Please Help,I just found out that i have cancer,I really need a Reading :-(

  • Hi. I just turned 41 last week and i've been told that i have Ovarian Cancer,not sure yet what stage but on they said that my ovary looks really bad on the ultrasound. I need surgery to remove my ovary they said maybe both they do not know til they open me up and then they will know if they have to take both,how bad it is and if it has spread to other places. I needed this sugery ASAP but i have no medical inc. and have to wait up to at the most another 4 months befor i will know if i'am going to get medicaid.And where i live there is no other state funding or help for me to have this surgery.I pray and have a very strong faith in God and i fave a handful of facebook friends that are gifted and have been doing healings for me,i'm just going crazy wondering how long am i going to have to wait for this surgery? I'm so afraid that i'm going to fall in the cracks of the system and the surgery will not come in time 😞

  • Dear Girasolluna, here are the cards that I've drawn for you :

    situation - Emperor reversed - the establishment is not in your favour, but you know it already.

    The cause of illness - nine of swords reversed - deep despair and despondency.

    How can you help yourself - Hermit in the upright position - introspection, releasing stress, assessing your true needs and doing lots of soul searching

    Outcome - knight of Wands in the upright position - changing residence, travel. Anyway, it's an active, positive card.

    Can you go somewhere where you can get this operation done earlier ?

    I'll be praying for you and sending healing energy. Meanwhile you have to start visualising yourself healing, and release (or at least express) all the anger and stress that is suppressed within you, possibly connected to sexual or maternal issues. I HIGHLY recommend you to get Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life". She actually had ovarian cancer, and has healed herself. Love and hugs to you !

  • I am seeing a lot of little hard specks inside you like toxic grains of grit or dirt. I feel like your system needs a lot of flushing out with water and fruit juices, especially apple. And also emotionally you need to 'flush out' the accumulated bad feelings inside you. You need to be very health-conscious now, eating and drinking only good things, and relaxing and letting go.

    Healer Louise Hay says that the ovaries represent points of creation. Creativity. Her recommended affirmation to repeat over and over is "I am balanced in my creative flow."

    Cancer according to her is defined as deep hurt. Long-standing resentment. A deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. What's the use? Affirmation: "I lovingly forgive myself and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself."

    Are you exercising your creativity enough? Do you feel you have creative outlets in your life? Have there been any problems or limitations regarding having children? There seems to be much grief or guilt or hurt surrounding this subject of children or your creativity in general. resolving these issues will improve your health on all levels. Outer healing (from others) can only help if we do the inner healing too.

  • Girasolluna,

    I am not a psychic but I know psychics who do free healings... I feel like you cannot be sent too much healing energy. Can you please give me your first name and you dob so that I can ask them to send you healing energy as well?

    With Love,


  • Thank-You all so much for responding πŸ˜‰ VoplySoply; I just moved from Miss. (only there 4 months) back to Fla. where i have lived for 7 I did not see any doc. in Miss. but i knew that i was sick and that it was bad,i just senced it and i also senced that if i came back to Fla. then i could get help,but what i did not sence is that i would have to fight so hard to get it.You see i have been battling for 3 yrs. now for SSI and i'm supose to get my hearing with the judge within the next 4 months well i had no clue,was never told til now that me getting medicaid depends on weather or not i win my SSI case,even after telling them that i need this surgery now they said that it does not matter,i have to wait. I wish there was somewhere or a way that i could move somewhere else to have this done but that would be bad because then i would have to start all over again waiting.(I'm waiting on SSI because a few yrs; ago i got a wrist injury that i now have a 100% disability in).But lately i have been thinking that i want to move back up to n.y. to be close to my children,but i do not want to make this move until i know that my health is o.k.,my boyfriend wants to move us to Mexico but in my heart i really want and feel a need and a pull to go back to n.y. I will be looking for this book and i've just decided to take a free class on guided meditaion,i think that it will do me good πŸ˜‰

    The Captain; I normally do eat and drink pretty healthy but the past couple of months i have been drinking alot of coffee,soda and tea, I will be changing this πŸ˜‰ I do still eat healthy,alot of fruits,veggies,salad's,yogurt,tiny bit of red meat,a little chicken and no pork.

    I think that the Guided Meditaion class is gonna help me with some of the stress,i was talking to someone every week to help me deal with stress,anxsity but then i was bumped to every 2 weeks,that bothered me because i felt that i needed to go every week but it is a state funded program so i really can do do anything to change that. Your right about the Children issues that i have, i have been away from them for way too long (not of my will) but now that all problems are over and i can freely see them again,wham i get sick!

    DesiringLove; Thank-You,yes i would like that. my name is colleen and my dob is 10/16/1970 πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Colleen,

    Is there anyway you can get your claim fast tracked due to urgent need for surgery!!! It should be fast tracked surely!!! (Im horrified reading this story). Im sorry I dont live in USA so dont know how things work, but feel you need to shout louder!!!

    Im trained in Angelic Reiki, and will send you some distance healing this week. Have noted your name and date of birth.

    Have your told your kids. Could any of them rally your fight to get medical care. Do you have a daughter?

    I live in Ireland, and though the hospital have their fair share of problems, if I got sick tommorrow, I am confident I would be seen too. I was sick a few years ago, and got great care, I wasnt even private. Reading your post makes me feel grateful. I just hope you get medical attention ASAP!!!! Dont take no for an answer

    Kind Regards


  • Hello Cazmayo, I have made an appt.with my Disability Lawyer this up coming Wendsday to talk to him about what is going on and to see if he has some answers,i do know that his office faxed all of the legal papers about my case to medicaid and they have sent the papers onto the step so fingers crossed and praying out loud that this week i might get some encouraging news from them. Yea here in Fla. if you do not have inc. and still have a pluse and you go to the ER,they give you pain med.'s take photo's of your insides and send you home with a 1 thousand dollar hospital bill,i have been sent home 4 times in the past year and a half and that was after once being carried through the ER doors and the other times almost crawling and still got sent home and also one of those times i had a cyst the size of a Grapefruit on my Ovary and this last time i had one the size of a Tennis Ball. But i will keep fighting even if nothing changes because of me and my problem then maybe it will change afterwards and help someone else later on.

    Thank-You for the healings that you are going to send.

    Yes and no,i have told my 2 oldest daughters but we feel that it is best to wait to tell the others.

    I have 4 daughters and 1 son.

    WOW Ireland! you are a very long ways away. I bet that it is so Beautiful there πŸ˜‰

    Thank-You for being so kind,God Bless You

    colleen πŸ˜‰

  • Sending Love and Prayers for you be strong.

  • Thank-You So Much,the suport that i recive here means alot to me πŸ˜‰


    I was reading your story and I feel so bad for you. I really hope and pray that everything goes ok for you with your SSI. I am myself fighting for my SSI too. I go to court this coming Monday. But I will make sure too keep you in my prays.

    I am no healer or psychic but I do believe in a higher power. Just remember the angels are watching over you.

    GOd BLess Illona

  • Hi Girasolluna,

    I will pray for your health. As Captain rightly said, let all your karmic knots, bondages and ressentments dissolve and leave it to the higher power.

    Also, try to include foods rich in anti oxidants in your diet such as grapefruit, pomegranate, spinach, broccoli.

    You can also try indian breathing exercises known as Pranayam (not sure if i'm allowed to paste a link but look it up). It will help your body is antioxidants. Do it morning and evening.

    Above all, keep positive and let the light reach you.

  • Hi Girasoluna, Sending you good thoughts for a recovery. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Will pray for you. xx SE

  • Thank-You all again,it really does make me feel better knowing that i have so many people praying for me and giving me good advice,i will post an update after i talk to my Lawyer on Wed.

    God Bless You All πŸ˜‰

    Love & Light,

    Colleen πŸ˜‰

  • Up date; I'm So Very Sad and sick to my stomach with the news i recived today,for starters i got my Denial letter from Medicaid in the mail this morning and then talked to my Lawyer and he said that there is nothing that he can do to speed my SSI case up and that he knows that we are not going befor the judge until Jan. and then there is no say for sure if iam gonna win. I fear that help will not come in time and that i am going to die.Everything that i have done has ment nothing and i'm just more paper work,I'm so sad 😞

  • You can't have that kind of attitude, your fears create your life, replace fear with love and visualize a positive outcome. They say we have the power to heal our selves look into spiritual healings and cleansing and Believe that it's possible. Don't give it negative energy, I know it's easy to say but true. Try imagining a beautiful ray of Purple Light filling that hole cavity, healing rays from God. Try it. Will talk later. be strong! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Girasolluna,

    I am truly so sorry to hear this. One of my best friend is dealing with this illness at this very moment and is giving it her best fight that she can. She might not survive it either.

    There is little I can say to console you. All I can do is hope and pray for you that a miracle knocks at your door regarding getting some coverage and much needed help.

    It sound weird yet it's important for you to keep positive and calm. And take on any advice you get that can assist you in your quest and healing.

    Stay strong.


  • Hi Colleen,

    After reading your post, I was compelled to do a research on line for you. I’m not a psychic and can’t give you a reading but what I do best is research and relaying information to those who need it. After sifting through numerous sites, I found these sites that offers financial assistant to women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Each site has a form for financial assistant and an 800 number.

    Jacquie Liggett Angel Fund:*

    *(this foundation is specifically for women in Florida who have ovarian cancer and in need of financial help)

    Melanie Finley Foundation:

    Sisters in Survival foundation:

    Mary Anne Mazanec Foundation:

    Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation:

    Ovarian Cancer patient Charity Project:

    Ovarian Cancer Alliance:


    This is a video of a lady who is a survivor of ovarian cancer and its been 9 years since and after she got care at Cancer treatment of America. search&c=paid search:Google:Google - National Core Terms:Cancer+Treatments%3A+Ovarian:treatment+for+ovarian+cancer:Exact

    Here is the company that assist you on transportation: (i.e. if you need to fly to wherever for your treatment, they’ll fly you there at no cost to you.)

    I hope this information helps. After this research I’m now inclined to write a couple of letters and get some people together to get this healthcare and the lack of it changed so that those in need will get the treatment they need. A national healthcare coverage is sounding really good right now. I will keep you in my prayers Colleen. (((hugs))) - Mari

  • Life is all about how you look at it. Colleen. You take the fact you can't get medical aid as a bad thing. But all this means is that the universe is telling you that you (and your supporters) can help you to heal yourself - you don't need the doctors because the healing power resides in YOU.

  • Illness is just a message that you need to work on yourself and your issues, nothing more. If you don't give it any more importance than it actually has - as a warning sign - then it will have done its job and can leave you to get on with the process of dealing with your inner demons.

  • Colleen I got my Reiki Healer friend Rhona to send you some healing energy. She tells you to drink 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day. And also if you believe in mind exercises, to spend time each day envisioning yourself health.

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