• The New Earth Energies October 2011

    a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

    The Second Triple Stargate & The Codes of Renewal

    Beloved family of Light, this is a great moment in the Transformation of Planet Earth and the establishment of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace and Love. You have reached the Time Portal, or Stargate, that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a "Cosmic Moment" of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the "Light Codes" or "Cosmic Codes" of Renewal are received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth. The Reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for Reconnection with the Seventh Dimension of Consciousness, as the Planet continues on her Journey into the Divine Heart of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

    It is indeed a Moment of Joy and Celebration. You are on your way "Home"...both Individually and as a Planetary Civilization. The Great Awakening is under way! Those of you who are ready are stepping into your New Earth Soul Purpose and becoming the Multi-Dimensional wayshowers for Humanity. As Earth settles into the Fifth Dimensional Holographic Matrix of the New Earth, Humanity is learning how to express the Oneness and the Unity Consciousness of Interconnection that is the Essence of the Fifth Dimension. Daily, you are beginning to perceive that you are truly Planetary Citizens, One Family with common problems and issues. And, you are beginning to see that you can only solve these problems by coming together in Peace and Love to create a New Path forward.

    Beloved Family of Light, we celebrate with you this Great Moment of Transformation. At the end of 2010 we were overjoyed when the Earth made her "Ascension" leap from the Old Third-dimensional Timeline and into the New Fifth-dimensional Timeline. At that point, all the "End Time" scenarios were rendered invalid as the Earth and all her Living beings aligned with the Reality of Re-Birth and the New Earth. Then, in August of 2011, at the time of the Lion's Gate, you took another Great Step forward as you connected with the Sixth Dimension and the Flows of Abundance and Manifestation that will unlock the New Earth. Those of you who were ready anchored these energies into the "Rose Lines" of the Crystalline grids, those energetic meridians that carry the Cosmic Christ Consciousness from the Divine Heart into the Heart Grid of the Planet.

    Now, at the 11/11/11, those of you who are entering into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness as Wayshowers, will anchor the Seventh Dimension, the Consciousness of the Ascended Masters of Light. You will become not only Masters of the Earth Plane reality, but you will integrate also the Spiritual Mastery and Wisdom that will prepare you for your New Roles as Stewards and Guardians of the New Earth and Keepers of the New Earth reality. This connection will mean the "end" of "religion" as an organized means of control, and the recognition finally of Individual Spiritual Connection with the Divine Heart. At the Seventh Dimension of Light, there is a Clear Understanding of the Divine Light in all things and the Joy of celebrating the Divine Light and Heart in Ceremonies of Sacred Communion and Love.

    You will also become the Guides and Teachers for those who are just beginning their Journey of Awakening and leaving the third-dimensional matrix for the Higher Awareness of Fifth-dimensional Planetary Mastery. Just as you have worked to master the Skills of this New reality, so you will be called to show others how to become Masters and to Remember Who They Are and to Walk in Empowerment and Love.

    The Codes of Renewal

    Beloved Ones, as you approach the 11/11/11 you are already beginning to receive the Codes of Renewal. These are Light Codes that will activate and energize the processes of Renewal on the Earth. The "Codes of Renewal" are Cosmic Light Information "packages" or downloads that carry the instructions from the Divine Heart for the Renewal of All Creation at this New Cycle of Cosmic Birthing. The "End" is Over....it is truly the Time of Birthing and Beginning.

    The "Codes of Renewal" are activating your Light Body and your DNA, both to align with the Original Blueprint for Divine Multi-Dimensional Human Life Forms, and to receive New Information for developing the Human Form is new ways. This means that there will be strong "electrical" energies that will be sending electrical "charges" through the Light Body and into the Physical Body, where the physical DNA will also receive the information of Renewal and Regeneration.

    The Effect of this New Energy will be to accelerate the Frequency of the Light Body and the Physical Body, making for a Higher and Finer experience of Reality in those who are ready to embrace the new frequencies and embody them as masters of the New Reality on the New Earth.

    In broader terms, the Codes of Renewal will affect every aspect of Life on Earth as the New Fifth Dimensional matrix takes shape and begins to manifest new ways of being that will express the Human Divine capacity for Love, Peace and Abundance. Every aspect of Life will be reconsidered and restructured to align with the New Reality. This process will accelerate as the Codes of renewal are anchored and grounded into the New Earth Grids.

    Beloved family of Light, it will be your privilege to receive and anchor this energy so that All on Earth may benefit from the Abundance and Blessings that are pouring down to the Earth since the anchoring of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness. It is time for All to benefit, and so, the old economic system that created poverty and ecological destruction is crumbling, and will be replaced by a new way of life that will arise, based on sustainable and ethical principles that will guarantee the very basic Human Rights of food, shelter, clothing and education for everyone, as well as the opportunity to develop and grow according to the Soul Plan of each being.

    These changes will evolve out of the anxiety and chaos that you now see around you. Those of you who came to the Earth with Soul Plans that call for New Communities and New Social and Economic systems, will be called now to begin to offer your gifts abd align with your Higher Purpose. The "Codes of Renewal" will activate and accelerate those whose work is to be part of the Renewal and Birth of the New Earth Reality.

    Beloved Ones, as the "Codes of Renewal" are streaming inward to the Earth from the Divine Cosmic Heart, it is a good time to consider how you may align yourself more fully with your Soul Purpose and the new incoming energies.

    The Rainbow Bridge and the Role of the Indigo/Crystals between 11/11/11 and 12/12/12

    There is a Soul Group or Soul Family whose specific Soul Purpose is now undergoing a major Shift. This is the Indigo-Crystal Soul Family. Initially their work was to provide the impetus for the Great Awakening and Transformation of the Planet, by challenging systems and empowering themselves by Remembering their Divine Heritage as Human Angels and activating the DNA Light Codes necessary for the Awakening and Transformation.

    Now, however, many of this group are moving forward into new roles that will enable the establishment of the New Earth. The Indigo-Crystal Soul Family are the "Rainbow Bridge" into the New Reality. It is the younger people, primarily those under 40, who will provide the creative energy to propel new ideas to the forefront in technology, economics and social interaction. These new ideas will be the "seeds" that will germinate and take form as a new way of life.

    Once this "Rainbow Bridge" of new ideas and concepts has been established, you will "cross over" to a new Multi-dimensional way of life that honors the earth and all who live on her, and war and poverty will become things of the past.

    There are many Indigo-Crystal beings, both the young and those who have awakened and made the shift, who are now ready to embrace a New Soul Purpose for the New Earth.

    This New Soul Purpose will align fully with the New Earth and by the 12/12/12 Homecoming Celebration in 2012, this Group of Soul Leaders will have seeded the new structures and communities that will take the Earth across the Rainbow bridge and into the Final Triple Stargate of Time gate. This will be the period from 12/12/12 to 21/12/12, a period of 9 days in which the final integrations and alignments with the Cosmic Heart will be achieved, and the earth will be "re-set" for her next Grand Cycle of Evolution into Peace, Harmony and Love.

    So, many of you will discover in the next year that your Soul Purpose has changed and been realigned quite radically, as you begin a "new incarnation" in the same physical body. This will mean great changes in the lives of many as you prepare for what we will call the "Final Shift" in this process in 2012. By now, Beloved New Earth Family, you are accustomed to the Flow of Change and you know how to accept and surrender to the destiny of your Soul with Grace and Joy. You can be sure that you are moving to a place of Joy and Happiness within the New Earth Reality.

    The Indigo-Rose Stargate 11/11/11

    Beloved New Earth Family, in November of 2009, at the first 11/11/11 event, we guided you into the opening of the Cosmic Rose Stargate and the opening of your own Personal "Ascension Stargates". This was the activation of the Crown Chakra, with the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Centers, allowing you to begin to experience the full connection of Multidimensionality. Then at the Solstice of 2010 we activated the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, allowing you to fully ground and integrate these new energies. Each one of you that has allowed this Transformation now has the "connection" chakras to allow the blossoming into Multi-dimensional and Cosmic Reality.

    At this second 11/11/11 Stargate, the Earth herself aligns and connects with her Cosmic Destiny. Just as you became the Golden Chalice of Light at the first 11/11/11 Stargate, now the Earth becomes a Chalice of Light and is filled with the Cosmic Christ Energy!

    Beloveds, this means that the Ascended Earth has become Sacred and filled with the Christ Light and Divine Unconditional love. It means that those who seek to exploit the Earth and her People will no longer succeed. The Divine Plan will no longer allow this kind of behaviour or support these kinds of actions. Only those who use Free Will to choose Love, Peace and Harmony will flourish in the New Reality. It is indeed Time for the Peace Makers to inherit the Earth!

    We Celebrate with you at the 11/11/11!


    For those of you who would like to share with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael at the 11/11/11, we will be in New York City. There will be a free meditation in Central Park, and on the 12th and 13th we will anchor the Light Codes for the Fifth and Sixth dimensions in New York.

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  • Wow this is Amazing,as i read it i had an uncontrolable desire to weep.Thank-You for posting this 😉

    I was wondering can you tell me what a star child is? And do you know of something that i could read that tells all about star children?

    Just out of the blue when an older indian woman on facebook seen a resent up close picture of me see said ;aw honey,what a beautiful Star Child You Are....

    Just wondering what this means?

    And thinking about it,why do so called exsperts think that the world is gonna end soon when this that i just read feels so much closer to the truth and looks to be a way better out come then what they have predicted?

    Love & Light

    Colleen 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • You know they have been saying since the beginning of time that time will end. From what I understand, it is the ending of an era of the powers that be who lead by Fear, separation and Ego driven base needs and New Era of the return of the Divine Feminine side of God. You and your higher self will merge into one and live as an expression of your God self which is based on unconditional love. Gaia (Mother Earth) has birthed a new version of herself which is supposed to be I think a 4th dimension, they say we are living on third dimension here.


    You can goggle the term "Star Child" Star children, Indigo Children. They I believe were/are from another dimension Galaxy and incarnated here to plant seeds of the time to come, which is here now and for the future generations and to help others in there transitions. P.S.

    look at spirit library for a wealth of information, goggle it. It starts with the questions, all your answers are inside of your heart.

    "Blessed Be."

  • those are awesome pixes Poetic!!!! Thank you for posting them & the article on 11/11/11 many blessing to you

  • Blessings to all, I'm so, so excited, feels like xmas is coming! 🙂

  • bump

  • Blessings! ❤

  • "the old economic system that created poverty and ecological destruction is crumbling, and will be replaced by a new way of life that will arise, based on sustainable and ethical principles that will guarantee the very basic Human Rights of food, shelter, clothing and education for everyone, as well as the opportunity to develop and grow according to the Soul Plan of each being."

    It sounds like we will see heaven on earth in our lifetime - wouldn't that be incredible!

    As one astrologer put it, 11/11/11 is a chance to re-boot our lives.

  • Hey, remember the virtual Valentine's Day party we had a while back? How about we throw an 11/11/11 bash - the biggest one yet? Everyone is invited!!!!

  • sounds like a good idea to me . count me in!!!

  • I just joined a Reiki Class last-night for the first time and they happen to be opening their new,bigger center on 11/11/11,they said that it is going to be an amazing night with a One Breath Ceramony .

    During my Reiki session last-night i got 2 very strong and clear 'Snap Shots",after the session had ended i asked one of the Master Teachers about it and she told me that i was ment to recive that message,what is puzzling is that the snap shots was one of the President giving a speech and the other of a nother gentaman that i do not know who he is but knew that he was of Great Importance.This might mean that the Pres.that we have now will be replaced after all,but i do remember sencing and knowing that this some how was not a good message,meaning that bad will come of this. I have always been very good at sencing danger.I plan on keeping tabs on this and through my Guided Meditation hope to learn more.

    I just thought that it would be good to share this 😉

    Captain your party sounds Great and will try to pop in that afternoon,I loved your last one 😉

    And thank-you for some Wonderful advice,you really reopened my eyes,I have been given a Beautiful Gift and to keep it locked away would be ashame and i'm only hurting myself...

    Love & Light,

    Colleen 😉

  • 😉

  • I"m game, what time? I'm Eastern, will be with you in Spirit, lot's of ceremonies going on all over the world, they say people whose professions are geared to the new thinking will be very successful, renewable energy and stuff like that, green living.

    Here are some Sacred Sites around the world that will be holding ceromonies:

    Lake Titicaca Stargate

    Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca

    Amaru Meru Doorway, Lake Titicaca

    Machu Picchu, Peru

    The Peruvian Amazon

    Sedona, Arizona Vortex

    Arkansas Vortex

  • More,

  • Oracle:

    Blessings Dear Sun Family,

    The culminating moment is almost here and we now begin the 11-day countdown to the 11:11:11 first wave ascension spiral!

    The excitement is sure building and we are so grateful and blessed with not even the words to adequately express the inner feelings. We sincerely thank you for all of the appreciation mail and donations being made towards our focus of light activity. Our hands are on our hearts in deep gratefulness for your continuing support to the Foundation. Without you, our reunited family, none of this would even be possible.

    The following information addresses the many questions coming into the Foundation and shares our highest vision from intuitive impression and direct personal experiences.

    Oracle Visioning for Children of the Sun

    The triple date portal of 11-11-11 is a cosmic trigger that launches all life into a simultaneous raising of vibrational frequency. This carries the potential to catalyze major impacts within the planetary grids, causing a very swift polarity reversal within our consciousness. This keystone activation triggers a powerful sequence of portal openings across the globe.

    It is not possible to understand exactly how this will outplay because we, ourselves, are creating this event in every now moment of positive and most dynamic intention.

    The Stargate is Inside Us

    The inner "Stargate" is already activating within each of us, as a whole new holographic reality. It is simply waiting to be acknowledged in order to anchor the created matrix of light into the core of our being as our new strands of DNA are fired through each burst of the greater collective awakening. The First Wave ascensions will catapult our entire Group Body.

    When we speak of portals or stargates, we speak of these in context of a transition, from one dimensional perception to the next. This is occurring, first and foremost, within the inner realms of our consciousness. This is an inner event and one that connects the lifestream to the Soul, and more importantly, to the Group Soul. This is the key that unlocks the Seal to Divine Remembrance.

    It is not necessary to be in any specific place physically upon the Earth to receive or experience this "passage" through the time portals. Each person will have their own unique experience depending on where they are in their current understandings and level of purity. Every single person will be affected, especially those who are in group formation. This is a tremendous raising through the group merkabic field.

    An Internal Pole Shift

    We feel that this energy internalizes an energetic pole shift with real potential for the nervous system to be recalibrated to the 5th dimensional frequency of the New Earth harmonic which then enables us to perceive beyond our electromagnetic forms. This eventually integrates a multidimensional consciousness that can traverse both time-space and space-time.

    The spin points upholding the energy matrix of free will is dissolved in our entire energetic system, shifting our polarity to the Love and Light of Divine Will, permanently.

    The Planetary Sacred Sites are Highly Activated

    All sacred power sites upon the Earth are greatly activated due to the extreme frequencies of light as a result of this alignment and also as a result of the tremendous numbers of human souls coming together in consciousness on this day. To be physically present at sacred sites and places upon the Earth that hold high levels of crystal energy will greatly amplify our direct experiences.

    Sacred sites are inter-dimensional spaces where we may easily access the expanded dimensions. If we cannot be there, physically, we can travel to these sacred sites in soul consciousness. Either way, we can magnetize the releasing codes of light from these places simply through our intention and focused attention.

    Stargate Titicaca

    The Lake Titicaca Stargate is an etheric portal gifting access directly to Venus, as one of its inter-dimensional space-time coordinates.

    For a brief period of time, this portal frequency will completely open to assist in the first wave ascensions; assisted by the magnetic pull from the orbit of Venus. This portal is similar to passing through a birth canal as it is literally filled with key codes to fire the DNA encodement and anchor the remaining axiotonal spin points of our expanded blueprint. This applies to first wave ascenders who have prepared the physical form and who have accepted their mission to make a dimensional consciousness shift at this time.

    Our entrance through the Titicaca Stargate is accessed through our consciousness merger with the Golden Sun Disc which we, ourselves, encoded during previous lifetimes in Lemuria, just before its cataclysmic demise. It functions like a crystal skull in that this discal solar helix (likened to a DNA strand) holds the records that we encoded within it prior to the sinking of our beloved Motherland. These records have to do with the remembrance of who we are and the lifting of the veils to enable our journey through the barriers of time.

    As the first wave ascensions take place during the 11-11-11, this encoded information will be unlocked and transmitted to our entire Group Soul due to the coherence of our merkabic field of energy. This produces subsequent firing of our collective Soul DNA while synchronistically eradicating the duality timeline.

    Our passage through this stargate of consciousness, in tandem as one Group Body, sets up a grand chain reaction throughout the planet to trigger greater activation of all 12 Golden Solar Discs and the Solar Grid's adherence to the Crystalline Grid, allowing amplified levels of Divine Love to flood to the planet.

    All of this is fired through Group Love.

    We are remaining on the Planet

    We are all here on Earth with a different mission. Speaking on behalf of Children of the Sun Foundation and its mission as an emerging Group Avatar, we are NOT leaving the planet on 11-11-11, although many of us may need some serious down time to integrate these new frequencies into our physical form.

    Regarding our Group Soul, we intuitively feel:

    1. A small group of light servers ("first wave") will ascend their frequencies and actually remain in the new dimensional space time coordinates recalibrating completely to the 5th dimension. This ascending process of transfiguration is actually happening now within the conscious form.

    2. Another group of light servers will ascend momentarily in the 11:11:11 wave in which to receive an immense activation from the dramatic acceleration of frequencies. Continued integration will enable the consciousness to traverse multiple realities while continuing to serve humanity from the bridge 'between' dimensional realities.

    3. The majority of light servers will experience a greatly expanded state of dimension briefly and then continue purifying/preparing the body and consciousness for final transition during 2012 and the 2012 ascension window of opportunity.

    11-11-11 Sequence of Events

    The portal energies are arriving now and the greatest window of opportunity for dimensional passage is November 8-14. As Divine Orchestration would have it, we have a full moon on November 10, one day prior to 11-11-11, giving us an additional opportunity to Fire the Grid as a Group Transmission Team.

    It is most challenging to specify certain dates and times because all that is occurring is not in any way related to time-space. The outer events, activations, transmissions and such are but 'ceremonies' that acknowledge what is happening and help us to cognize the shift through the form... giving us more direct and tangible experiences.

  • The above Oracle is from Children of the sun Foundation!

  • OH! I think 11:11 Am and 11:11 PM whatever time zone would be cool!

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