Would like a reading, please.

  • I would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to do a reading for me. I would like some insight on my relationship with my boyfriend. Its been awhile since Ive had a reading done, so I would like to know where things stand with us, and what direction we are headed. I dont know if it helps but, my name is caroline and his name is dan.

  • Hi Caroline

    i noticed that no one had replied to you yet.. I am happy to look into this for you? I'll keep it short and sweet and should you like more indepth (like a chart comparison) I am happy to do that too!

    We'll use a simple three card spread, past present and future for you and Dan...

    1. Past - Knight of Pentacles - The relationship began slowly, steady growth together, I have the sense that you have know each other for quite a while and the relationship slowly has deepened. I see the both of you always looking into the future though, like that has been a theme for you both from the beginning. You are asking each other "where is life taking us?" and you are always comparing notes about something. There is a strong material connection too. Like you have shared material things, maybe even a living situation, a living situation.

    2. Present - Seven of Swords - Hmmm. The stability of the relationship has changed quite a bit recently. From soft and secure to a lot more talking and discussing, and running about, like you feel more frantic about the two of you for some reason. I see you picking up things, things that have dropped and it has you focused more on "fixing" than enjoying, I don't see him though, so the feeling here is that he has come and gone, perhaps repeatedly. You have a look of concern on your face, and you are looking for answers now. Did You move out or something? Something changed in the material connection between you, still close though, however something has changed for sure.

    3. Future - Death - well this looks like whatever the relationship "was" is about to end once and for all. I see you flying upwards and free, and he seems to be staying behind. I think there is something spiritual going on between you, like you kept moving on in spirit and he seemed more connected to the past or a living situation that became intolerable. I still see some opportunity for the relationship, however it will have to be founded in the future on an entirely new understanding between you. The old "rules" are not going to work any longer. He wants to continue "old rules" and you want "no rules, just right" as they say at the Outback steakhouse. Now you got me hungry!

    Hey, I hope that gives you something to consider vettech78... please let us know about any other concerns. I have prayed that Heaven works out your relationship there for the brightest possible goals for both of you... you are in the angels care and all will work out for the both of you, perhaps though not in the way they "used" to work out.

    Peace and love,


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