Going to Court (anybody please help)

  • Good Morning I was wondering if anybody can help me. I am going to court on the 31th of this month. I am not in trouble not that kind of court. It is for my disability. I had applied for my disability about a year and a half ago and they denied me. I had got one of the lawyers from the tv and they appeal the case because they said it was medical. So now we are going on the 31th. Can anybody please tell me what they see for that court day. And I have a question I have this feeling to do something that I have never done in my life and this may sound crazy but I want to write a book. What do you think about that.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Relax dear friend. I've already been where you're going. My case I was told was very weak. I got approved. Remember, no attorney will take a case unless they feel that they can win.

    Now, about that book. The hardest part is the first word. Sit down with pen and paper and just jot down things you want to include. This is the "brain storming" phase.

    I'm just a click away if I can help.


  • Thank You ReverendMotherAvalon

    Hello there and thanks so much. You are so right. I worry so much because of my babies. And they are not use to things the way they are right now. And I could not believe they would have told me that. I have my twenty years of work and more. And I had a heart attack and have high blood pressure. And now I really need to be here for my little one because he is going through a lot. You know I already know what I want to write about. I really do think I would do very good at it. I am going to start school in Dec for my Masters for Forensic Psychology and I can't wait. But I know that writing thing is for me.

    Thanks again Illona

  • You are welcome. I have artery disease and while my husband and I were on the run from Katrina, I ended up having my right leg amputated above the knee. On the up side, when some one asks me how tall I am I tell them standing on my left leg I'm 5 feet 2 inches, Standing on my right, about 3 foot 4! If I lose my left leg, I won't be short. I'll be fun size!

    I know exactly where you're coming from. Oh, and BTW, I was a psych major in college.

    We have a lot to talk about.


  • Hello ReverendMother Avalon

    I am starting school in Dec. So was it hard being a psych major. I am going for Forensic Psychology I really do think when I get finish I want to work in the courts. That is what I would

    like to do, but I know that I will be able to work more than just the courts. Put books are so much I am hoping that I find most of them on amazon. Wow what a awesome person you are. Just are as tall as you want to be. I could learn alot from you we can talk at diverlady2 that is my gm

    have a good evening


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