My gemini friend is ignoring me

  • I met this guy when I was out of the country he is a gemini and I am a capricorn we clicked well together,we got each others phone numbers. When I left he texted me all the time and called, he made me feel as though he wanted to be in a relationship and be married, because that is what he said. . It seemed to me as soon as I started to feel a little more closer by calling him, letting him know how i felt he started to back off just a little he wanted me to come see him and I wanted to go as well, so I bought my ticket to go in december. he started changing not calling me as much or texting but he didn't do it until I told him that I had bought a ticket to come see him.. just recently he has been ignoring my texts, phone calls and voice messages. I have not texted him since october 2. I am afraid that he will not call me before I leave, or while I am there. I am determined that I will not call him or text him.. if he does not call me before or while I am there then I think that will give me my answer that I was thinking, but not hoping for. please if there are any gemini's out there is this the way you treat a friend?

  • Sexycappy, sorry to sound blunt but any chance of a ticket refund? I for one certainly wouldn't see through this visit when he's acting like an a** and ignoring you. He should at least have the decency to advise if he's had a change of heart.

    Hope it works out for you

  • SexyCappy, it's going to be a roller coaster with a Gemini. This is their trait this is what they do

    I don't know if their aware of this or not.. Remeber they have 2 personalities. My advice is enjoy your time while your with him because there will be high and lows.

  • This post is deleted!

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