Cancerman , This one is for you...

  • I have a really shallow topic i'd like your advice on. I know it shouldn't bother me , but I would be lying if I said I didn't care what my friend thinks of me. Do you think it is appropriate for Halloween to wear a bold costume , my friends think it looks great , but i'm more worried about "him". Its basically a bathing suit, (wonderwoman) . So naturally I know that cancer men in particular could be a little jealous , but im curious , as a cancer male , would you think less of a woman ? Mind you , Im only doing this in light of halloween , normally not that bold. I tend to side with "less is more" , but this year , I'm thinking of getting a little brave! What do you think? Will he admire it or be disappointed , this is a yearly party that our mutual friend host , so he will be there along with many other people at this gathering . Please I want your honest opinion. BY the way hows it going with your scorpio friend??

  • Ha! As long as you send me some pics I approve lol! kidding hmmm... I can tell you that I, and most of Cancer male friends, often live in a fantasy world so I would say your cancer friend is likely to notice for sure. Jealous? Maybe. An attractive girl in a tight outfit would definitely get my attention. Is it morally right or wrong? I'll leave that between you and god 🙂

    Things with me and Scopio are sloooooow. She said she is a little reluctant to go on another "blind date" though I wouldn't consider going on a date with a guy who you've seen and read about, a blind date, would you? I'll give it another week or so and then let it go. It's sad because I think we could have insanely good chemistry! But I don't want to push it if she isn't feeling it.

  • Cancers live in a fantasy world?

    I missed 'that one' about Cancers?

    Are we speaking of a land with sourcerers, dragons, knights and fair maidens?

  • Not so much that kind of fantasy wold lol. More like a fantasy world where women walk around in heels and tight clothing! We tend to fantasize about s-e-x a lot lol!

  • Oh - Cancers are big on the fantasies in their minds!! They even like to play them out sometimes......don't ask me how I know that...;)

  • @Cancerman~ The Scorpio girls has your number...your own here asking for pics from wonder woman...and you think the Scorpio going to seeyou again, she see's through that...when she says Blind's a metaphor...I'd move on, because you already lost her...

  • The Cancer man I dealt with ( the one I mentioned in my last thread) had a fantasy about women in pink high heels ( naked)...and if she was wearing a dress, he had a preference for sundresses. His sex drive was quite high. VERY high. My, my, my, he had the world fooled . The composed, conservative mask he wore to the public was definitely a facade.

    But Bullettes (Taurus Women) can be guilty of the same thing. LOL!

  • TruePhoenix, Don't be so hard on Cancerman , I initiated the conversation about wearing provacative clothing, and he was just being playful , and since its coming from him, I dont mind ; )

    About "fantasy world" Oh yes, I can definitely agree on that one . Thats one of the many reasons I believe we are a good pair , we put to good use Cancers imagination , and turn it into reality.

  • earthangel~ you obviously are smitten by the attention, a little..but a Scorpio see's through the must be TRUE and she (Scorpio) see's this already..even if you have been playful with him on here, this site or somewhere else...or anyone else for that matter, it's still playing and want a Scorpio, dont fuck around...or move on...I'm actually giving him advice and this goes for you...would you like your Cancer boyfriend to be on here with his over zealous sexual imagination flirting with other girls?? if you do, then your just as bad....I flirt, because I'm a single Scorpio...if I was dating, you wouldnt find me anywhere near these kind of sites entertaining to get off.....besides...a guy who fantasizes in public, or boasts about his high heel fantasies seems a little insecure and probably has a problem in bed or in a relationship...Cancers just seem a little inconsistent....Id like to see if he gets this Scorpio female.....

  • TruePhoenix , I get your trying to give advice , but it is WAY too early for Cancerman to know if anything will transpire with the Scorpio women , I mean they have only gone one ONE date! And I hardly call that flirting , he was only teasing.

    "earthangel~ you obviously are smitten by the attention, a little..." um, Im not really getting what attention your referring to , I purposely addressed this to Cancerman man as a shallow topic I wanted his opinion on , and thats exactly what I got with a little "light humor"so its not that big of a deal.

    "you wouldnt find me anywhere near these kind of sites entertaining to get off."

    I can't really speak for Cancerman, but I believe we both came here originally for some insight into the minds of cancer and taurus , not to "get off". I've read alot of your post here , and I like you , but I think you have the wrong idea of Cancerman, I am truly grateful that I stumbled here by accident , he has helped me through alot , along with Taurus7 and others .

  • "besides...a guy who fantasizes in public, or boasts about his high heel fantasies seems a little insecure and probably has a problem in bed or in a relationship..."

    Sorry , had to add my two cents in here about this one two, TruePhoenix im almost positive you have shared your fantasies to your significant other when you were in a relationship , it is perfectly natural and healthy. My cancer friend only confided in his "likes" when we got more comfortable with each other , like for instance he suggested he really loved to see me in dresses , in public , however that was a diffrent story like TaurusFF said in an earlier post , that they hide that part of them , just like us , you would never know, but then when you get to know the real us , its like Whoa, where have you been hiding all of this!lol

  • earthangel2~ I think you got it wrong...but that's like the flirting an the idea of high heels and fantasies...dont you?? come on ? thats what I'm sayin...and you think it's way to early with the Scorpio girl? the way the comments were being made, and the hopefullness of how attractive she was and oh my God !!!! to me it was more like pushing it....I understand you sticking up for someone giving you advice and you should....but dont go giving it, you're way off.....I can see why you are having relationship problems..but to get from someone who shares fanatsies in Pink high heels and then is hoping and praying for the girl of his dreams to see him again, like thats going to happen...this isnt FB....or High School....Pink High Heels !! Really !! thats the original...take care and good luck..

  • Thank you, but I still believe Cancer men are the cream of the crop , and I was just giving you a general example of my cancer friends fantasy , I wouldnt dare go into detail with anyone here, that is between me and him and how Id like to keep it . It would take something away from all the beautiful moments we experienced so I prefer to keep it in my heart where it belongs. There is no need to get defensive , im just expressing my opinion. 🙂

  • earthangel2~ I'm not being defensive by any means, I hope you understand that and I respect you're privacy regarding your intimate life...thats where it should be..I have a question..when you meet someone for the first time and there's a would you like HIM to proceed to gain your time? Thanks...

  • Um....thats a really good question , Why do you ask???

  • If I have a real connection , I generally like to believe that the reason their is a connection is because we are both feeling it. So I need to sit back and explore all the reasons behind it , and to gain my time , I would have to of course first be able to trust your intentions.

  • I dont seems to be the one step everyone takes..but things change after that...different arent sure ...and woman expect them to do something a certain way...I was wondering your take on would you prefer someonw to act to get your you prefer, time; assertiveness; do you take the lead? dont have to answer it..just curious...

  • Yes. lets assume there's a real while you sit bak and explore..what actions get your attrntion or dont get your attention from the guy ??? lets say you feel the connection and trust..theres a first do you want that person to pursuit this? whats your preference?

  • I dont know that I have a preference , but I love the idea of being pursued , I believe in the traditional role , where the man should lead, so I wouldnt be making any of the first moves thats for sure!

  • that makes perfect snese and it's reassuring and kind of cool that you like the romantic role of pursuit..Im curious of your age but no need to tell me..ok, then, my last questions is this..does the amount of time make a difference from when you decide that you trust to when the next date?

    or, what is a good time before the next call on there a certain amount of time that you begin to get a liitle nervous or doubtful..and as this time increases with no owrd, does that draw you nearer?

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