Who is the best psychic in the world?

  • Hi guys,

    Does anyone know who is the best/the most famous psychic in the world? Please suggest me.

    Best advance

    Simon neil

  • Hello,

    I myself am not a psychic but I have gotten many many readings. I'm going to give my two-cents but don't take my word as law... this is just my personal experience and it differs from others, I am sure.

    In my experience, a lot of the famous psychics aren't necessarily the best psychics but are just riding on "hype." I myself once paid money for a reading from a popular psychic with great testimonials only to find that she wasn't real.

    And I have gotten free readings from those who seem to have great skills. I would experiment, shop around, etc. until you find not the best one, but the best one for you.

    Remember that even the best psychics can be wrong as they are humans like us in the end and therefore they can make mistakes and sometimes they simply just do not connect with certain people very well. You should shop around to find the psychic that's most compatible with you personally... I could give you the name of my psychic, one who's always been very accurate and well-connected with me personally, only to find that with you she doesn't connect at all and keeps giving you wrong information.

    A good place to shop around is here on Tarot.com, on Yahoo! Answers (I like to type in "psychic" and send private messages to those who seem to have skills... many psychics give charity readings), and on I wish you luck!


  • That's like asking who is the best artist! I vote for Michaelangelo or Leonardo or Rubens or Dali or all of those who have lasted through time.

    There are those who feel that Edgar Casey was the greatest in modern times. As a former member of the Foundation, I agree. However, there are others who rank right next to him.

    It is better to ask what kind of reading you want. Psychics don't need any tools at all. When someone wants a psychic reading, I explain the rules:

    1. Don't tell me your name or birthday. I am a Master Numerologist and am trained in the field of Astrology. I can do an hour long reading for you and never use my psychic abilities.

    2. Ask a specific question. Wrong way: Will I ever get married?" Right way: " What is on the romantic horizon over the next 12 to 18 months?" You have identified the area; you have put it in the near future; and it cannot be answered yes or no.

    3. Do not show your palm to anyone. This is another way information about you can be found by someone who is not psychic.

    Now for the good part. Try a wide range of psychics and other professionals. Here are some types if readings you can experience:

    Tea leaves. crystals, aura, psychometry, compatability charts. predictive charts, palmestry, and much more. You will know the truth when you hear it. When you find someone you really trust, he or she can be placed at the top your list.



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