Lost real gold bracelet

  • hello captain,

    i have recently noticed that i cant find my real gold indian bracelet, i wore it nearly 1-2 years ago and put it away but i just cant rermember where i have put it and i am desperatly searching for it. please can you use your skill and direct me to the precise area i am likely to find it please... from amina

  • Indian as in United States American Indian or from the country of India? India is not known for making anything out of gold. They predominately use brass for their idols and gold only for bridal gowns to show how much she and her family are worth.

    Time to get down to business and clean out drawers.

  • Amina, I am seeing it in some kind of soft pouch or bag in a pocket of a jacket or some similar clothing.

  • I'm getting a small area. I see it standing sideways or positioned sideways where you would have to pull out instead of pick-up. I'm also getting that you put away in haste and has gone to the back of something after you shut it. It's there but might be sideways?

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