Analyze this 5 card spread

  • ??? What should I do about my job situation???

    1. QUEEN of WANDS - Reversed


    3. DEATH - Reversed

    4. KING of WANDS

    5. WHEEL of FORTUNE - Reversed

    Any help with the combined meaning is greatly sppreciated.

  • Good evening Lightinmind

    I am not that good with the cards but I just want to put my two sense in this.

    I am getting the feeling maybe you have lost faith in yourself. You are worrying more about what other people think about you. Don't worry about what they think. You have the ability and the power to do whatever it is that you want to do. With the Magician you can reach your goals, use the tools and skills you have, and any thing else that is available to you. Start using the creative side of you. That is what the Magician is telling you. Now most people freak when they see the Death card but too me it is not a bad card. Because really the death card means ending something and the beginning of something new and good. Now that it is reversed it is not bad it just means that maybe you have been resisting something, done fight it, if there is something that you need to end then put it too rest and start new. So let go don't let the past hold you back from something that could be very good for you, it is ok to be afraid you will be ok. Because you have the King of Wands and he is telling you that you have the power to do whatever it is that you want to do. Now the wheel of fortune it is reversed it is saying the same thing you that maybe you have resistancing change don't be afraid but be cautious, take your time and you will be ok.

    Like I said I am not as good as Watergirl18, AstraAngel or Shuabby or them. But I just felt like I should answer your question. I hope one of them will go over this for you and give you the right answer. Too your question.


  • thank you for your input

  • Hi, this would be easier if you said what each number/position represented but i'll have a go.

    Death and the wheel of fortune for me usually speak of change, endings that i have little control over and that have a finality to them. The wheel of fortune also comes up for me when i move house, (luck may come into play in finding somewhere new). The magician being there tells me that your long term goals will absolutely be fulfilled. Keep focusing on the essence of what you want, act to achieve this and you will absolutely get it, the conditions, pay, surroundings, all of this. The fact that you're wondering what to do about your job situation leaves me thinking that you're holding back from being the magician, taking the initiative and acting in your own interest,doing whatever it takes to get what you aim for. The reversed q of wands suggests something similar. What is it you are holding back from doing? What is stopping you saying and doing what you need to get where you want to go? Why are you trying to resist change? The best thing to do with death/change if you can is accept it. The reversal of the cards suggests fear to me. The wands makes me think of passion, there's a lot of emotion in the challenge your facing. Does this make you uneasy? Do you doubt your own strength or wisdom? The king of wands could be a supporting warm man who you can trust. Maybe this is who can help you to make your decision.

    So many majors in a small reading make me think that your work situation is changing significantly whether you're ready or not. If you decide what you want and take the initiative though you will get just what you want. But change is happening. Be courageous, it's all for the best. This is an opportunity for you.

    I hope this helps.

  • The presence of 3 or more Major Arcana indicate your future is in the hands of others. These are major issues that involve meditation. You change any aspect of your life by willing it to happen. Visualize yourself in the position you want--Magician's influence--and it tells you have the ability to alter your life. Wheel of Fortune indicates that the wheel (like the game show) can bring changes of circumstances, often bringing a silver lining to clouds that seem dark. King of Wands shows a man who will assist you. Hope this helps. The Death card reversed shows a change of circumstances that may be difficult to adapt. It is actually better in the reversed position.

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