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  • Hey dancs5

    I came across another post of your in another category ... I am guessing this is all connected?

    FIRST OF ALL TAKE A REALLY DEEP BREATH AND LET IT OUT REALLY SLOW - DO THIS THREE TIMES. There, you feel better right? I just did that and I feel better!

    You should know (without a reading) that you are in Heaven's hands and all is going to work out in your life, I don't exactly how, however it will and it will come about in the perfect time. WIth who? I am not sure, however I am happy to draw some cards and offer my perspective. KEEP doing that breathing exercise as often as you need that will help you relax.

    I am sri about this situation with your ex, I am guessing that is part of this "love life... gone down hill"? Ugh that was painful.

    Four cards... I am a little pressed for time at the moment, we can dig in deeper to your life later, I wanted to try and give you a "quickie" to get you stabilized fast.

    1. Future with your EX? Three of Pentacles - possible however it is going to take a lot of work. Are you willing to do a lot of work to see that work again?

    2. Someone NEW coming for you? The SIX of PENTACLES - this is much more positive at least no one is having to work in this card. This shows some sharing and caring so I do see this as someone being willing to share their life with you and it looks nice to me.

    3. Do you already know them? Ten of SWORDS - No.

    4. Advice - Eight of Wands - Get ready. This new person could show up very soon and things will take off quickly. SOMETHING is coming in your life that is going to sweep you away soon that is clear.

    I will be praying for you to stay strong and focused and KNOW that Heaven is watching over you, Hang in there. And...

    NO you are not meant to be single the rest of your life! (Two of Wands).

    Love, astra

    I needs some help. My love life has seem to gone down hill. I'm really wanting a husband but don't seem like I can find anyone worth having. Is there anyone out there new for me or is it someone I already know or I'm I meant to be single the rest of my life?

    I'm just wondering am I meant to be alone. I came out of a realtionship of about four years because of his cheating and then he lost his job. It's like he has no potential for himself and his mom is taking care of him. We also have a daughter together. After coming out of the relationship with him I met someone else who I started falling in love with only to find out he had a girlfriend. We had become very close and spending a lot of time together but I recently walked away from him also. Now my little girls daddy is trying to get back with me saying he's changed and he's sorry for hurting me and he wants to work things out. He even said he would go to counceling but there is no trust there on both ends now. I don't know what direction I need to go in. I"m just so confused. Somebody please help.

  • Thanks,

    I'M just wondering if my ex has really changed and learned a lesson or if he's going to get me back and its good for the moment and then he's back to doing the same thing. I'm just all confused.

    Then I was wondering about my friend I had for the last 3 months that I fell in love with that had a girlfriend. Are we just going to be good friends. I just walked away from him yesterday. He said he hated how things turned out and he didn't mean to hurt me because when I met him the girlfriend had been out of the picture for a couple of weeks and then she returned. I think he had feelings for me but not like I had for him.

  • Hey dancs5

    I'll run through your questions:

    1. Has your ex really changed and learned a lesson?

    Four of Cups - I think there is some remorse here, he seems to be reflecting over his behavior and seems honestly regretful for how things turned out.

    2. Will he get you back and then he goes back to the previous behavior?

    The SUN - This is a very positive card and so it would seem that he has indeed changed for the better and is honest and sincere in his intentions.

    3. Are you just going to be good friends with this other person?

    Knight of Pentacles - This Knight is rather practical and nose to the grindstone in character. I don't detect anything of a strong romantic potential here so I would say that the best you can hope for with this person is "friends".

    At this point it looks like your best option is with your Ex according to the cards. However, I want to also try another angle with you...

    I have some word associations to try with you. This is going to be some phrases that I want you to respond to, and you let me know about any thoughts or people or memories these bring to your mind okay? Anything at all, okay? We may be able to identify your future mate this way and help move you out of your present confusion. Okay? Here we go.




    A TOY




    There, did any of those phrases cause someone to come to mind? Or spark a memory? Please respond with ANYTHING you get and then we'll go from there.

    Hang in there dancs5 we will get your answers with Heaven's help. God does not want you in the dark in this, you NEED clarity and I am here to get it for you. We are supposed to have a love and companion in life that is real and true. It is not right that many of us are going through life longing for love and not finding it. Something is screwed up. Let's find you a mate who will really love you and treat you with real respect and true love. Life is too short to spend it with jerks.

    Peace and blessings


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thanks for the advice. On those words and phrase; non of them seem to bring anything to mind to me. Joke is about the only thing makes me think of my friend that I said I walked away from. He like to joke around and have fun. Other than that I don't know. And my friend don't seem to want let me go because it was kind of like we were going together but not. If that makes any sense.

  • Hey dancs5

    That's something to go on! SO he is a joker... I was just playing with a Witch deck that has some jokers in it. +I think we are on to something! He does like you, it is the 'love' thing that scared him off I think. He would love to have you as a friend! Why can't you simply enjoy being friends and table the 'love' aspect for now. I think you need to reconnect with him asap. Tell him you have reconsidered and like him a lot and then see where that goes as friends only. There are a lot of benefits with friendships. You can really be very creative in the relationship and have a lot of fun. I see some nice things there for the two of you, it will help you relax a little with your understanding of 'love' and you can still 'love' him in some nice ways, even as friends. YOU and he can define what a 'friendship' means for the two of you, and you might be pleasurably surprised at those benefits too.


    Yes. This is your direction. GO.

    You will shortly be having the time of your life with him, I see some really funny moments too, he likes to joke and so you get to relax with him in some close ways, while laughing. VERY NICE.

    GO go go.

  • Hey AstraAngel

    Thanks. I had a strang thing happened last night. My daughter which is 3 was sitting on the bed with me and she pulled out my work and school badge. She kept looking at it and then she started asking me where my mask was and she kept on and on. I asked her what mask and she made an angry face.. I asked her who i was mad at she said my son, which i was the day before but it was just strange how she kept asking about a mask and you mentioned a phrase with mask in it.

  • Hey dancs5... yep something is going on, close encounters of a heavenly kind... I happened to glance at a cup that was laying upside down yesterday in my kitchen.. it said Mikasa, Japan...

    One cup = Ace of Cups = NEW LOVE

    and the mask sounds like a reference to a joker for sure. I keep thinking of that V for Vendetta movie with the guy wearing a mask...

    The Japan thing though has me puzzled... keep your eyes open for anything Japan related that will trigger an association... I will do the same thing. This "friend" of yours, the joker... has me curious...

    Three of Pentacles - this is a card of artistry, artisanship and focus on something creative... I am trying to connect the dots here. Is your joker friend a creative type? Artist, writer, something along that line?

    We'll get to the bottom of this mystery with heaven's help!

    love, astra

  • Hey Astra....Well I'll just give some insight on the situation. I'm a virgo and he's a taurus. I met him in church. When I met him he said he didn't have anyone but what happen was he said the women he was with hadn't called him in 2 weeks so he thought it was over is what he told me. but then she called crying and said she was sorry. Now she's back in the picture. He said he didn't want to leave her because he said she was sick and he had already had a girlfriend he was with for 7 years that died on him. so I guess he's feeling obligated plus he don't want to hurt no one. In our friendship I'm more of the quite and reserved type. He likes to talk and kid around which i love about him but he don't open up about his feelings unless i ask him. He works out of town a lot becauce he works for a drilling company. I have spent a lot of time with him even twith him working out of town. I have went out of my to be with him when he works maybe 45 min to and hour away. I've drove to see him. I have also stayed a lot at his house with him when he's home so it's a little closer than friends. We reconnect last night after I walked away from him last week. I feel a real connection to him and I also feel that he does have some strong feelings for me. I'm just trying to go with the flow now because I love being around him.

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