• angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


    loving silver wings

  • This is awesome! I feel the light spreading more and more. It is beautiful.

    Love and light,


  • Ditto!

  • I'll post the 11/11/11/ party thread at 11.11 am my time here in the southern hemisphere and we can just keep it going until 11th November 2011 has arrived for everyone. It will be interesting to record what we are all experiencing and feeling that day.

  • Sounds like a winner!

  • Hello everybody, been busy moving and havent had the Internet! Settled in lovely now, even though we had a few hicups to start with. Just thought I would post on here, as I was reading this thread last night and before I went to bed I asked the angels to prepare me and others for 11.11.11 and this morning I cannot stop crying. I am feeling really sensitive. I have been listening to the top 40 songs of the 90s on tv and crying like a baby, its as if I am releasing all the pain I have suffered from my past, through the music. How strange it is. Anyway hope you are all well.

    Love, Light and peace


  • Thank you poetic 555 for your most interesting and profoundly beautiful, personally resonating, consciously vibrating post! It is stunning to me to read the dates within the post for activation of certain sacred ideals of the New Age of Aquarius. The last 7 yrs. of my life make even more sense to me now as the timeline of which my soul's evolution has traveled upon synchronizes exactly with all of the Light Source information in the post. Everything has been magical for me in the past almost three months, starting off with rapid, challenging demands of change upon my body & mind, as if the universe forced my body and mind to catch up with my soul/spirit, giving me no choice but to listen carefully and step up. Then, I noticed in the past three weeks everything started to turn for the better, especially since I took note and shapeshifted as it was requested of me. More clarity, more joy, more energy, more hope, more strength, and this unbelievable drive to SHARE my consciousness, my awareness, my knowing it's time to tune in even more, with everyone I meet, including those I already "know:. Really intense, but really ecstatic with blissful courage to guide in ways that I'd been holding back for years. It's as if something invited me to to finally be in my own strength and radiance and lead, teach, inspire, guide, heal the way my soul has always been telling me it wanted to do. Just extraordinary from breath to breath this life is now. I will be at a very large kundalini meditation and yoga gathering at Golden Bridge for 11/11/11, and though I am so very looking forward to it, these last days before the official gateway entrance point, are extremely rewarding and lovely in themselves. Blessings to all of us light leading awake beingsmuch strength and love to all of you, so as to lift up the others who are afraid to change, to be conscious, to enlighten and move on.....we need and appreciate the support from one another I know i do...so again, thank you poetic555 and to all of the other astro-friends here who have checked in, rather than out, tuned in & lit up from within~~ from my heart and crown chakra to yours....islandsq:)***

  • Islandsq, your words are so beautiful they made me cry, it's such a beautiful thing, the evolution and growth of our souls, I'm happy for you! May all always be blessed and intuned with the higher light and energies. Crying is good for you, cleansing and good release. May your path's always be lighted! Peace, Love and Light! NAMASTE!

  • Welcome back Leolou! I'm happy things are going well! Peace, Love and Golden Light!

  • Hola!

  • angel hugs


  • Hello sista!

  • Dear Poetic 555Haiku 4 u

    Thank you for the love

    I just drank in your response

    Your tears blessed my scribe

    ~~ namaste....islandsq*


  • angel hugs


  • Love,Light & Blessings To All 😉

  • "Blessings to All."

  • Hi Poetic hugs to you honey see ya virtually at the 11.11am party which I will be joining from Amsterdam The Netherlands party city of the northern throes of Europe well not too far north...


  • Today is 11/11 in Aussie, right? Have fun!

  • angel hugs

    May all feel, sense, know, and experience that which they are to be aware of on the 11:11:11 day.


    loving silver wings

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