Need HELP-Blmoon,Dialiote and Shuabby

  • Hi- My nephew just died yesterday, he was only 16( DOB is 11-17-1994). He died from a gunshot to the head and he was alone. We are all devastated from this unexpected tragedy. Was this an accident?The police believe it was accidental, they think he was cleaning his gun and it went off. I am concerned with this because if it was intentional I don't want to think he will be stuck here as an earthbound soul. We are praying for him and doing the best we can to get through this. This is so difficult. Any information or reasoning behind this senseless death would be greatly appreciated. Thank you~ many Blessings

  • songofsharon,

    I feel this may have been an accident, did he always handle guns and why did he have a gun ? Was he in a gang? He will not be an earthbound soul, I am getting he will go over after his funeral. I know this is a very hard emotional time for the family . We can be at our own funeral and most of us stay for that and to be around the griveing family members. He will be felt either in dreams at this time or as a presense in the room or in his room something could be moved around a desk is what I feel. He will not remain earthbound, so please do not worry yourself in that way. Now would be the time to talk to him and express your love for him to take with him to the other side. Ask him to reveil to you the answers to your questions and Iam sure he will in his own way.

    My Condolence


  • Thank you Shuabby

    Your insight is greatly appreciated at this time. It was a hunting rifle that he was holding and was accidently shot off while he was sitting in a chair that was unstable. Needless to say, he shot himself in the head with it. For the family, we had to know how and why this could of happened, if it was intentional or not. We felt it was a freak accident, the police do too, but it does seem strange. We all miss and love him so much, this was so sudden and unexpected. I think he knew something was going to happen, but didn't say anything. He started going to church, saying grace and was inquiring when I did a fairy card reading on him if he was going to die. He looked anxious and upset when he asked me that question. I was surprised he even thought of that. He was special, he was there for everybody.

    The only comfort I have is that he will pass over to the other side. Thank you for telling me that. I have been telling my sister and her family to keep talking to him, I know he is still here. Strangely enough, a shop vac was mysteriously turned on today and no one was near that building (tool shed). His father was very confused and upset about that and called to tell me. He doesn't believe in all of this stuff ,but I think he does now. His son is not dead, he is alive but in another form of energy that we can't see or hear and I'm glad he knows that. I will tell my family what you have said. I can not thank you enough~ Many Blessings to You~Song of Sharon

  • I am feeling this was accidental. I am getting...should have taken my time. When I first read your post, there was a lot of activity, done in haste. I also feel great peace. Yesterday was the 23. 2 and 3 equals 5 which is a number of change. I'll try a reading to see what the energy is. I'll post it a later. I do not feel this was intentional and is trying to communicate. My sister passed unexpectedly last Feb. She communicated by turning my printer on and off. There were also murmurings in my house the day she died. The murmurings usually indicate something is going to happen. Couple of days after funeral I was hanging pictures of her. The printer turned on and off again. After this, nothing unusual happened. It was her way of saying I'm here and it was unexpected. She was saying good-bye in effect. She did not remain earthbound and am feeling your nephew won't either. During this time talk to him and tell him how much you love him--especially dad.

  • ps--Also, with the vacuum turning on, he's letting his dad know that he was cleaning his gun when it happened.

  • Daliolite and Shaubby

    Thank you so much! I feel so much at peace with my questions answered, you have no idea. It is definitely a healing for me and the family to know this. He has been moving a lot of things around and he just died Friday. I didn't know they are capable of all that, amazing. Love knows no bounds! Your sister, Daliolite communicated her love to you and you were lucky to know it. Not everybody acknowledges these odd happenings. Yes, he will be moving on. So sad, so young to leave us.

    ~Many Blessings~ Song of Sharon

  • I get the moving things around part. Do you know why there was moving.

  • Things have been moving since his death, his things. No one has touched or moved them-unexplained. Why he is moving and rearranging things? I guess he's letting everybody know he is still there. It takes energy to move these objects I didn't know he had that ability so soon after death. The mind is stronger than matter, it seems.

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