Help with Titania Hardie's fortune cards

  • Hello,

    I love using Titania Hardie's fortune cards and find them extremely accurate, however I have never managed to do the full spread reading as I am always unsure of the correct way to read the cards both above and bleow the arms of the cross. The instructions say to read diagonally, top left to top right and top right to top left, but what of the cards inbetween? Does she mean middle top left with middle bottom right and so forth?

    As these cards are so significant as to the cards they are next to, i cannot rely on gues work, so just do the 9 and seven cards reading which is a shame.

    Can anybody help? What would really help is if somebody could tell me nunerically, i.e card 18 with card 28 or whatever...

    Thankyou 🙂

  • All Tarot-type cards are read upright (individually) and in a reversed position. Your instructions are for you to "read" the spread, not each card. Please be aware that not all Tarot decks are 100% accurate. All 5's in the upright position spell problems but in the reversed position, they are much more positive. If you need further help, please ask.

  • Also, look up the numerological meaning for an 18 which adds up to the number 9. Each number has its place and adds to the richness of any reading.

  • Thankyou for trying to help, but the Titania Oracle cards are read using all the cards in the pack in the whole spread and i just dont understand how to read the cards above and below the arms of the cross shape they make. I wish titania had an email or webpage!

  • the problem specifically is which cards to read together, they are layed out by number, so i need to know which card to read with the 18th card I laid down etc, as I cannot seem to work out the diagonal way of reading with accuracy.

    Anybody who has Titania's Cards, please let me know 🙂

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