Desperately Need a reading...AstraAngel?

  • Hi,

    Im very new to the forum. I have read alot of your reading AstraAngel, and would really like your help when u have a minute. I understand u must be so busy, and I thank you whole heartedly if you do decide to help me. I just need some guidance and to know where everything is right now.


    Thank you! ❤

  • Hi cancergirl79

    Certainly I am happy to help, my heart is already drawn out to you I can sense you are in some pain. Peace to you right from the start.

    Okay, I'll look at your chart first then we'll use a Celtic Cross and hopefully Heaven can provide some nice insights for you that will help at this time in your life.

    Your chart:

    Your SUN and VENUS are in Cancer, so you are that warm, nurturing lady who loves life to simply work out. With Venus there, your love life is oh so important to you, and it can be devastating when things go wrong. You identify with a very emotional and deep and sincere love, and will chase this no matter where it leads you. This is a very beautiful part of you, and it is also a most fragile part. Because you align yourself so much to love, the other areas (practical parts) may often suffer as a result. Heaven knows you well though, and you can trust that ultimately all will be beautiful in love, thought at this time you are hurting.

    Your MOON and CHIRON are in Taurus, so this emotional life you live is stubborn! You are not one to give up on relationships, and your feelings are VERY important to you! I would not want to be the person who tells you to calm down about your emotion, you are liable to take them to task on it and will not back down! You can be feisty when you want to be, and sometimes this has gotten you into a little trouble, all good fun though as you are also the first to apologize. Taurus is so warmhearted and kind within and you have a lioness heart of gold. Chiron is here which makes your emotions a little volatile at times, and you cry a lot and do not know why, that is Chiron. The diamond tears of heaven are what this is. Your feelings are slowly being understood over time... I know how long you have waited to understand yourself. And you will.

    MARS in Gemini, so you are a go getter one moment, and then can want to hide under a rock the next. The first to volunteer, and the first to ask yourself, "why in the world did I do that?" Your sincerity is your salvation here, and you are able to maintain a balance and ultimately get your chores done. You still walk away though asking yourself, "Okay I finished it. Why did I have to do it anyway?" SO you tend to question your life work a lot, and want so much to be on the right path.

    MERCURY and JUPITER in Leo, so these energies add to your Taurus MOON emotional life. You are very outgoing at times, and love to talk it up with those you are thrown together with. I lot of hugs and touching, you are a VERY physical person and treasure intimacy and closeness. You tend to wear your feelings on your sleeve and are not afraid to show your deeper nature. Now, as long as you can find someone who wants to reveal their deeper nature, all should be fine!

    SATURN and your NORTH NODE are in Virgo, so you can be a little messy! Artists can be that way you know! And you love to be free like that, you try to clean up and keep your life all nice and ordered, and it may look that way for a while... then the boxes get emptied again and you are looking for little objects of art and scraps of love letters, and memories. You hang on to things, and these little love treasures are important to you like gold! This is also your LIFE PATH so this area is hard for you to face, I see you somehow organizing all of this into little books of love and you could be publishing a lot of this, very gorgeous works of your heart, as you love to write also and spin little webs of golden wonder around your past. You have a beautiful childlike heart in the creative ways, I KNOW your expressions are lovely and that will only increase in your life.

    PLUTO in Libra so you can be champion of rights and sympathize greatly with those who are disadvantaged and broken in life. This is also at 90 degrees to your VENUS so this means you can tend to want to let others lean on you, when what you really need is to lean on others.

    URANUS in Scorpio opposing your CHIRON which tells me that the Scorpio fire is activating CHIRON pain so this means that when the tears do come, they are intense and you have to run away and hide, you do not want to face others like that. This scorpio awakener helps you to understand your emotional life though, so that even though you hurt deeply at times, you are also aware that you are growing and becoming a beautiful Child of Heaven and this awareness gives you great comfort.

    That is my take on your chart cancergirl, you are a very emotional and caring person and it seems like it is your emotional life that you so struggle with and want to understand. Do not fear, you will, and you will look back and see why every tear was needed.

    Okay, now your Tarot reading.

    1. YOU at this time, how you see yourself and how you feel. THE TWO OF SWORDS tells me that as a result of recent events you have withdrawn and gone into hiding. This is not your usual nature, however the intensity of this recent event left you with no choice. It was either that or face them and you are not prepared to do that! So you drew up your swords, and your knees and are holding yourself as tightly as you can, loving yourself as a little girl. I see you like the Moon somehow, shining down on your own heart. You are composed though and determined to wait for your answers, Which now come to you.

    2. Your situation - THE WORLD - and the sense I have is the world lately has become a little too much for you, so you run and hide. A situation that you had placed so much faith and hope in did not turn out the way you wanted, and it left you really crying and pleading with Heaven "WHY is this happening?" Your heart knows how life 'should' work, and it is that inner vision that keeps you going. Now, as long as it actually goes that way all is fine, right? Well, even though this present matter has you questioning everything in heaven and on earth, the good news is that this little girl's dream of idyllic happiness and love will be granted. It can take some time to prepare you heart though, and that is what this situation is in your life, you are being prepared.

    3. Crossing you - THE NINE OF PENTACLES the good news is that you do have your material comforts that you fall back upon. I see you falling into a nice comfy sofa, with pillows and a cup of hot chocolate (what is it with Cancers and chocolate? :). You know how to take care of yourself is what this card seems to be saying. And Heaven wants you to keep doing this, and to do it even more! Go for a walk as often as you can, whisper to your angels, to heaven to whatever is lovely and bright. And some chocolate chip cookies that you bake are perfect for you, just don't eat the whole tray! Ha/:)... you are encouraged to be sweet to yourself right now, and learn that the best friend you will ever have is yourself. Watch a cartoon movie will be good, a Bugs life will have you laughing again.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - THE KNIGHT of PENTACLES - Ah, your knight in shining armor. And the thing is, you know he's out there and you also refuse to give up! Even with these recent events that broke your heart, you are more determined than ever to find him, and are willing to wait as long as needed. As long as that wait does not exceed a week or two! This tells me how important love is, and the way you are wired makes a companion that you can trust a look up to extremely important. Commitment, marriage, family all is so important to you, and in spite of recent setbacks your faith here is stronger than ever. Well, I can tell you that you would not have this dream were it not possible to attain. He is out there for sure and He feels as strong about you as you do about him, you simply haven't met yet! He is your soul mate, twin flame, he is waiting and you are waiting and I can promise you that in the divine right timing you will be brought together. I am hearing that he is a lot closer to you than you think, like right around the corner from where you live.

    5. Disappointments of your life that have led to your present situation - THE KING of PENTACLES - And I see a whole string of them, one after the other. They come riding in and it all looks so loverly, and then your feelings on your sleeve are pinned on them, and you believe that all will work out and then surprise! it doesn't and you are running, running and crying and praying and pleading. Well, guess what? Practice is what I am hearing, and you have been developing sensitivities that tell you about people deep inside. So while you have experience many painful situations and have never been afraid of falling in love, the sadness you have experienced is actually developing a compassion toward others in these same types of situations. Your friends are coming to you now, and they know you've "been there" and that they can trust you and they open their heart to you. SO there IS a purpose to the pain cancergirl, you are called to minister to others, a lightworker very beautiful and fragrant and even a little bit holy to the Lord is what i am hearing! Especially when those holes are in the center of some warm, fresh chocolate donuts! Oh, there comes the chocolate again! Hey go ahead, just jog an extra mile tomorrow and you;ll be fine. 🙂

    6. What you are leaving behind, recent events - THE SIX OF CUPS - And here it is, heartbreak hotel. This must have been the most painful of all and you are still wondering how it could have gone so wrong so fast when all was looking so nice so soon. You are still holding the roses and looking arounf the altar, where is he? What happened? A lot of questions and a lot of sharing back and forth to try and get to the bottom of things. A cord was finally cut and you and he moved on, to greener pastures you are both hoping, and praying. The Sun shone so brightly though! And that Sun you are carrying with you now, that part you kept.

    7. What you are about to step into, coming up soon - Page of PENTACLES - Some good news and a nice looking guy delivering the news is what I am hearing. Time to be on your best behavior and keep some kleenexes handy to dry up the mascara running... this might be one of those times where a smile replaces tears, where you find a heart like yours, and you so want to fall in love again. What I am hearing is that he wants to fall in love with you as much as you want to fall in love with him. I see carriages and pumpkin pie and thanksgiving at Mom's and tears a lot of tears, only this time tears of greatest joy. It is beautiful and to think it all started with a letter - and a beautiful cancergirl who never knew what "give up" means, no matter what life threw at you. Something very beautiful and sweet, maintain your composure and see if you can find some tear proof mascara.

    8. Your FUTURE environment - THE EIGHT of WANDS - a lot of fast flight and arrows of love is what I am seeing. You are whisked off your feet to the Moon, and you are caught up in heavenly love energies that you can't explain - and you don't want to explain! He is right there with you, you look like two space cadets starstruck in love and you have pinched yourself so many times to make sure you aren't dreaming, your arm looks like a duck has been nibbling on you! This will be an exhilarating period of your life and the only advice I am hearing is hang on, like a roller coaster and this time it will work and you won't have to hardly lift a finger. Except to bake more chocolate chip cookies and this time you won't be eating them alone.

    9. How others will see you - THE FIVE of CUPS - one who knew so much pain in love finally receives her just reward. Others have tended to pigeon hole you in that heartbreak hotel, and a lot of them were convinced that you actually bought the hotel you stayed there so much. They may be saying to themselves, well, let's see how long this will last! Little do they know that Soul Mates go on to the Stars and are agelessly in love, and that it is transcendent and beautiful and has no connection to past hurts! All of that is gone now, regardless of what the world says. You know when its right and when its a delight, and this Five is a CHANGE FOR THE BETTER and of any person on this dear planet, you deserve it more than anyone.

    10. Your HOPES and (sometimes) FEARS - The QUEEN of SWORDS - The one thing you are more afraid of than anything else, is that you have experienced so much pain in love, that you finally consign the whole affair to the category of hopelessness and give up. This Queen can feel that way at times, and that has really scared you more than anything. For you never never want to give up on love, that is your deepest longing and even though it has been tempting at times to conclude it all must be a lie, you have NOT given up. Even with some strong words from your mouth and those were the cries of a heavenly creature in great torment... after the dust settled and you saw that you were still standing, you said the skies, I AM NOT GIVING UP. And that is the Queen of Swords, of all the Queens she is the most lovely, most poised and feels deeper than they all. That is your great hope (next to finding him of course!) that you sit down on that day next to your King, and you are happy and hey the mascara is NOT running! How can it when you are gazing out on a most lovely shorelines, an ocean of love at your feet, and your heart trusting in quiet reverence, all is very good.

    11. The Outcome and conclusion - THE FIVE OF WANDS - A card of gold, gain and opulence according to Waite. Whatever you have faced in your life now finds the gold, and whatever lack in love now finds gain, and whatever poverty of spirit you have felt now finds opulence. YOU have fought the good fight, you have finished your course, and now there is laid up a crown of love which the good Lord of Heaven gives you, rejoicing with you and lavishing you with Heavenly love. This is you crown cancergirl, and that is YOU NEVER GIVE UP and it is your great tender heart of love that has Heaven's attention now, like on the roadmap! Here is her city I hear the angels saying, and it is the City of Love.

    Oh, and I think Coty makes some mascara that is resistant to tears of joy, although this time it looks to me like you aren't going to mind everyone seeing you crying.

    I hope that gives you some encouragement cancergirl, you have a beautiful heart and I am praying for you that all goes wonderfully in your grand quest of love, and I think, just maybe... perhaps... with a little help from some angels I know... that matters are about to take a nice turn for you. It's been a long time coming. And it appears to be a love song. Keep the faith.

    Love and peace,


  • wow! thank you so much AstraAngel! That actually made me tear up because it hit me right in my heart of hearts. Your reading was poignant and absolutely beautiful, and you have definitely encouraged me to NEVER GIVE UP! It's funny you mention it all starting with a letter, I have recently written and old flame. Not sure if it could be him- His birthday is 9-20-1984. Could it be?

    if not- thats also fine. I am so pleased with everything you said. Love, light and many blessings to you- you are truly an amazing person with a beautiful spirit! Thank you and a million hugs!

    --xo Cancergirl79

  • gentle bump 🙂

  • Hi Cancergirl79

    Thanks for your patience I was looking over previous threads and saw that I had not answered you....

    Wow! The KNIGHT OF CUPS!

    I think that's a HUMONGOUS YES Cancergirl! ... as soon as this card came out of the deck it immediately went to the floor... and an old Tarot saying... "what hits the floor, comes to the door..."

    Make sure your door bell is working okay. Something like this...

    'Ding dong...'

    "Oh Hey! Cameron! What a surprise!"

    "Hi Jenny... yeah, I was in the neighborhood... I hope you don't mind?"

    "Mind? Mind? No! Not at all!"

    "... um, Jenny... can I come in?"

    "What? Oh yes, yes! Come on in!"

    "Thanks... wow, nice place you have here... hey, don't start picking up anything!"

    "Oh, well I thought I would just... so, how did you find out where I live?"

    "Your return address... on the envelope... I hope that's okay. After that really nice letter you sent me, I was deeply touched. And I realized no less than a personal visit would do. I that... okay?"

    "Oh... YES! Absolutely... here, let me take your coat... have a seat... here, in here... just shove all that stuff, my books and things aside... sorry about the mess..."

    "Hey, don't apologize.. so, Jenny... or should I call you by that little name we use to call each other? You remember... You called me "pookie"…"

    "...and you called me cookie! You remembered!"

    "Hey, how could I forget! And when I got that letter... and the little pressed and dried flower inside... well, I said to myself, Cameron... you need to look little Miss Cookie up!"

    "Well, I am so-o-o glad you did! Like some tea?"

    "Love some... and so, what else is going on with you? How's your... you know...."

    "My love life? Sux... how did you know?"

    "Well, in your letter it sounded like you were a little lonely... "

    "yeah... lonely is putting it mildly. How about you 'pookie'? You got a lady?"

    "I do now."

    "... Oh my g,., you are the same as ever... you remember that time..."

    "... in the car, down at the overlook?"

    "... oh God I will never forget that. I thought we were going to shake the car right off the cliff!"

    "Yeah.. that was a night to remember... until the cops showed up!"

    ".. ha ha... yeah they kind of broke our train of thought!"

    "... well, we sure made up for it, over the next few months... all through the winter."

    "yeah... (sigh)... the cabin... God I would give anything to go back to that cabin..."

    "in the winter. Yeah... that was really sweet. Some of the best years of my life..."

    " too pookie… me too... I dream about that cabin sometimes... I was never so in love as I was back then with you."

    "I know. Me too."

    "Oh here's your tea, I made it the way I remembered you like it.."

    ".. oh hey thanks... perfect... delicious... So what happened cookie?"

    "...I dunno... work maybe. You took that job in NYC, and had to move..."

    "Yeah.. that was a tearful farewell..."

    "... I missed you terribly that spring... ever since really... i never got over it."

    "... I know. I missed you too. Hey cookie, guess what? I got that cabin back."

    "What!? No way! You bought it?"

    "Yep! Tracked down the owner... and made an offer and... it's mine! Or I should say... ours."

    "What? Ours... what do you mean?"

    "I put it in both of our names. After I got your letter, I contacted the title company and had it transferred to both of our names!"

    "... what? No way! Are you serious?"

    "Absolutely serious! Matter of fact... (he reaches deep in his pocket....) …here is your copy of the key!"

    "Oh My God… I don't believe it! Are you… are you serious?"

    "You better believe I'm serious… I loved our winter there so much, I decided I wanted us to experience that as often as possible."

    ".. I am not believing this… Cameron.. this is the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me…"

    "Oh that's only the beginning…. I am so looking forward to taking you there again… and sharing… about us…"

    "Oh… that sounds so nice… you would like to… share and talk about… intimate things?"

    "… oh yes… you see, that's all I care about really. Emotional connection. I did a lot of growing over the years since we were apart… a lot of inner growth work… and all I want is to be close to you… emotionally you know… talk and share, emotional connections... would you like that?"

    "Like that? Are you kidding? That would put me on Cloud Nine! Sharing… with you again… and being close… "

    "… in OUR cabin?"

    "… you are going to make me cry Cameron…. I can't believe this…."

    "… well I did have one other gift for you… I hope you will accept it…."

    (Cameron reaches in his other pocket and pulls out a little black velvet box)

    (Cameron drops down on his knees in front of you…)

    "Jenny, this is "pre-engagement" ring and it is a token of my love for you… Will you consider pre-engaging me? After that letter, I realized how much you always meant to me… and as long as you are willing to consider something more… permanent… this is a little ring I picked up for you. Would you at least consider a committed relationship? Down the road perhaps?"

    "… oh my God… oh my God… this is so… beautiful…. it is gorgeous… it looks like a …"

    "DIamond? Yeah… it was something I picked out this morning for you on the way over, again… it is only a "pre-engagement" ring… not the real ring… this one is only a one karat diamond. "

    "Oh my God… Oh my G… it is …INCREDIBLE! … I accept! Our … pre-engagment!"

    (At this Cameron leans over and kisses you passionately… and looks deep into your eyes… )

    "Cookie… I feel deep things for you… you mean the world to me…."

    "Cameron… I don't know what to say… I…."

    "You don't have to say a word… can you meet me at the cabin tomorrow? I have it stocked with a lot of nice things for us… yummy food... some wine… soft music… and I hear we are going to have snow… I thought we could hang out there over the next few days, with a fire in the fireplace… and get… you know… re acquainted. "

    "Oh my God… and I am off this whole week… unbelieveable! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't wait!"

    "Fantastic Jenny! …I mean… Cookie! I can't wait to … share.. and hold you close…. and gaze into your eyes…. see you then… you remember how to get there?"

    "Oh yeah… I even drove up there a few weeks ago… just to dream… I sat in the car… and it brought back so many … pleasureable… memories…."

    "I'll see you then, tomorrow… bring your favorite P.J.'s… and a nice soft sweater… like the ones you used to wear… the ones that really showed off your figure…."

    "Oh, I will…. I can't believe this is happening… you are an… angel!"

    "Naa.. just Pookie… same guy you knew back when…. "

    (You both stand up and he wraps his arms around you and hugs you close and tight, and kisses you tenderly… and then walks out, waving bye…)

    "See you tomorrow Jenny…."

    "yes… and this ring… it fits… perfectly!"

    "I figured it still would…. I see you have kept your trim body… you look the same as you ever did! Bye darling!"

    "Oh my God… Bye!"

    Love and light Jenny... I mean Cancergirl... I mean Cookie.... 🙂


    (photo of cozy fireplace courtesy of morgue file on the world wide web)

  • Amazing! AstraAngel, you are the embodiment of sweetness and love! 🙂 you give me much encouragement! Can you please do a reading for him? Again his bday is 9.20.84 as he is very hard for me to understand. At your convenience of course! And anything about how he feels about me and if there is anything standing in our way relationship wise?

    Again, thank you tenfold!!

    Sending an abundance of love and light and hugs your way!

    Xo- cancergirl79

  • Hi cancergirl

    He is a Virgo and has Mercury in Virgo right over your North node and Saturn. So this means that he can really help you communicate about your life path, which is wanting to go in that Virgo direction. It also means that you sense his organizational ability in the home front and would love to get his help on putting up a bookshelf for all of those Favorite Cookie Recipes of the Year cookbooks you bought. He can also help you organize your potholder collection which is currently overflowing out of the kitchen drawers and into the floor. The kitty cat ones especially are out of control.

    Oh wow!~ His Venus is in Cancer right on top of your Sun! Holy Smokies! That is a potent combination, we really don't have to go any further, this guy would light up your life brighter than that fire you will soon have going in that mountain cottage he just bought for the two of you.

    His Venus is in Libra, "trying" to maintain balance in the hot and heavy physical aspects of your union. I don't see much success there, your Pluto keeps interfering to make sure the steaminess stays intense.

    His Mars is over your Neptune in Sagittarius which means that he will want to take a lot of rides you, to dreamy places... near your cottage... little day trips, things like that.

    There is more, that is the main stuff. His moon in cancer right on top of you sun is more than enough evidence that you two would not stop "baking cookies" for a long, long time.

    Oh, and both of your Mars are in opposition! OMG that means that when you are "baking cookies" you will be playful and cavorting around the "kitchen", i can see a lot of "experimentation" with recipes, trying different ways to "position" the cookies on the baking pans.

    You wrote him a letter? Mail him a Care package with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a copy of the Kookie Sutra. That will help break the ice.

    As for him being hard to understand... part of that is because his Moon is at Square with his Venus, so there is some emotional turbulence when he tried to open up and share. This also means that you may have some difficulty picking up on his energies, you will sense his frustration and he can seem a little distant. That is where your Sun is there, to brighten that area, So he needs your Sun to lighten that part of his being. Keeping everything light hearted and fun will go a long way with him

    So will "baking" one batch of Kookies after another.. that will go a long way too.

    Okay, lets draw a few cards and probe him a little... don't tell him I did this, it is considered unethical in some Tarot circles. Good thing you found a reader who believes "all is fair in love and war". Hey, he can go find his own tarot reader and do a Vulcan Mind Probe on you too!

    How does he feel about you?

    Eight of Cups - well, at least its a Cups card. this is a sentimental card and I think it really heightens the sense of something you two shared deeply in the past and you were forced apart for reasons not entirely your own.

    What would he like to see happen with you? Five of Pentacles - a change of location, he would like to see you. The Empress - he would like to see you and see what you have been up to. Temperance - he remembers you as an angel, and there was something about you that brought balance into his life that he would love to restore. It is that Sun of yours over his moon. And helping him with the Sq Venus to his moon issue.

    What does the future hold for you two? Ten of Swords - well, this same exact card just came up for another couple and I will give you the same interpretation that I have Yukiyuki. The swords are all piercing her body. These long things. She is helpless under his penetrating "gaze".

    This card tells me that you two will probably win the "how long can we stay in the kitchen and bake cookies together without stopping" contest.

    Next steps for you - KNIGHT OF SWORDS - write him again and don't stop until he files a restraining order.

    And the Lovers and the Eight of Swords. The lovers is what is trying to happen here and you are rescuing him. See yourself as the "Love Doctor" in his life, ministering to him. He misses you and he misses baking cookies with you. Send him those cookies and that kook book and some photos of you or something... showing you baking cookies.... the Knight of Swords says that YOU are the one chasing so you are supposed to chase. He may be too emotionally wounded to respond so he is wanting you to be more aggressive here.

    Go for it - have fun! At the very least he will help you get control of your insane potholder collection! Especially the Christmas ones you already have out!

    love and cookies,


  • photo of your Christmas potholder courtesy of morgue file on the world wide web

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel. The one i speak of is in prison and will be released soon. I think, lol. When you said "what falls to the floor comes to the door' was so weird cuz we spoke about him surprising me upon his release...We shall see. Im not a chaser type really, thats hard for me. He is a very private man, and will show some emotion..then back off..then come back friendly..then show emotion again. frustrating to say the very least. I really do feel like backing up completely.

    Anything else in the cards?

    Promise I won't bother you more

    Love and Light

    xo- Cancergirl aka Monica

  • Monica,

    I see your situation, that has to be hard, with him in prison. You obviously really care for him.

    Sitting here contemplating your situation and the Two of Wands and the Ace of Swords came out.

    The Two of Wands shows a clear choice between two options, you are wanting to make a choice here in this situation with him.

    Then the Ace of Swords is like the Spark of a new idea, or insight, and it must be connected with him as well. We saw several swords show in the reading before, so the Sword energy - thinking, pondering a future with him, analyzing the matter, over and over seems to finally come to a rest with a quality decision on your part, landing you at the Ace of Swords - a fresh new beginning.

    I want to say that he WILL be out before you know it, and that will provide a great new start for two of you. Then the long distance communication (swords) ends and you are able to be together at last.

    I was thinking to myself, a Cup would be really nice to see here... and that is what came out next! The Page of Cups, who is like the sweetest, most innocent heart-feeling man you can imagine. So this says something very sweet to me for you two, however this seems to hinge on you, and making some sort of decision. It could be remaining committed to him even though he is back and forth with being open to you.

    In my card however, the person in this is a lady, and she is holding up a cup to the sky, and seems to be offering it up. I can suggest that you write him and let your feelings come out in words, by hand. Do you write like that often between each other, or has it been emails and phone calls that sort of thing. Maybe you visit him.

    Pages are messengers and this cup messenger is very tender and open and sincere... love is always giving and doesn't really care where it leads... we can become hurt opening our hearts to another like that, however someone has to start that process otherwise none of our relationships will ever go anywhere.

    I hope that gives you something to consider.

    Love and light to you Monica I have prayed for you two... for a miracle.


  • Thank you Astra- you really are a godsend. I'm also praying for a miracle.. I hope to have some good news for you In a few months time.

    Love and light and hugs

    Cancer girl79

  • Astra! Omg! You will never believe this.. But I gave you the wrong birthday for my friend! It is 9-20-82! That changes everything entirely! Total different chart! Can u please now give me an accurate I nervous cuz it seemed we were pretty compatible before.. And maybe a new reading along with it. I'm so sorry for the mixup!

    Thank you!

    Monica aka cancergirl79

  • Hey CG

    Okay, you're right that does make matters a little different

    1. His Venus in his Virgo Sun sign is near your North Node and Saturn conjunction so this would explain some attraction, like he is offering you some help with your life path. You sense that he is loving the direction your life is on, he gives good energy when it comes to your life goals. Supportive.

    2. Likewise your Venus is close to his North Node in Cancer - so the same thing applies. Already I see this is an amazing combination for your relationship. TIP - keep your relationship focused on your life goals (personally) and show sincere support for one another in your individual spiritual development and you will do well.

    3. Both of yuo Chirons are in Taurus, and your Moon is in there too... plus neither of you have a lot going on in the quadrant next to this, Cap to Aries. This tells me watch out for a strong emotional intensity at times in Taurus. As your Chiron pain is seeking some relief, your emotions could be called into play.

    This relationship would be a prime candidate for another a third person who is close to the two of you who has strength and energy in that Cap - Aries area. Could be a close friend, and this could be intimate. Spiritually intimate.

    4. His Mercury near your Pluto in Libra - so expect a lot of discussions about rights and wrongs in the relationship, expectations, lines, balance, this is good as it will develop communication around justice and a true 50/50 relationship. This will help keep you two flowing together.

    5. Uh oh... His Moon is in Scorpio PLUS Jupiter is there also.

    Okay, new game plan. Do you like shopping at those stores that show the "Male-Female" symbol on their sign? With names like "Cupid's Boutique" or, "The Lover's Nest".... with a lot of nice outfits that are environmentally correct as they don't use much material? You do? Good, because that is where HE will be wanting to go.

    Do you like watching movies?

    That's good, because he will be wanting to watch some fun movies with you, that will expand your consciousness as regards what you two might like to do in your free time.

    PLUS your moon is close to opposition in Taurus - do you know what this means? You will be exerting some playful opposing energies in the that dimension of life... which should drive him wild. How close are your neighbors to where you live? I hope the next house is not within 2,000 feet. As you could keep them awake at night. You live in an apartment? i guess you could spray about a foot thick layer of sound-deadening insulating foam on the walls.

    6. Good luck.

    I hope that helps cg, this is a wild ride for sure (i meant that in a nice way) ha ha/

    Let me know about any followup readings for questions like "Help astra... I am not getting much sleep.. it's my guy... he's keeping me up late... can you help?"

    Yeah, I can help. Learn to sleep at your job.

    Have fun,


  • Hi Astra!

    Thank you for the new reading! Lol I got so excited about it being him I got flustered smh lol. Well, I have taken your advice and sent him some pictures of me- sexy pictures hehe and he loved them. He has been opening up alot more and now closes his emails with "love always" awwww and like I said he is very private and doesn't show his emotions much so that lil bit made me happy. I can't wait for him to come home! super excited lol

    Love and hugs and cookies and light to you my dear astraangel 🙂

    And thank u again!

  • Oh also, his ascendant is in Scorpio also- he is intense!! Lol mine is in libra 🙂

  • Yeah, so you are supplying balancing energies to that intense side of this nature. So this should work out - in theory! You still need to find a way to plug that hole between cap and aries

    You two need something intense in Pisces to focus on together like a shared work or something that piscean in nature - like a giant aquarium in your home once you are together, or buy a house with a gigantic swimming pool. Water is a key with you two somehow.

  • Hmm- are you saying to bridge the gap I should apply the Piscean element? Like feng-shui? And you mentioned a third person? What do u mean by that? I'm a little confused? Could that be a friend, or another lover? Or maybe a child? I have an Aries dog lololol

    I'm sorry for the questions I just need to be super sure lol

    Thanks again Astra!

  • Water needs to be a part of your life together, very strong - keep water and nice flowing elements around you a lot. Light blue green colors, large photos of beaches and surf... big salt water aquarium, like a 200 gallon... those energies will help fill a void in your combined chart. When you go out to eat together pick out those restaurants that have a nice big aquarium and ask to be seated near that... take plenty of walks by a lake, river, ocean... use "flow" a lot when you talk together... these voids are there to teach us something, so its all good...

    The third person is another option... I am simply trying to find a way to compliment your union so that you aren't expecting one another to fill that Cap-Aries hole from one another. Shared charts are like a wheel, that has to be balanced. When you have it weighted heavily one way it creates a need for a balancing energy... a third person would be wonderful, yes another lover, or 'very' close friend, someone that you both connect with deeply and feel a part of the union, who has emphasis in that area of the chart - Sun sign Pisces. I am getting a Pisces lady... Her intuition would really help all of you stay in a sweet place together. There would of course need to be deep trust there, and that is a life lesson in itself.

    Not sure about a child, although that could be wonderful... I was thinking a person you can communicate with, or the water elements, or both! You and your lover go buy a dive shop in the Bahamas and run that and you will be just fine.

  • Thank you for your insight my lovely Astra!

    I really appreciate your patience and understanding with me during this trying time.

    Will update soon

    XO- cancergirl79

  • Astra-

    I hope you are well and have had great holidays. If and when you have the time i am requesting a follow up reading. I havent heard from my friend in over a month-need some insight. Thank you my dear friend


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