Astraangel if you could please do a reading ?!

  • dear astraangel

    i am very confused currently ... i have tried my best to understand what i have been going through but it all seems to be so VAGUE that i feel it as OVERWHELMING . there is so much of information but all available in pieces and i am unable to connect these pieces. i don't know what is going on within and around myself and i am totally stuck and don't know where i am heading in life. i would really appreciate with all my heart if you could help me out . i am 2/11/1980 and utterly confused ..... what is in future ?!

    thank you so much for your help


  • dear astraangel

    if you could provide your insight that would be really kind . i am in great confusion in terms of my spirituality ... plz help if you have some time to spare //

    thank you so much


  • Hey ss

    Okay thanks for your request, I can sense your feeling of being a little adrift. No worries, this is symptomatic of ascension and growth, perfectly normal. I know how you feel, it can be unsettling however you are in good hands, the Universe will take care of you. Actually you are in a good place in life although I know it doesn't feel like that at the moment.

    Let's look at your chart first... 2/11/80.

    I can see one issue right off the bat and I'll bet this is the crux of what you are going through.

    Your North Node life path is close to opposite your Sun in Aquarius. This could be creating a sense of "yipes! I thought I was an Aquarius and very free and daring in my thinking and philosophy, however I feel like something is challenging that and I feel pulled in two directions at once!" That is your North Node in Leo, and to compound matters it is right on the cusp of Virgo!

    What this tells me is that your life path is actually trying to pull you away from your natural Aquarian transcendent style of approaching life (AIR), towards something much more fiery and earthy (Leo/Virgo). So I can see why you are feeling disoriented. Then... you also have Jupiter and Mars nearby in Virgo adding fuel to the fire! WHat this spells out to me is that your life is trying to pull you into something less like the airy freedom thinker (concepts and ideas) you are by birth, and more towards a more a more foundational Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging style of thinker. What I am getting is that you probably need to connect with other people in some new ways. And become a partner with someone, or a group. Perhaps even as a leader. Like you start a group that will help your community, school, civic organization. Fund raisers. Also playing the role of a inspirational speaker would be good. These are probably paths that don't come natural to you. As Aquarius I am thinking you are much more likely to be found at the library reading Kierkegaard than picking up people in a van to go down the park for a fund raiser to benefit Acme Elementary. However that is kind of in a nutshell what I am seeing. I'll bet were you to pick up your local free press type newspaper and scan the personals and volunteer activities that are available you would see something that strikes your fancy. You would also meet some new folks, make new friends, opposite sex too yay! Anyway, this jumped out immediately as part of the opportunity for you that will help.

    WIth Jupiter and Mars in Virgo you also have strong talents for organization and arranging things, I'll bet you would love stepping into situations where a group/team needed someone to help sorting data, mailing lists, anything involving information that has to be managed. This would play to your Aquarian strengths.

    Our North Node is an important aspect to consider on your chart, it represents where your life is trying to take you which can be a lot different than your birth sign. That is your case.

    Mercury in Pisces so you are pretty good at conversing with people on a more feeling and intuitive level. You are able to help people feel comfortable when you talk to them, you are a good relator, you can intuit about people pretty easily, and can connect.

    Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius, so your emotional nature is controlled and you tend to keep a lot of feelings to yourself, you are very poised and calm emotionally (although your present situation has that being challenged). A BIG part of that challenge is coming from SATURN which is at Square with your moon/emotions! Yipes! So that is creating some real turbulence at times emotionally and is also another big reason why you are feeling as you are right now. This manifests as occasional depths of despair, which come out of the blue. That is Saturn. The taskmaster.

    Your VENUS / love life is over in Aries which tells me that your love life is very important and you don't hesitate to reach out and "touch someone" when the urge strikes. This has worked well for you, Venus here helps to keep you emotionally stable with some key people in your life. My guess is that you have tried to relate to them some of your feelings though and they are like, "Hmm, I don't know what to tell you. Why don't we go see a movie!" And you are left with the nagging feelings of disconnect... a movie? How will that help! Ha ha, actually a movie might be good for you. The THING is playing and Contagion that might give you some temporary relief. I think I might see the THING today, I like Sci Fi.

    That is the high points on your chart. Now lets do a reading and see what else comes up...

    1. YOU - The Nine of Cups - This is your 'self' card which tells me that you are in a love energy right now and it must be connected with some phase or challenge you have recently faced emotionally. The NINE CUPS is a very lovely energy so someone has been involved with you recently and that connection has left a strong mark on your character.

    2. Your SITUATION - The Six of Coins - Now we shift to something in the material realm and this seems to be a crux of the issue. I am guessing a disconnect in your work or career life, like you are working at this, however it is not rewarding like you would like it to be. This compounds the feeling of drifting and you have a deep need to be the right place in your work life, pretty intense.

    3. CROSSING - The Page of Wands - This innocent Page appears someone you have been connected with, and this feels work related to me. They are giving you a message, or messages, may messages. You have had mixed feelings for this person. They have also been a factor in your recent sense of malaise. They let you down in some way, or at least they didn't turn out to be quite as straight with you as they should have been. Now you are really thinking, maybe it is time for a move! It is not a strong enough feeling though... you are aware that this is not the root of your concerns. The job thing is not the problem.

    4. Your HOPES and DREAMS - Three of Cups - Bingo. This is where your heart is really trying to take you, to a dream land of love. Venus in Aries wants to come out and play with that cute guy next door. Or at in the next cubicle. This is the solution to your heart's longings right now, you could be falling in love and that is connected with that North Node of yours (wanting to take you out of that library you like and go to the beach). This Three is a celebratory love, emotional life, so this is a deep longing to be CELEBRATING your life instead of trying to CONCEIVE what your life is all about. You really want to be in that place where it is all good, and is flowing naturally (Mercury in Pisces) and you want to KNOW that this is happening for you. It is happening for you I promise, hang in there.

    5. DIFFICULTIES OF THE PAST - Five of Wands - conflicts within and without. Some tussling and maybe a few arguments although you usually bow out gracefully. There was one situation where you stood your ground, and that kind of back fired. This Five is all about change too so you have a history of changing circumstances that you are weary of, You really want life to calm down and settle into that groove that you know you deserve.

    6. LAST of the PRESENT - something you are recently leaving behind - Justice - So there has been some matter that has weighed on you and it feels intense, like something you have been trying to decide on, and you hope you made the right decision. The Justice energy has you taking control of some of that five wand furtiveness and sees you determined to 'gain control' of the matter. This looks like this was an important choice although it took a while to choose. You made the right choice.

    7. FIRST OF THE FUTURE - coming up soon - The QUEEN of CUPS - Hmm, well this is a continuation of your SELF card and your HOPES AND DREAMS card. And it looks to me like you are about to get your wish. Nice. Very nice. So, is he in the Next Cubicle? Or the one down the hall? This Queen is telling you IT'S TIME, IT'S TIME, IT'S TIME.... FOR LOVE. No wonder you have been feeling a little out of it lately. I would be sending love notes too, every chance I got. WHO are YOU wanting to send love notes to? Come on... you can be honest... we are all friends here... what's their name? Does it start with an S? Or an L? Sammy? Luke? The CUPS are all over you, we see more cups in this reading you are done for.

    8. YOUR FUTURE ENVIRONMENT - The WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Hey! This is amazing! Talk about a turn around in your life. Take that sad sack costume back to the Halloween store and pick out something like Batgirl. Something is turning and it is putting bats in your belfry and you are feeling the winds of change in a moonlit sky. This tells me that you are long overdue for some much needed relief in a problem area in your life and I am going to go out on a limb here and say that whoever that Queen is, (and which cubicle was it again? And does their name start with an E?) Something very significant is turning in your life and no wonder you are feeling like your legs are made of jello lately. Advice: Tell your boss you have a touch of the Flu (sniff sniff, cough cough) and can you take the rest of the week off? They say no, act like you are feeling sick to your stomach, you'll get it off. Make sure you ask today, you want to get as many days off as possible. And then I want you to go to Barnes and Noble and look through their calendars and pick out the one that shows all of the S E X positions. I think it is Red. I was looking at it the other day and I think you can find it any B&N. Tell them astra sent you and they usually give you a discount with that (and the member's card). Then - you have the rest of the week off, right? - get ready because soon you are going to be studying that at home while cuddling with a nice warm bowl of chicken noodles soup. Sniff sniff... cough cough... Because I think that Queen is going to be giving you a test very soon. And you want to be prepared for whatever 'Mr. Cubby' wants.

    9. Okay, enough of that. Hopefully we won't see any more CUPS and matters can calm down now...

    Okay, this is the "HOW OTHERS SEE YOU" - OMG.. Oh no..... THE LOVERS! i like colors your goose is cooked! You like something more than colors! ITS LOVE WITH A CAPITOL... does the person's name start with a D? THe LOVERS card is all about learning differential equations. Not exactly. The LOVERS is all about putting your life back on track with love's lovely lacy, laciness and raciness and flightiness and turning your life so upside down and inside out in love you won't have TIME to even begin to wonder about pesky little details like "Why am I alive?" and "Where is my life taking me?" Oh no, I LIKE COLORS. You ain't gonna have time for questions like that. Not any more. You will be too busy with other things... You are going to get that calendar today... YOU BETTER, because you are going to need it. Tell you what send little mr cubicle one more note today and in it say something like, " Say, do you like Barnes and Noble?" I was wondering, would you like to come with me in our lunch hour... I am looking for a new 2012 Calendar and I was wondering could you give me a hand with that?" He will email you back and say something like "sure, whatever. What kind are you looking for?" Then you send him another note that says "well, you know me, I am into colors and lately my favorite color is red". Take him to B&N and make sure he is standing right next to you at the table with all of the calendars (it is usually toward the front of the store), and locate the "special calendar" (Does his name start with an M?), and stand there real close to him... and start pawing through all of the adjacent calendars next to the S E X positions for 2012 Calendar. And start complaining, "gosh I don't see ANY that are in red! Can you help me? Well it will be staring him right in the face. He will spot it and pick it up with kind of a nervous smile... "Uh Katie, here's one... uh.. it's red..." and HE will hand YOU the B&N 2012 red S E X Positions Calendar! SLAM DUNK. Say something like, "Hey thanks Mark. That is perfect. Just what I was looking for... a red one!" Matters should progress pretty quickly then. I would try to get out of the store first though.

    10. Whew! OK back to reality... I like colors.... here we go... and I am not believing this... guess what card I got here? Can you guess? I'll give you a hint. It's a suit that starts with C and rhymes with NUPS. And... OMFG it is the KING! That's right ILIKEGUYS, it is the King of Cups and this cup has put the icing on the cake (so to speak ;). This is supposed to be the "HOPES AND FEARS" card and this is obviously your deep heart hope... tying right back with that Three Cup we saw earlier... YOUR heart is longing for love and has been for a long time. You didn't think the Universe was going to ignore you forever did you? Oh no... it has taken a little time to get everything put together. And this KING says the ANGELS have finished their work and are now selling tickets to watch the fireworks. I don't see any real fears here except perhaps your boss finds out you were faking it withe the flu thing. Who cares. You ARE IN LOVE and nothing else matters!

    11. FINAL OUTCOME - OKay... we see a cup here... and the post office needs to issue a new stamp with your face on it that commemorates the happiest lady in love day and that day is TODAY for YOU.


    Really ready?

    Are you sure?

    Okay... close your eyes...

    are your eyes closed? No peeking.

    OKay I am going to show a little of this card very slowly...

    and the card is...













    ILIKELOVE, that settles it. YOU ARE EITHER IN LOVE OR LOVE IS ABOUT TO BITE YOU ON THAT PRETTY LITTLE..... well, you know what I mean. LOVE is your answer IlikeKisses. Not that aquarian mind of yours... and not Leo and Virgo... LOVE is your calling, THAT is your NORTH NODE. It has been staring at you all this time... or HE has been staring at you... from that cubby across the aisle... across the hall... he is waiting... he wants to help you shop... for a little book or something... maybe a little red calendar... and next trip, while you aren't pawing each other, you'll both be pawing the books on the same topic...

    Love is in the making for you IlikeCuddling... that is every answer to every question you ever had...

    Oh, and I think I saw some BABY calendars too... I think they were pink. You like pink colors ilikecolors? Sure you do.

    It's your turn. The wheel of Fortune.

    Is turning for you. And, the colors are all coming up


    Love, astra 🙂

  • Oh I forgot to post this pic for you, to provide some color for your day...

    something to remind you... when you go shopping...

    (and, the photo is courtesy of morguefile on the world wide web)

  • IlikeColors, there are some spiritual truths here too! You might have to read between the lines. The best way to sort out spiritual issues is to NOT focus on spiritual issues. Think of something else... something sweet... and nice... and varied... and a different one for each day of the year...

    a different spiritual "point of view" for each day... freedom... and fun...

  • hello astraangel

    first of all i must say that i am amazed at how accurately you have described my situation and how you have covered exactly the "key problem areas" of my life in your reading . plus the way you have knit everything so well together makes me feel just one thing about yourself which is "you are wonderfully gifted person" ...!!

    thanks a lot for doing this reading .you have no idea how much this reading was needed and what has it brought to me. the key issues are exactly the ones you have put across ... work, relationships and LOVE .

    but something is still confusing here ... i am not working currently and litrelly have no friends in my life. it's just a family of 4 i have got in my life currently . and you are true that my life has been a roller coaster ride all along and now i have started craving for that stability that is much needed to bring my senses back to work and start breathing again . it has always been upheavels one after another and this recent one has left me totally numb and detached from everyone around me plus the surroundings . i don't think i have felt any emotions in last more than a year and had the notion that this numbness has taken over me completely and that now i am not going to feel the same as i used to before . also recent developments in my life ,particularly in relationship area , has made me change upside down inside out .... i have felt like i went through a total overhaul (or i am still going through the later stages of it?!) .

    but to my surprise , i have recently started feeling "feelings" suddenly which is mostly off n on but i do feel that need for "love" at times and at times it is so strong and intense and gives a certain strong urge to "merge" with something/someone// i feel it like it is the most beautiful feeling in this world . also i keep getting that someone is coming towards me .. i need to learn something from him/her... lately my intuition has got stronger and things i envision or have feelings about have started manifesting themselves in my life . that itself makes me believe this "feeling" completely that someone is approaching me with a great force ... i don't have any idea why am i feeling this way . i have been going through intense spiritual awakening for many years and it is the strongest at this time of my life and has changed me internally to be a different person altogether . why do i feel the need of "love" when i have spent so much time "being numb" already . i had started feeling that i have turned to be a stone ... nothing can affect me .. but things have started affecting me in their own little way ... and this feeling of "love" is most intense and significant ... with every passing day it is getting stronger . i am married to a person whom i would think of going to as a last option had i used all my options already because we are two different people and don't connect at all at emotional levels... otherwise ,we are okay together as a couple. what will "love" bring to my life ? what will i do of it ..?? as i have been feeling of "something coming towards me " already for a while now these questions already have bugged me to a great degree ... this awakening has changed many things for me .. i don't love the way i used to love before, i don't think the way i used to before , i don't like things i used to before and i want things to be in control now ,which was not even in my remote thinking earlier ... !!

    my love life has always been bad .... always !! now i am thinking about what i have been feeling lately plus what you have come up with in your reading and questions have started popping up like

    who this person would be ? would he be a mentor whom i have craved for always and believed that he would teach me great life lessons ?? would he be a lover ? would he be someone whom i suddenly out of nowhere have started thinking of lately who belongs to my past (he was out of my mind and life for quite a while and now i am thinking of him suddenly ,actually the moment i felt that i have started feeling things again after a long period of numbness , he was the one who popped up in my mind from nowhere?!) what would a married woman do with a lover (isn't it more scary that wonderful ?!) .....? what will this bring to my already "disturbingly changed life?" where am i heading ??

    you have touched the "troubled spots" of my life so well . would it be greedy if i request to have some clarity/insight into the matter stated above ? i am very very restless and as you have connected so well i couldn't refrain from asking for more clarity ... if you could spare some time to give your insight that would be very kind and could bring peace to my ever restless mind that has gone "insane" over the past many months .... !!

    i really appreciate your time and effort in doing this reading . nobody has given me a kind of reading as you have in your own charming way .... i loved reading every bit of it .and the picture in the end was "icing on the cake" .......simply beautiful !!

    thank you so much again for being so kind and wonderful .


  • i also wanted to ask would he be someone i would be "knowing" already in any way or a complete stranger ??

  • dear astraangel

    can i please have another insight into the matter discussed above . i am drained and not able to figure it out myself. it would be very kind if you could provide your insight which i am sure would bring something forward out of this "mess" i am dealing with in my life at this point .

    many thanks for your help


  • dear astraangel

    hope you are in good health . if you could spare some time it would be kind and very helpful to have another reading from you over the concerns mentioned above in my post . i am really stuck here .

    hope i am not bothering you with my request .

    best regards


  • Hi ilikecolors!

    Hey, thank you so much for going into such wonderful detail on your feelings and what you have been going through. You sound so much like me. The fact that you took the time to put it all down on paper is in itself very healthy for you, and shows how serious you are about this 'love you are feeling' around you. I am going to try and work through all of your questions in order and then hopefully a story will emerge that will bless you and give you some answers.

    1. You asked "are you going through the later stages of this overhaul you feel in your life?"

    The Hermit - you are still in the journey and you are right it is a very intense spiritual path for you. My hermit seems to have a look of optimism though... and... wait a minute... what is this? A touch of a smile perhaps! So out of the woods soon.

    1. What will this "love that you feel" bring into your life? The Empress - strong nurturing, a very deep connection with life around you. Awakening into abundance. Maternal care. Ah, I see! All of these emotional needs you wanted as a mother, and wife, will soon be addressed in a new way. And YOU WILL FEEL AGAIN very intensely, very deep and pure. This says be ready for your emotions to return in all their lovely beauty. That is what is happening. You will be in a new situation where you will be able to be yourself completely. 🙂

    2. What will you do of it? Temperance. Well, that kinda depends on what you would like your new partner to do? What would you like him to do? To you? It could be heavenly. Why don't you whisper to him what you would like? He's listening now. 🙂

    Your love life was bad. WAS. I want you to remember that it WAS bad. Not any more. Now 'new' comes, and WAS bad remains in the past and now it IS GOOD. Very good in fact. Very, very good. Very, very, very... good. I could go on however I will use up all of me "very's" for the day so I have to be careful!

    1. Who this person would be? Seven of Cups. Ah... who indeed? Well that is the question isn't it ilikecolors. Who would you like it to be? Mr red? Mr blue, he's nice... The World, a man of means and worldly wisdom is what I see. Someone you can fall into his arms and he wraps them around you and cries in your hair and tells you he will never ever let you go. That is who he is. Do you know a man like that? Someone touch you recently and it felt like heaven brushed against your arm? That is him.

    2. Would he be a mentor whom i have craved for always and believed that he would teach me great life lessons ? Well, he is someone who will have you laughing again! And smiling because you can be yourself, and so at peace with him. I see a lot of walks together and he is so sweet and kind... and then out of nowhere he does something, a little joke, and he has you laughing so hard, like splitting a gut! He knows you need to laugh so much at this time in your life. He will be a mentor of laughter and gaiety, of peace with Heaven, of perfect forgiveness and perfect compassion.

    3. Would be a lover? Would he be a lover... would he be a lover... Six of Cups... softly... yes. In ways that make that word the most beautiful word in the English language. Or any language. Page of Cups... yes, and a very tender lover. With a childlike heart that delights the both of you. He is your twin flame ilikelove. He is Heaven for you.

    4. would he be someone ... thinking of lately who belongs to my past ? YES. I will bet you a super glazed giant donut from Krispy Kreme, the ones with the little colored sprinkles all over it, that you see and just want to gulp down in one big bite... YES! Now... don't get a plane ticket right away to go jump on him... heaven must run her course. King of Wands. He is a spiritual man whoever this is, I have the sense that he has walked a parallel path to you, and in the "divine right timing" he has you in his sights as you do him. It would not surprise me that he is also on some spiritual forum somewhere asking these same questions... or visiting with a crystal gazer...

    "So, I have been having these feelings about a beautiful lady from my past. Can you see something there?"

    (The mysterious dark lady peers closer into the crystal ball, and glances up to him..."

    "Yes... I see her. She is from your past, you shared a strong connection at one time... and yes, she is also seeking you!"

    "What is she saying? Can you see what is going on with her?"

    "I see her asking someone... on the internet, a forum of some sort.. I see it is a Tarot forum, and she is asking about you! ... I see she is very lovely, and has suffered some emotional hurts... she is calling out for you in her heart? Can you sense her presence?"

    "Yes... yes.. I do feel her... thank you my lady! I feel so much better knowing she is out there and feels for me what I feel for her... "

    "My pleasure dear sir. Go in peace... I know true love has come for you..."

    That six of cups we saw above is love from the past, someone you had a connection with. And still do.

    1. What would a married woman do with a lover? Well, that's the million dollar question isn't it, iLikeCuddling? What do you think you would do? I know what I would do, however I can't put stuff like that on this forum. That is between you and Heaven... and you and Him... once he appears...

    Here. Let's practice:

    YOU: Oh no! He's home early! Quick... go hide in the closet!

    HIM: What? I thought you said he was working late today!

    YOU: Oh my God.. oh my God! Come on... we both have to hide!

    HIM: ... Hey, how about the basement? We haven't tried it there yet!

    YOU: I can't believe this... okay... okay... the basement... come on!

    HIM: .. hey... what about my clothes... should I grab them?

    YOU: No.. don't worry about them.... Oh God! YES, yes! GRAB your clothes! And get mine too! Hurry!

    HIM: ... hey this is fun! ... it reminds me of a joke I once heard... a guy and a girl were in be..."

    YOU: ... Tell me later, tell me later! RUN!

    IlikeKissing, you will have to figure that out. All I can tell you is that Heaven will guide you... to the closet... or the little storage shed in the back yard... or to a new life together... don't be too concerned all of that will work out! I promise! Scouts honor!

    1. What will this bring? Where am I heading? Ace of WANDS. Well, three guesses what phallic symbol this represents, and the first three don't count. I don't know... it will bring you a new subscription to the local paper... what will it bring? Where are you heading? HOW ABOUT CLOUD NINE? Somewhere that in your wildest, most fantastic, most vaunted and highest, holiest, most ecstatic dreams you never dared dream possible! RETHINK POSSIBLE iLikeHoldingYou... HINT: It will be a place where you feel especially happy, it is that peak of spiritual happiness that we all crave... it is also intense and leaves your body at complete peace and sometimes a little sweaty too... I know! You two will be praying together the Lord's prayer! That sometimes leaves me feeling a lot better. 🙂

    2. Oh, I am so happy to do this for you iLikeColors... it is my pleasure. This all comes from heaven, it is not really 'me'. I am a channel tuned to "true love at all costs". ANd my station seems to attract others (like me) who have longed and longed for love so deeply... and we didn't know why we felt this way. And it seemed like life was conspiring against us to keep this love away. And so we cried in that place... a lot... I think we have all been being prepared... it feels like death, and sometimes the pain is so intense you think you are dying. It is our hearts growing I think. Into the New that we are meant to be. With the companion of our dreams, a lovely place of such deep intimacy and oneness...and we go through a lot of pain to get there. There is a price to be paid for that love. Like the song "Love Hurts"... well it does... the real thing... there HAS to be a price, otherwise love would not be as special as it is. Once the door opens, and you are in his arms, it will feel like the flood gates open, like New Jerusalem coming... down... out of Heaven for you! So sweetly and perfect in every way....

    Icing on the cake? Well you have something very sweet coming to you soon iLikeEmbraces... I see that so strong because you sound so much like me... and I can tell you that it is all real, this love that we long for, there is someone I love deeply even though we are not together (at least we are not both having to run for the basement... yet... 🙂 So you keep the faith my darling, you are on the right track... and a lot of smiles in your future too...

    And then you have some followup questions...

    "would he be someone i would be "knowing" already in any way or a complete stranger"?

    Justice - He is someone you knew and something happened that seemed to separate you, and you always wondered why? It really hurt, you felt like there was an injustice. That is one reason they never left your heart. Anytime we suffer an injustice in life, the matter stay with us... that person stays with us... and we cry and cry, and the pain is intense while we await the scales to be balanced... you have waited and you will see Love Justice.

    ss, I hope the above has helped, my heart is really drawn out to you... you are doing great, keep going as you are, Heaven and your Angels love you so very much. You have a heart of gold, your spirit is very lovely and pure, and I know, were I God, and I saw you in the situation you have been in for so long... I would turnb the Earth upside down to bring you the LOVE YOU DESERVE. I know our Creator/s loves us ALL so much and it is Heaven's NUMBER ONE PRIORITY TO BRING YOU LOVE.

    God bless you and I will be praying for you,

    love, astra

    And... OH!.. my! is the icing on the cake... 😉

  • you made me cry astraangel ... !!

    "You two will be praying together the Lord's prayer! "

    you cannot write anything more beautiful than this ...... !!!!!!

    i'll wait for things/situations to unfold themselves and hopefully it would happen soon as i have been feeling for quite a while now.... !!

    many thanks for lending your helping hand and providing me with your wonderful insight ..!!

    love and light


  • dear astraangel

    i hope this finds you in best health .

    as per your reading , i have got in touch with the "man from the past" at the same time have been blessed blessed to have a "mentor" who has started guiding me through this transition.

    now that both the men that i had been anticipating to come in my life for some time have appeared , i don't know what is in store for me regarding the both of them. this is because one requires me to let go of another ( the other man,that is) .

    can you please do me another reading to give me some insight as u have given before into "how these two men are going to be in my life? do i need to let go of the person from the past ? what will be the outcome of this confusing situation?" ... i am in need of help again. hope to get some insight from you ..!!

    thanks for being kind and helpful

  • Hi ilikecolors

    Okay, let's break this down into "Person from the past" and "Mentor". So mentor is asking you to let go of person from the past... hmm... okay....

    How these two men are going to be in your life?

    Person from the past: Four of Coins, and the Ten of Swords - this does sound like he is exiting, stage right. The four coins seems to say there is some other focus besides you, and the Ten of Swords is a rather strong, "it is finished" message.

    Mentor: Page of Wands - looks nice, a youthful, messenger, alert and sharp. The little book says "A faithful and loyal person. An envoy. Entrusted friend.... a consistent person... a bearer of important news.


    The Page of Coins! Another page in regards to this person, Very nice! Deep concentration and application and study... reflection, knowledge. This person sounds good, like perhaps a good spiritual friend for you.

    That is what I get ilikecolors... hope that helps. FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART... here is a nice bible verse from Isaiah for you that promises the tears are going AWAY for you...

    "I will rejoice in Jerusalem and exult in my people.

    No longer shall the sound of weeping be heard there, or the sound of crying"

    -Isaiah 65:19

    blessings and love from heaven to you


  • dear astra angel

    so kind of you to have given quick response to my request.

    the man from the past is already in the past now .. he exited 2 days ago... so that part is true as per your reading.

    with other person it has already been started with a very good feeling . he is helping me in many ways , a little strange/weird to work with him at times but i always wanted to have a tough master and i believe heaven has sent me ONE .

    can you please read for me if you have time ofcourse how it (the process i am going through with the help of my mentor) will affect my husband and other family like my parents in the long run? i have a feeling that i am on a different track altogether from the one other family members are treading so am a bit anxious . do you see any family member trying to create hurdles for me in this path or uncooperative in any way ?

    also how do you see my relationship with my husband in coming times during this process and after this process is over ?

    i couldn't thank you enough already for your timely and insightful responses.

    god bless you always with many more smiles .


  • bumping it up !!!!!!

  • ilikecolors,

    Okay I will take a look for you...

    1. How will the process i am going through with the help of my mentor affect my husband and other family, like my parents, in the long run?

    I see the Ace of Cups, so this looks like a positive blessing all the way around.

    And the Knight of Wands - this does seem to put you on a personal journey of spiritual growth and so I believe your husband/family will be supportive.

    And the Popess (High Priestess) - this looks like you, the outcome, the direction you are heading which shows a lady very established and strong spiritually. This spread of three looks VERY nice and positive for you in this path.

    2. Do you see any family member trying to create hurdles for me in this path, or uncooperative in any way?

    Seven of Coins - No, this looks positive, they should see the "results" in your life, a calm, steady, strong evidence comes out of your efforts in Spirit and your family will be supportive.

    Knight of Cups - also indicates you in this seeking of higher love, and that will produce benefits for your family.

    I see no issues there with any hurdles or anything.

    3. Do you see my relationship with my husband in coming times during this process and after this process is over?

    The Tower - Okay, I saw this early this morning and wanted to post, however something told me to wait. And now I am seeing the same card again. Okay, how can I say this... it does appear to me that this path is going to "at some point" create some friction with your husband, and that looks like it could test the foundation of the marriage. And the foundation looks like it might be built on sand.

    Be aware that anytime you are seeking higher purpose and growth, you are going to be tested in relationships, and you find out what is real and what is fake.

    Then, that Ace of Cups again. So I believe you are tracing a similar path that I have been on, a marriage tested and you enter the "Tower" experience where it is like a storm... then, the relationship dies, at least the "old" version of it. In my case this has meant a divorce filing. Now, having said that, your love that you are learning about in this new path will come back around and envelop your husband still after the tower phase is over (the Ace of Cups saying divine love). So there is hope there.

    And the Hermit - I saw this earlier too. Be prepared to be severed from him and enter a spirutal hermit phase. You are entering an intense class of "higher education" in Spirit, and so be prepared for some shaking. No matter what, try, try, try to stay sweet and calm, that appears to be the answer. I learned the hard way trying to reason my way through the Tower phase. Reason doesn't work. Spirit and faith and trying to remain calm and centered works.

    And the Seven of Coins again... so this is very interesting.

    The message is hang in there through this journey, and you will end up at the end still in a loving and supportive relationship. I can't speak to the marriage itself, however I do believe you will remain connected to him in some way that is the "new" way that heaven has for you. The fruits of your journey. Higher love and a focus on your own personal development.

    Also, really listen for those talents and gifts in your heart that want to come forth, explore writing, art, journaling, psychic work, bible study - anything! You are being caught up into heavenly ways so that you can in turn help others who are experiencing challenges. It is the way of Heaven, the way of our Father above.

    I hope that helps, follow your heart, listen to what Spirit tells you and make that your compass.

    I am praying for you to become the very brightest Star possible.

    love and light


  • dear astra angel

    thank you so much for doing this reading for me . you don't know how eager i was to hear from you as these specific issues have started taking precedence in my life and as i am trying hard to make things work for me and the family ,some issues still crop up to shake the family atmosphere off balance . i hope things work out as stated by you .

    god bless you always


  • dear astra angel

    i am here again seeking your help. something in my life is changing at a very fast pace. it has left me in a state of flux. i am not able to understand which path to follow . this is all about this new man and my association with him. he seems angel to me, more of a companion than a mentor. he has come as a bearer of an important news (as mentioned by u in ur earlier post) ..but i am asked to follow him.i am in two minds. i am extremely confused.

    i want to know "who he is? what is he doing in my life? what is he trying to bring to me? why do i keep getting that i already know him so well ? what should i be doing ? shall i go ahead or shall i not ? where it will lead me to ? what will be the outcome of this association? why do i feel so intensely for him when i don't know much about him ?" /////

    please if you could lend your helping hand again and provide ur insight it would greatly help me to understand what i have put myself into and what i should be expecting out of it ....!!

    i have no idea "what to do" ///!

    thank you for your time if you are willing to spare some again for me .



  • Hi ilikecolors

    Okay. You are in good hands, your angels are orchestrating something beautiful.

    I drew these cards, in the shape of a cross.

    Top - the Hanged Man

    Center - Ten of Cups

    Bottom - Eight of Pentacles

    Left - Knight of Pentacles

    Right - Nine of Pentacles

    So yes, this is your situation/relationship with him

    He is the Hanged Man - spiritual man - yes, your angel man

    You are in the center, in this love of heaven with "you know not exactly what!" That is this new type relationship that is transcendent and heavenly. You are discovering your angel, your twin flame, soul mate, he goes by many different names for you.

    This mentor is a manifestation of your angel toward you, You have always know him, always loved him, always been a part of him. The relationship is timeless and epochal in scope.

    As you enter this new way with him you are going to be feeling some unsettled feelings at times, that is normal don't worry, all is being handled by heaven, you are in wonderful hands, and arms of love from above, from our Makers.

    I am finishing up a little book that attempts to portray my understanding of this, for I as well found my "mentor" who I have entered into something with that transcends all known concepts of relationship and love. This is where we are all headed now. It is ascension. It is true love, it is bliss.

    So hang in there, some of this may not even make much "sense" to you, your spirit understands.

    Notice in this spread that you (in the relationship) are surrounded by pentacles left and right and below. This represents material reality, all that you know and touch that you "thought" was not going away, it is your material life. Well it is going away, as you ASCEND.

    Because your only direction now to go is UP. And look who is waiting for you there.

    Him. Your "otherness". He represents divine love that is all around and within you, it is the love of your other half that you have known from before time. For you and him are two halves of the same coin. He is closer to you than your own body, he is inside you even now, as I write this.'

    And you are within him. He takes you by the hand and leads you into heaven.

    You are well on your way, keep your cool and your calm as you go, you will no doubt encounter a few rough patches once in a while, do not fear, everything will work out. Keep a loving sweet expression toward your husband, he is going to be a little baffled, so I wouldn't expect him to jump on board with you in all this. He needs to find his own angel and follow in your footsteps.

    He is the "Christ" expression unto you. He is a manifestation of "the Universe" unto you. You are safe in his arms. You have some wonderful, and I mean really wonderful, days ahead of you.

    Knight of Swords - be ready for a lot of communications with him, is that already happening? You are doing well. Ten of Wands - at times you will feel like life is more than you can figure out, you may feel a little weighted down. It will pass, it always passes. Six of Pentacles, you will always have just what you need to make the next step. Your faith is being developed carefully and lovingly by your angels and this spirit relationship.

    Here is little quote from my book I am wrapping up:

    "That is the wonderful aspect about Angels, they are so totally free in their consciousness as any God will be. They are articulating a reality for you that is so comfortable and at peace, you will find yourself settling into such a sweet place with (him) that you will hardly recognize your life with (him) after a while! "

    Yes, you are discovering your relationship with your angel.

    He is your twin flame.

    You are like two little apples, who have always been together, and it is time to discover that fact.

    (I took this snapshot the other day along a road near where I live).

    Use what you can from this reading, this is not always the easiest love to grasp at first.

    Love and peace


  • oh astra i wouldn't deny that i was eagerly waiting to hear from you ... yes i was i was i waaaaas !!!

    ...and what you have written about him is what exactly i feel about him.... i know within myself that we have known each other from other lives matter how new he is to me currently i have a strong feeling that i know him , a lot of him... and every now and then i feel stuck , not able to take even a step further and then he appears and helps me moving ahead. and yes you are true in saying that i am "moving away" from "material reality" . and i have also noticed that i "always have enough info" just to take next step further. you have validated most of what i have been "knowing within me" already //

    quote from your book is a delight to read... so amazingly true ..!! i feel that i have met you here for a reason and i am getting that reason pretty straight now ..!! you are a wonderfully gifted soul and i thank heaven for making me come in contact with you .... !!

    the picture that you have posted is my "desktop" picture now ..!!

    my heartfelt thanks to you for being so very kind and generous with spending your time and energy to answer my queries .... !!

    blessings always


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