Cancerman , This one is for you...

  • my last thought on Cancers..since we (Scorpios) are linked to them and comparable emotionally..the difference I see is this, we deal with issues/emotional sensitive ones head on, and we communicate vs, hiding in a shell...also, we dont fantasize woman in clothing, we take woman to a deep dark secret place, emotionally where a woman can be naughty...really naughty....we dont put on a show, we write the script...thank you for your answers...very helpful...take care

  • I had to chime in here. I was thinking about this. Who doesn't like attention?? I mean deep down. There are certain areas where I know I do not like attention, but other times of course I want to be noticed or appreciated. I think that is all signs, bc that is more of a people thing then a zodiac one.

    As far as intimacy goes, different strokes for different folks. Some people like to be naughty, others couldn't be if they had too. I think that boils down to personal maturity and desires. Very few people i know can just let it all go for the sake of pleasure. That can be due to cultural reasons, mind sets, preconceived teachings on how sex should be or religious beliefs.

    Personally myself, I can appreciate anyone who can verbalize their fantasies. I think that takes strength.

  • I agree, but to verbalize them in public, thats not a strenght thats insecurity..just look on the net, you can all kinds of fantasies unfolding...nothing your own privacy, whatever turns you on...when I say naughty, I mean reaching a new and exciting emotional place..not smut or sleazy...God, thats not original either....but TRUE INTIMACY....

  • Hey Taurus7, How are you and J doing , I hope things are going good for you him.

    TruePhoenix, I'd like to think of myself as a more evolved Taureen , Im in my thirties now and boy did that change me , compared to a few years ago , I never spoke my mind , always accepted circumstances which were thrown at me and made the best of them, I was always confused never knew what I wanted , had trouble getting my point across , probably due to not really knowing what I needed , but I am definitely making up for lost time now! Im not that same person , I know what I want , and I'm not settling ! Too much time was wasted with a pain that always seemed to sift through me , but Im making alot of demands now! My old Cancer friend has no idea how much impact he had on me. I felt God led me to him , to free me, and to help me grow , I feel now that my heart is finally aligned with my mind and spirit.

  • earthangel2~ Good for you..I know what you mean..I had lots of pain as well, and usually caused by me....after my divorce I was tired doing things my old way and needed to change...but my ex-wife really helped me in so many was a very healthy relationship but I still had some very old and bad habits that I needed to change as I got older....dont settle...learn to walk away as soon as you feel and know something isnt right...walk away....I do...

  • I know what you are talking about. I for one, would not publicly indulge anyone by sharing my fantasies. But, amongst a small, close group of friends, I could see how something ( not all mind you) but something could slip out.

    True intimacy can only come from a deep, true love.

    I agree with Earthy, the older I have gotten, the more evolved I have become. However, I have not really had an sexual issues. Some people due though. They can stem from abuse as well. If a person does not reach an uninhibited level, I do not think that is the end of their world.

  • um lol. I think I need to clear a few things up. TruePhoenix did you mention something about pink heels lol? If so I didn't say anything about pink. I do not like the color pink lol. Am I guilty of flirting (when I'm single) and having a dirty mind from time to time, absolutely. Is it tacky for me to mention some fantasies online, perhaps. But I am just being honest and if it's too much for someone to handle that's ok. If it makes me look like a typical male pig, that's ok, Overall I'm a genuine guy who tries to treat people the way I want to be treated, and the people who truly know me will attest to that. Flawed? most definitely! But a womanizer I am not. I have never intentionally played a women and I never will. I am single and free to flirt all I want. I am interested in Scorpio but I'm not going to act like I'm in a relationship when I'm not. When I get in a relationship I go out of my way to make my woman feel secure in our relationship. If she has a problem with a female friend of mine, I will listen to what she has to say. I always try to put my lovers well being before my own, that is how I was raised.

    Also, I have not been on a date with Scopio. She said she was hesitant to go on another blind date, meaning she went on a blind date with another guy she met online that didn't go well. She is very closed off and cautious, which is fine. If her and I were to go on a date and really hit it off, I would take all other potential dates off the table and focus solely on her. Like I said, she is attractive and probably has many guys throwing themselves at her. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one she has taken an interest in.

  • Cancerman--

    LOL. Actually, the pink high heels was with my former Cancer friend 🙂

    I'm sure every male Cancer has his own preference.

    -Earthangel and Taurus7

    I can be quite opinionated when I'm defending the needs of others, passionate about a particular subject, or attempting to reason or get my point across. No BS, no chasers! But when it comes to the matters of the heart, I'm not very expressive. (physically, yes, verbally no). I still struggle with this.

    How did the two of you overcome this???????

  • TFF - for me, it was just my past experiences. They defined me in a good way. It allowed me to become very expressive as I aged. I still remember the 1st time I layed my heart open wide. It was powerful for me.

    However, bc we are Taureans....many times we are misunderstood.

  • TruePhoenix sorry for the accusation and confusion about the pink heels comment.

    Thank you TaurusFemmeFatale for clearing up the pink heel thing lol. It had me scratching my head 🙂

    Taurus7 How are you dear?

    earthangel2 thank you for knowing me enough to know I was only joking about the pictures lol.

  • Taurus7....

    What gave you the urge or power to be more verbally expressive with your emotions?

    Was it the individual that you were dating at the time that gave you more confidence?

    Or was it an overwhelming emotion...that couldn't be held captive?

    I would love the opportunity to lay my heart open wide...

    I, sometimes feel that my over-the-top PDA should be enough.

    Often's not...

  • TFF - Be back in a few....I will try to explain.

    Cancerman - IDK...he threw me for a major loop today.

  • True phoenix,

    Why do you move on at the first sign of a problem. Doesnt sound healthy. Should work things out till you have tried u tried all avenues.

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