• I'm just wondering am I meant to be alone. I came out of a realtionship of about four years because of his cheating and then he lost his job. It's like he has no potential for himself and his mom is taking care of him. We also have a daughter together. After coming out of the relationship with him I met someone else who I started falling in love with only to find out he had a girlfriend. We had become very close and spending a lot of time together but I recently walked away from him also. Now my little girls daddy is trying to get back with me saying he's changed and he's sorry for hurting me and he wants to work things out. He even said he would go to counceling but there is no trust there on both ends now. I don't know what direction I need to go in. I"m just so confused. Somebody please help.

  • don't go backward...big mistake. whats done is done for a reason....ya knowwww. Also damn girl dont give up just yet. This is how the game is played, so when the right guys comes into your life you"ll appreciate him.....U gots this girl....give'em hell!!!!

  • Thank you wendykaye. I've been giving lots of thought to it. I don't really want to go backwards as you said. I was brought out for a reason. I can forgive him but I can't forget. Trying to work on myself now.

  • Just keep moving forward. You don't need to take him back to have him prove that he is worth having. Keep working on yourself. There are some beautiful messages in "any one else restless"

    Remember words are cheap, believe his actions. Don't just go back to fill a void. You are worth more than that.

  • Working on urself sounds like a smart idea. Take this time and make it about you, treat urself and do something special for u! SPOIL URSELF GIRLIE

  • Thanks for the advice wndykaye and abetterplace. I can really use all the positive engery I can get. I'm just having a hard time with my ex because we have a daughter together so i have to deal with him. It is not easy because I love him but I know I'm not in love with him anymore and it's a fip flop game with him because I feel sorry for him. I do feel like he has remorse for hurting me and now he is hurting. He's pouring his heart out, crying an pleading for me to come back and it makes me feel bad to see him hurting like this. I hate to see anybody hurting and crying. If though he hurt me, my heart is breaking for him. Sometimes I give in and spend time with him which I know is not helping the situation but I have also told him to move on because I didn't know if I was ever coming back. Having trouble just getting past all of this.

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