Blmoon-My Personal Apology.....

  • Hi Blmoon, I did a look back on my actions and all of my readings from awhile back and realized, I was wrong for being so defensive. An ephiphany arose in me through most of the things you said, I was just taken aback by it at first and slightly embarrased. After it was all said and done, It gave me alot of thought and not too mention a huge energy rush (for the better). I nevertheless still admire and respect you and have been taking alot of the things you said too heart (hope you don't hate me 🙂

    P.S: I had a huge energy rush and wrote 12 pages of my screenplay all last night and itching to write more (I really feel like its some of my best-youre right when youre angry some of the best work comes about). And even started a thread counting my blessings everyday (Ive dedicated myself to that when I realized focusing on the negative, impacts my future in a negative way so Im just going to continue to focus on the positives of my situation at all costs and not too mention discipline myself-TO THE FULLEST EXTENT)

    I feel like a hard worker still but know now that all you were saying was too be disciplined to the fullest-SLEEP, BREATHE, EAT my passion. My passion was, is and always will be writing, its the one of the few passions besides art I LIVED AND BREATHED. I was just overwhelmed (especially at the time we last spoke) because I get little chances to do it, with soooo much going on but now instead of focusing on that I UTILIZE those little times to do it with HAPPINESS and great pride that Im chasing a dream, especially after what you just said. It really made me realize to count my blessings for the time I do have because after all, all we have is time.

    Thank you Blmoon and have a blessed one. I really appreciate everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING you've done for me.

    Love, light and blessings, Asia118x :))))

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