Free Fortunes by Andrea Lightgiver Update

  • To All Who Have Requested Readings (or wish a reading):

    I am sorry I have not been able to get to all of you.

    This format is just not good for what I am trying to do here.

    Some people want private readings and I understand.

    But...I do not want to get into the email thing.

    I think it would be easier if we can be online at the same time so we can talk .

    Please go to AT&T Worldnet Community Port.

    All you have do to is register and there is no fee.

    Look for a chat room named Andrea Lightgiver.

    That will mean I am online at this time.

    It offers private chat.

    I will try to be online at six pm. till whenever I get burnt

    Sometimes I will be on during day but can't really say. Days on weekends more than likely.

    Hope this helps you. I will still check this site when and if I have down time.

    Peace and Love to All...Andrea

  • Andrea are you pacific time?

  • Central time daylight savings time in Ind.

  • Thank you for your hard work

  • Also need to tell everyone ...

    when you go into ATT Community Port you must enter lobby or some other room on the rooms list then look for me. I will not appear on the first list of rooms.

  • Purita,

    You are sweet...You were my first reading on here. I am very happy it turned out so well. Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement to continue.

    Love and Peace...


  • Well Andrea I tried again to get on att when I got off of work and tried following your directions. Still no cigar. I see they have several different pages but each one is a little different and when I found one that showed Lobby I still didn't have any luck. I was too tired to keep doing it so I gave up. I am on central time also. But I don't get off most night till 10. I will see if I can find a way in before I have to leave today. But I am sure I am not the only one struggling to find you there.

  • Librastar,

    I'll meet you in the lobby at 10:30 tonight, ok?

  • hi my name is jacqueline,im trying to be strong for my familys sake,my mum and dad was close to my brother and which they still love so dearly,he married a woman whom is a bit selfish,i have a son and i am married,i have a younger sister to who also has a son,my brother has moved away with no details to find him and we dont know why,he has cut us all out of his life it makes me so sad as the boys has done nothing wrong,also i lost a very good soul mate she was 34 yr old,will i suceed working for myself thats another qeustion i ask myself,

    i hope you can answer what i need to know,i hope you can as im so confused specialy with my brother tony whom i was so close to growing up,

    regards jackie

    please reply back as i need some guidess.

  • Hello Andrea I am not sure if you still come back to this thread but I finally figured out how to get on At&T. I believe you said once you get on the Lobby then you click on Rooms and if your on your name will show? Ok I didn't get back on this one the night you said you would be on AT&T at 10:30 so I didn't find it till the next morning. I worked today but got off at 4:30 and my schedule changes all the time. I am usually so tired when I get off I don't even care about getting online. I will be on this evening but not too late cause I was up at 6 to get ready for work. Tomorrow I work from 3:30 to 10 tomorrow again. Also the name I use over there isn't this one. I use Bluegirl48 there. Let me know if you have set a normal or a designated time every evening or even day time. Thanks I am enjoying this.

  • andrea lightgiver what your doing is very sweet and you dont have to do it when i ran across your blog i just wanted to tell you want i thought god bless you

  • Morning Andrea I hope you haven't overwhelmed your self by offering to do readings for everyone. It is very draining if you don't shield yourself. I went to At&t last night when I got home from work and took care of things before I could sit down and look for you. It was about 10:35 or so then. I didn't see your name on one of the rooms so I left. I don't work tomorrow if you would like to set up time to be online there. And my name here is Libras Lair. Over there its Bluegirl48. Thank you for showing us you gift it is very generous of you to give so much. Try not to drain yourself too much. Thank you again.

  • Sorry to all who have been trying to connect with me.

    This experiment I am doing with readings had proved to be more of a problem than I expected.

    I am actually having dreams about strangers. I imagine they are about some of you. I am trying to work on ways to be able to give readings without the encroachment into my head from all of you. I think I must just need to take a few days off once in a while to regain control over my psyche. If I can't take control then I will just have to quit doing it.

    One thing I have realized is that the reason I have been given this gift was not to change fortunes because I found out that even tho I had been warned of the problems my daughter faced on her vacation. I could not change them. And the same goes for you all. The cards may warn you of problems you will face but you might decide to do something different. Maybe free will plays a more important role and fate too.

    I truly believe in Karma and prayer most of all.

    I believe I am told the future in cards and dreams not so much for me to change it but to remind me that the spirit world is real. And that prophesies are real. So all I can say is I will try to use my gift to read for you all. But I really want you to know that there is a spiritual life and God. All that is real. When we die we do go on to another life, a spiritual life. I know because I have been there. So don't be afraid. Pray often. Believe in yourself.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

  • Andrea the gifts and abilities that we have are to give others a heads up warning. Then its up to the individual to decide what to do. If you see someone that seems to be headed for trouble then they can decide not to go, go later or go a different way. That's all you can do. Its what most of us can do just to give a warning. Its simple. So many try to make more of the message or turn it the way they want it. Your only the tool with which the otherside uses for communication. You have done well but you also need to tell the otherside when its time to turn off and when its time to turn on. Like a radio so to speak. Your doing fine and don't worry just make sure you do get drained.

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