Patience vs. Waiting

  • These are not my words....very poignant words I read this week and thought I would share as it applies to so many of the requests posted here...

    "Being patient isn't the same as waiting for something. Waiting always creates a sense of suffering. As soon as you stop waiting, you are free. Patience is the art of enjoying each and every moment while allowing spirit to reveal your divine path to you step by step. Have faith!"

  • Hmmm seems very true to me. Awfully inspiring I must say-I really take this to heart, helps shape a new perspective 🙂

    Thank you Watergirl for this amazing post!

  • I can see that. Waiting for something seems to have a void or an emptiness to it while patience seems to be a complete act or maybe activity. I never would have thought of it but I can sure see it. Thank you for finding it

  • wow - i so understand this. Patience is not his same as waiting. Waiting is a pain. Waiting is a waster of time. Waiting is agony. Because you are focused on waiting and it is not active. Patience is active. You can turn our energy to other endeavors while having patience. You can make the time used while haing patience, a productive time. while waiting is just like losing you life minute by minute.

  • the waiting is the hardest part...well, so tom petty seemed to say. and he was right. how are you, watergirl?

  • Thanks for posting that Watergirl. Perfect timing 😉 for me to read. Need to be reminded sometimes. xx

  • Hi Mel - how ya doin' sweetie pie?

    Stonyeye - anytime! Yes, we women seem to confuse patience with waiting....usually when it comes to men! Always a good reminder 🙂

  • I am so glad this was brought forward again. It is such a strong reminder there is more than "waiting" for the future to live. Patience seems to be taking care of yourself while giving others the opportunity to take care of themselves.

    I guess this really speaks to me as I went back to read it again

  • i'm great. left where i was living back in may. moved in with my quirky aquarius bff. we got us a cute lil house 2 blocks from the beach (all i ever wanted...) in the town i lived in before. i'm closer to home so i get to go see my family more often, i have a job i don't hate, and a friend/roommate i can keep it real with. still doing the school thing and trying to have more of a social life. i've made some new, awesome friends (lol since you told me to get rid of the other ones...i did. i deleted them off my facebook and everything. i have NO ties to mr. aquarius and that is the only mention of him there will be...still dealing with all those feelings-it's rough being a sentimental cancer sometimes-but i'm done and enjoying being single and starting over). this starting over deal was rough at first, but i'm very happy and thankful for the good things...and people...that i am surrounding myself with.

    how are YOU miss watergirl? hope this finds you in good spirits. and thanks again for being my outlet and for all the advice/readings you've given me. i hadn't been on the site in months and just had to come pop in to let you know how life is 🙂 and of course have the captain read my

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