AstraAngel, how are you doing these days?

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    I've been reading some of the recent threads gleaning morsels of wisdom and while doing so I had a chance to see a couple of your paintings you shared with another member. Very nice! I also just read your most recent post on DaniBo's thread where you mentioned Spokane, WA. Well, neighbor, I'm in the area too. 🙂

    Regarding your paintings - have you thought about Art in the Park in Leavenworth? I realize it is a few hours drive away, but people do flock there by the oodles. Anyway, just a thought.

    Hope you are doing well; nice to see you are getting those creative juices going and working on some things. I'm still waiting to start working (with my new job) - the licensing process is making us all crazy. Hope it happens soon, could sure use some money. 🙂

    Well, take care and blessings and light to you,


  • Hey Taurus

    Hey, nice to meet a local. Thanks for the comments on the art, I have mixed feelings about it all. I used to do a lot of the outdoor shows. Leavenworth is a nice area, maybe if I ever get my act together again i that I may try it. There is a lot of bad energy associated with the art for me because of a lot of stupid events that added up to what must have been a breakdown for me and I am still trying to figure all of that out. Just started a larger panel however my stomach is already in knots and I don't know if I can deal with this anymore. Ugh. Art. Trying to find the passion there again but its like searching for nuggets of gold in a land fill.

    Good luck with your new job that sounds wonderful and I wish you all success there.

    Blessings to you too...


  • Hello from me too.

    Just stopping by on my way out for the day. I wanted to say that you are stronger than you feel at the moment. I think if you are able to take a step back and have a look in (like if you were doing a reading for me) and think of less demanding ways to get your passion back with your painting.

    I did that a few years back with my singing and it worked wonders. So I think that could be your way forth.

    Take care.


    BTW...on the 28th there is a coin hunt on Tarot. I do get creative in writing riddles so perhaps you would want to join into the fun. 🙂

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