May I please ask for insight?

  • Hello, all!

    So I realise these sorts of questions might get old... But I've got the urge to find out more.

    Astrologically, I've read a lot about me and my friend z's compatibility. There are plenty of good things with a few kind of downer aspects.... So I would like to know what somebody might see in my situation.

    So far we communicate openly and honestly and he's brought out this romantic side of me that I rarely feel with people. We've been hanging out & casually dating for just over a month but have known each other for years. Things have been slow and steady and I don't get the same road blocks with him that I usually get.

    Would anybody mind looking into whether or not he might be a turning point for my relationship future? Or if he and I might be complimentary to each other in a relationship?

    Thank you


  • We would love to be able to offer assistance but do require more information, such as your date of birth and HIS date of birth. It would not be a future reading but more on the lines of the areas where you are compatible and the areas that require compromise. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you! I literally JUST checked my post 5 minutes ago to see if it got a response and I was just reading your post on RMA's thread 😛

    Okay, so I'm 3/3/1990

    He is 12/15/1988

  • Wonderful vibrations! My date of birth is 3/20 and I've dated several men of whom I really, really got along well with--wow, what a rush!

  • That makes me happy, I'm glad vibrations are that good :]

    So you're right on the cusp!

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