Spirits or ghosts in my house?

  • Hi, I am not sure if it is just paranoia or what, but can someone tell me if there is any type of spirit or ghost in my house? I have not seen any apparitions, but I do feel the sense of being watched and hear noises now and again like footsteps and other small things. Is this just me or is there really something there? i don't know if its possible, but if anybody can help me id appreciate it

  • Gino64

    You do not have to see the enity, but like you said you feel it watching and hear it . Yes, if this is happening than you have a spirit in your dwelling. It does not feel negative to me. I would suggest that you learn the history of the building or house you live in. Use sage incense in all rooms of the dwelling and use sea salt in corners and at doorways of all rooms also.

    You will learn to live together after awhile . Do not be afraid as you have your own power to use to let it know that you live there too and want your space to yourself.


  • Burn sage and/or incense and remember to use the name of God Jehovah and his son, Jesus, to remove any malign spirits. Go through every room in your house, intoning peace and prayer. Command the spirits in a FIRM voice, " In the name of Jehovah, I command any lingering spirit to depart in peace." Continue to "bless" your house in this manner.

    I lived in a home where someone died and a few months later received a visit from the family. They were so concerned that the spirit might linger and needed closure and peace to fill them as they viewed the living space. I still had a cold presence in the hallway but it was not scary. After blessing the home, spirits DO LEAVE.

    Blessings and peace be with you always

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