Can someone please help me with this ..i am lost :(

  • could some kind soul read for my "spiritual growth" and tell what i should be expecting for in coming times ? i am pretty confused , longing "intensely" for someone to come into my life ,as well as feeling ready to get on some journey that is much needed(i have this strong feeling) ... but i am very stuck currently .... can i get some insight into the matter ? i am very confused .... i crave for someone to come and show me guidance in this path which is very new to me ... it also would be helpful if you tell whether that person would come soon or it is just in my mind ?! i don't know why do i have this sudden urge to meet "someone" ... !

    thanks so much for your help


  • I don't do future readings because I think it's better to fix the present first so that the future becomes what you want it to be. To see what issues are holding you back from getting what you want, can you give me something with which to tune into your vibes - your birthdate (please write out the date eg. Dec 12 1967, as they differ from country to country) and a photo of yourself if you have it - though it's not vital to the reading.

  • thanks thecaptain for considering to read's so very kind of you.

    my birth details are feb 11,1980..... your insights would be highly appreciated .

    thanks so much again for offering to help .

  • According to your astrological and numerological profiles, you are among the most deeply sensitive of people in the world. This might be difficult to discern however, for you cover up your soft underbelly with a hard shell of cool objectivism and ostensible rationality. You are called to become more balanced, mature, and psychologically whole as you integrate your inner and outer realities. Self-protective in the extreme, you probably have experienced betrayal of your trust. So you must rebuild trust in yourself to be more discerning and a better judge of character. You will learn how to evaluate others so that you know whom to trust and why. Only then will you be able to show others what you are truly made of. Your core lesson is to trust your own judgment. Your goal is to reveal your sensitive core to others and to stop seeing yourself as a victim, using your gifts of compassion, observation, and an orientation towards service.

    Guarding against the cynicism and intolerance that arises from personal disappointments will figure prominently in your life lessons. Though you can believe yourself to be kind and compassionate in more universal ways, you may nevertheless prefer not to have some of your best qualities put to the test in real life. There is a great fondness for abstraction here, and a tendency to withdraw into 'principles' when in fact emotions are at issue. Yet if you can indulge your need for affection and come to understand that a sense of nonattachment need not exist at odds with honesty, integrity, and confidence, then your path to personal liberation and enlightenment will become clear. Your challenge in this lifetime is to remain open while learning discernment at the same time. Once you face your challenges and issues, your fulfillment will be found in feeling as though you truly belong.

    What you really want is to receive love. Your need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. To successfully bring this energy into your life, you need to first give love by cheering people up - you know how to use the limelight to make others happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group that will support you, accept you, and love you. The best barometer for being 'on track' is the applause and approval of others. In the process of giving happiness - as long as you stay in alignment with your own humanitarian ideals - you gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

    Your Achilles' Heel is an overriding need to feel the acceptance of your peers ("If I just cooperate with life and 'go with the flow', my peers will automatically support me and bring me happiness.") But your friends can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life brings. Become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after those things that will bring you happiness. The trap you fall into is an unending search for knowledge ("If I have enough knowledge, I will feel confident to take creative action.") But you never have enough knowledge so you go with the flow and wait for happiness to find you. You must take the risk and create your OWN happiness. The irony is that once you begin creating happiness, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly.

    A strong relationship will strengthen you, stabilize you, and bring you joy. You have yearned for love and affection since you were a child, but you were no easy kid to raise. You needed direction (still do) but wouldn't take it. You craved love but pushed people away then yanked them back when they had just about had enough of you. The older you get, the more you can hopefully understand and accept love without thinking it's a symptom of submission. You are attracted to strong egos - and strong egos like to control - so naturally you will have to change your rebellious behaviour if you want to have somebody around. But being the eternal rebel without a cause isn't going to attract your soulmate or make you a star, especially if you constantly seek out people to disagree with, who are going to fall into the role of dad who is about to spank you for your naughtiness. You get a kick out of playing the bad, mad child nobody can control. You can't settle for the bourgeois life - what, settle down and get married and be normal? You may get married but you'll never really be normal. Surburbia will hold no joy for you unless you can cause some ruckus that may embarrass the partner you've chosen to keep you in line. You need that partner you constantly run away from. You need that jerk on your chain (or a very long leash) to remind you that you're not a free bird able to fly in and out whenever you feel like it - but you hate that sort of surveillance too. You need your 'boss' to seize back control when you've gone too far which you would do forever if somebody tries to censor your thoughts or limit your actions. Funny how you may do everything to be unlike your parent of the same sex, yet sooner or later you have to face the fact that you are more like them than you ever wanted to be. As you get older, you understand more about your parents' marriage and how tough it is to fit that square peg into a round hole. If you can team up with somebody who is not subject to the same turbulent, torturous fears of giving up independence as you, you will discover what it means to be a grownup and have an adult relationship. Part of you would always rather be the child than the parent. Yet equality in a relationship is what you must seek. Making a connection with someone more able to handle intimacy will show you how to have a healthy relationship, and what your real contribution is going to be. You must probe your obsession with being so self-reliant that you would rather be alone than deal with the responsibilities of an adult love realtionship. You must pass through your fear of being controlled by another person and onto a higher expression of your Aquarian nature that will help you remain a free agent, while connecting on a profound and intimate level in your professional or personal life.

    You have a strong tendency to over-cooperate, giving your all and then falling into resentment and withdrawal. After having your fill of doing what everyone else wanted or expected of you in your childhood, you may even develop maverick qualities later in life where you need to go and do it your own way. Yet your ambitions can create blind spots as you tend to skip necessary steps on the path to your goals. Impulsive actions can lead to regrets. For you, failure can be useful feedback if you're paying attention. When you run into problems, you need to determine which step you skipped and redo it; this releases any pattern of failure. No challenge will be too great for you if you break it down into small, manageable portions. Strength, persistence, common sense, fortitude, and your strong analytical and structuring capabilities can take you as far as you want to go, as long as you are willing to go through the process to get there. Your practical and organizational talents help you excel in many fields and you feel deep satisfaction when you use your abilities to support others in service. Because you usually like to know what is expected of you, you generally feel attracted to anything practical with clear limits, boundaries and measures of success. Your strong orientation towrads security means financial stability is a priority - you will achieve it through high energy and focused work. As long as you approach your goals step-by-step and remember to enjoy the process, you will prosper.

    Professions that reward individual creative effort such as entertaining (acting or dancing), art, teaching, entrepreneurship, or some other work that lets you take centre stage and releases your tremendous creative energy in constructive ways that bring joy to all, are best for you. Dealing with children, speculation, games, and sports are also good. But it is equally important that you put aside work from time to time and just have fun.

  • thank you so much thecaptain .

    that was quite insightful ... thanks so much for doing this reading for me.



  • A spiritual guide sounds like what you are looking for from this forum. The Captain said as much in a very lengthy reading, but I don't work that way. If you would like to share the type of path you wish to make progress upon, then you have come to the right place.

  • hello firefly

    i am so glad to read your post . you have spot on with what you have mentioned that i am looking for a spiritual guide . i have been going through intense spiritual awakening for some years and many situations/bad symptoms/bad relationships in my life have now turned out to become better and problems seem to be going away leaving me vulnerable because i feel i am born again but don't know what to do with my new life .. physically everything seems to have sorted out or in the process of getting sorted but within me i feel a tremendous change from where i had started ... i feel different, i think different , i act differently , i behave n say things in a different manner , i take people's behaviour towards me in a different manner than how it was before .... and there is much more ... on spiritual level i was progressing well (until recently was not even aware that it was spiritual awakening i have been going through all these years , amazing?!) but now i feel stuck .... i am lost , confused , don't know why i am feeling stagnated all of sudden.... !

    i am urging to have some guide in my life who could show me the way to "my path" as i seem to have a blurred vision right now in terms of clarity for which way to go and this is making me restless and this has been going on for a while and now i am totally frustrated and it has started affecting my relationships again with others .... !!

    this is the only reason why i posted this request here on this board to get come insight into "what is going on ? and what am i supposed to do/know to proceed further ?" .... !!

    thecaptain was kind enough to read for me but unfortunately it didn't serve the purpose for me for the situation i am in currently ... i am more in need of spiritual guidance as you have rightfully stated in your post ... !!

    i would be very happy to hear from you again . i really want to see myself "growing in this spiritual path" and i do have this strong feeling that things are going to change soon ... !!

    if you could provide your insight that would be greatly helpful and appreciated .

    thanks a lot for offering to help . this is so very kind of you .



  • This is exactly the reason for this forum. We all need spiritual sustenance and sometimes, we all get stuck on a negative plane. I use meditation--the simple kind, such as reading Proverbs in the Bible. Sometimes, I can read the same scripture over and over and then, a sudden comprehension overwhelms me. Then, I am totally delighted with learning something on a deeper level. Reading (most anything will work) can be a very relaxing way to get back in touch with your spiritual plane because you are not thinking about yourself but still learning in an enjoyable way. For instance, Proverbs Chapter 2 has great, significant meaning for me and reading and meditating on what I read--using the dictionary to gain greater insight--helped me beyond human comprehension.

    Yet, as oxymoronic as this may sound, I also use Tarot cards (Rider-Waite only) to gain greater depth of understanding. I've studied numerology for decades and discovered there is a link between time and circumstance; the very numbers of Tarot cards have meaning in addition to the Tarot meaning. I suppose my gift came about by my yearning to understand others on a deeper level. One must want and NEED to feel a greater connection before it is given. Seek and ye shall find...and enjoy the process. It is part of growth in all matters.

    Blessings & Peace

  • Ilikecolors, the future depends on the actions you take in the present moment. Also your future changes as you change, so one reading may not express your exact future if you decide after it to take a new direction. The true purpose of psychic readings is not to tell you your future but to let you see what you MIGHT be heading for and give you the option of changing it if you don't like the predicted outcome.

  • And the best option in life is to fight what you fear. What is it that is scaring you most at the moment?

  • hello thecaptain

    nothing is scaring me . i just am lost at the moment . as i have discussed above i have developed a new way of thinking ,different from how it was before , my relationships have changed from being extremely bad to loving and supporting ( and it still amazes me when i think how did all this happen?!). i feel i am changing internally at a faster pace ..have been numb for many many months but all of sudden there is this urge to find a mentor is so strong .... this urge could be because i feel i am new to my surroundings ... i am wondering like a little infant who is left alone to be on her own and who doesn't even know how to walk let alone discovering which way to go ... i feel stagnated , stuck and this has caused extreme restlessness....... i am wondering "what am i doing here?" "what is my purpose of being here ?""what am i supposed to do ?" all the time... and my mind refuses to respond ........ i don't know what state i am in ..!!

    that is the only reason why i posted my request here on the board so i could get some insight ..!!

    everything in and around me is new to me ... people , their thinking about me , my thinking about me n themselves , my goals , motivations ....everything is changed ...... this is overwhelming at the same time very chaotic .. that is why i feel the need of "help" ..... if someone could give me some insight into my situation that might help me understanding it better and do something about it ..... i am craving for things to get settled in my mind ......!!

  • Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher you could ever want is always with you - that is your life.

    The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we don't recognize our teachers because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru, yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people teach us by showing us what we don't want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go - all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your life.

    We can help ourselves to remember this perfect teacher each day with a few simple words. Each morning we might find a moment to say, "I acknowledge and honor the teacher that is my life. May I be wise enough to recognize the teachers and lessons that I encounter today, and may I be open to receiving their wisdom." We might also take some time each day to consider what our lives are trying to teach us at this time. A difficult phase in your relationship with your child may be teaching you to let go, for example. The homeless person you see every day may be showing you the boundaries of your compassion and generosity. A spate of lost items may be asking you to be more present to physical reality. Trust your intuition on the nature of the lesson at hand, work at your own pace, and ask as many questions as you want. Your life has all the answers.


  • Basically you have to start with your self, not with anyone else in order to evolve and find direction. You have to get to know yourself - your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, fears and issues, needs and desires - so well that your path becomes crystal clear and obvious. When you know what you really want deep inside to make you happy, your direction opens up to you.

    For instance, to say that nothing scares you either means you don't know yourself well or you are not admitting to your fears. Everyone has fears and issues, we cannot avoid them as we are all human, and besides it is through our flaws and fears that we learn and grow. It is by acknowledging and confronting fear that you learn how to eradicate it from your life and move forward. Fear cannot be ignored or hidden away. You are lost because you don't yet know yourself well enough to see your obvious direction. What is blocking your way forward are the issues of your life, the fears. Start there.

  • dear thecaptain

    thank you so much for taking time to respond and i understand where you are coming from.

    i'll keep in mind what you suggested .

    thanks again for being kind .

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