. You threw in the towel and walked. Good for you. Some pain and some tears. Some. A little. Not too much. At least you came away with the awareness of what is best for you, and that means standing up for yourself sometimes. (This is one thing you really dig about Randall, you can sense that he has a deep respect for you and that speaks volumes to you at this point in your life.) So the present situation has you really hungering for love, you are keenly aware of the missing link in your life and you are praying, praying that your own Knight has arrived. At least his team seems to be winning!

    3. Crossing you - The LOVERS - woah! Jump back! This is potent and in your case this is HELPING energies! The LOVERS is working all the angels, er, I mean angles, to bring the two of you together. I will be honest with you, I am already seeing something DIVINE here at work, it is artistic and lovely and happening quite without you having to lift a finger. This energy has you on track for a rendezvous under the Moon very soon. (Bring your engagement ring brochure with you it could happen close to the next fool moon... 😉

    4. Your Hopes and Dreams - The QUEEN of WANDS - I see this as your vision of your life, you feel like a queen, you know you're a queen, and you know SOMEWHERE there is a guy who will see you as such! So you have kept a very lovely expectation about how love would work for you, and you have p practiced that in your heart and mind. I see a little girl who loved to "dress up" when she was little and she imagined all sorts of charms and bells and little hearts of love. Well, little did you know that all of those little "love spells" you cast when you were young (you remember, that time with your freckled friend?) would one day actually come to pass! Well one day is no longer one day, one day is today for you little lady.

    5. Some Difficulties in the Past - The HANGED MAN - Oh my. How long were you left hanging? You have worked so hard to see the silver lining in life's little heartbreaks that you can now see silver linings inside a coal mine. It is like a string of little disappointments and the little foxes kept spoiling what you had your heart set on. The beautiful thing is how beautifully you did in fact see the silver, and the gold, and the diamonds (uh oh! Keep that brochure handy! :), and your skill at seeing the loveliness of life has held you in good stead. You know how to take care of your heart, by not giving up on love and keeping a smile, while others forgot how important love is. You didn't forget. You never forgot. Now, you can untie that little piece of string you tied around your ring finger when you were little.

    6. Recent Events you are leaving behind - Yipes! Everybody run for cover she's coming apart! Well, you weren't the one coming apart, the "event" was. This is bizarre however I want to say it was something.. significant, other.. than that I am not sure. Who was this? An ex? Coming on the heels of the Hanged man, this doesn't look like a real pleasant demolition. Well, you got out of the way in time and vowed to never do THAT again! Maybe this is the Bungie Jumping I saw earlier, something has you falling through the sky and the last thing I hear you praying, praying is... I really hope there is someone down there to catch me. I believe your prayer was heard by a few legions of heavenly helpers. They sent a nice feather bed to catch you. Oh.. how nice... to see you again... PLOP! Hey, while you are at the mall looking for that Diamond Engagement ring catalog, stop by the Select Comfort store for their catalog too. I believe they have your number. Somewhere between 68 and 70.

    7. COMING up in the near future - The PAGE of PENTACLES - prepare yourself for a nice message or two.. or three.. or a hundred.

    ring - ring


    "Oh hey Kristin, how are you today"

    "Oh hi Randall, I am wonderful ...and you?"

    "I'm really swell.. say, I had a really, really nice time last night..."

    "Yes Randall... so did I... can you speak up, I can barely hear you?"

    "Oh sorry, I wanted to say some things, and I am at work and.. um.. they are kind of intimate things... and I didn't want to start um, any fires here at the office..."

    "Why not? I say you should...."


    "Sure, they need to know what we are, um... doing... "

    "Kristin, I... "

    "Randall, do you know how special you are to me?"

    "I, well..."

    "about this much... and I am stretching my arms out for you like a skydiver!..."

    "Hey Kristin, we talked about that... instead of skydiving this weekend... I found this really sweet place, a little park with some ducks, and a little steam the woods... and I thought we could..."

    "...stretch out there?"

    "Kristin, how did you guess? so... you'd be willing to do that... and lay in the sun... and... instead of the skydiving?"

    "Well, maybe just this once... hey by the way Randall... I am really loving the ring you got me... Oh my God it is so beautiful... how were you able to afford it? The karats... ?"

    "..oh Kristin I am so thrilled you are liking it.... you know, it's funny, you kinda gave me the idea..."

    "really?... how's that?"

    "well, you remember we were eating at that one Thai place a couple weeks ago... the one we like ...and you accidentally dropped a brochure on the floor, that you said was for your mom... or girlfriend or something... anyway, I thought I saw a ring on that... and it really got me thinking..."

    "...thinking about what Randall?"

    "...thinking about... hang on ...I have to blow my nose..."

    "that's okay I can wait... take all the time you want..."

    (Long pause...)

    " it got me thinking about us... "

    (another long pause...)

    "...and how happy we are?"

    (and yet another long pause...)

    "... yes... hang on..."

    "... I am here... "


    ".. and how happy we WILL be..."

    "Randall, I think that is the most beautiful thing you have told me... since the last time you called me... an hour ago!..."

    Yes, expect some messages Kristin. A lot of messages from this cute as all get out Page.

    1. Your future environment - The EIGHT of WANDS - All I can tell you Kristin is to keep your winged shoes on, this show is about to get on the road for you and when this shows up your door... you had better be ready to fly, like to seventh heaven... because that is where you are going. It has actually been where you've lived all along anyway. You know, where the little bluebirds hang out... and sing so sweetly... "Cupid, draw back your bow... please hear my cry... and let your arrows fly... straight to my lover's heart... for me..." Oh, they are flying Kristin, they are flying. Straight and true.

    2. How Others See You - The SIX of WANDS - lucky, lucky, lucky. Only, it ain't luck is it Kristin? You know... and I know... luck had nothing to do with this amazing and Heaven-sent love. It came because you BELIEVED in love more than they believed it didn't exist anymore. You are one of a rare breed Kristin. Called those who will die for love, and are willing to give your heart to another with complete and total abandon. Not many willing to do that anymore. You are willing. You paid the price. With tears, you held on.. now... love is coming... homing in on YOU, YOUR HEART... hold on Kristin, Hold on.. He's coming. Others? They think it's just luck. Hey, let them think whatever they want. You and I know different, baby. You and I know different.

    3. Your HOPES and (sometimes) fears. THE STAR - I can't imagine a more beautiful card to appear here. The STAR once again shines the hope that you have always carried in your heart. That life would work out, no matter what. Well, no matter what came and went and now it's all a MATTER of your HEART and your heart is open and tender and yielding to this hope of love. It's okay, you can cry your eyes out... you waited long enough... you both shopped around... and you both kept coming back to one another. It's what Twin Flames do. SO bright at first, often too bright to believe, and of course what else can you except run away and wonder.. and pray.. "can true love be real? Really real? Really, really real? For me?" And you pray that over and over... and then one day, you hear a little voice from heaven, one morning while you're having your Cheerios "...pssst! ..hey Kristin... sure it can." NO FEAR KRISTIN. No fear.. IS it a bikini brand?

    That's the STAR.

    1. And ... the OUTCOME - The Magician - Abracadabra! Shazam! And the lady has been sawn in half before our eyes! AND NOW~! She is WHOLE AGAIN! Ta - da! (lots of applause from the audience...)

    Yes Kristin, this is one magic act that you are going to remember, talk about pulling a rabbit out of a hat. OR a vanishing act! What vanishes now is your lonely little heart, and those rabbits... well they say that rabbits know how to have fun... statistics prove it... and I am thinking that you have some magical abilities too... like the rabbits do. And like the birds do. And like the bees do. Don't worry, you don't have to know how the tricks work. It's a family affair. You are in good hands, this Page will take care of you, he wil treat you right.... and who knows... he might even be willing to show you... how he does some of his tricks... when the sun goes down... by that little stream.. in that little meadow... with the whole Universe shining down on you... and the Moon... and every star in the Heavens sang for this lovely couple... it's Family Affair... It's a Family Affair...

    Now, get your little rear down to the mall... somehow, this reading has a ring of truth to it... and I see a very happy Mrsgriff ... oh did I type that? Excuse me... KRSgriff... 🙂

    Much love, and my highest blessing on you and Randall. Thank you Lord for this heavenly couple.


  • Oh Kristin, here is a pair of little ducks for you. They look so happy... in that little park... they hear some noises though... from over near the bushes... they recognize the sound.... of love... 😉

  • Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. Love the good news 🙂 You made my day and made me smile and laugh all at the same time. You are very funny, I love it. Thank you again. I really appreciate it, so very much. You were dead on with me and with him. Thank Goodness God gave me patience, boy has it been a ride. Yes, it was an ex lover who damaged me...Thank God again I got out of that relationship and still smiling, standing strong 🙂

    Thank you soooooooo much!!! 🙂 Have a very goodnight

  • You are so welcome Mrsgriff - I do. I do see wonderful things showing up at your door soon, it all has the ring of truth to it! 🙂

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