Phoenix Rising

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    Which witch is which?

    This truly is my favorite time of year. Days wane, each night leaning toward winter’s chill. The sun swings low across the sky. Souls whisper in the shadows.

    A sliver of moon rises early these mornings. At sunset, Venus presides in the western sky. Jupiter, her counterpoint, hails in the east. We’re held in the magic of the season.

    Halloween isn’t just about tall hats and black cats, pumpkin patches and harvest fests. It’s a contemporary celebration of the traditional All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos, and all of these are connected to the cross-quarter gateway called Samhain.

    As the Sun crosses into Scorpio today, the veils between worlds thin. The air ripens with scents of the season. The completion of the Mayan Ninth Wave on October 28 adds to the mystery.

    The line-up

    October 26 – New Moon in Scorpio

    October 28 – All underworlds of the Mayan calendar complete (according to the research of Carl Johan Calleman

    October 31-November 4 – Samhain

    This week’s new moon opens a 28-day lunar cycle that culminates in another eclipse series: A partial solar eclipse on November 24 followed by a total lunar eclipse on December 10. Next, of course, comes Solstice, followed by the grand opening of 2012.

    What it’s about

    The transformational impact of year-end 2011 is just as profound as the beginning and middle. In this phase, themes are:

    Conscious transformation through death and rebirth. This is the shaman’s path, the spiral that leads into the abyss, the dark, shapeless realm of infinite potential.

    Power. Empowerment of the individual leads to change in the outer forms of our lives and our world. The political revolution now sweeping the planet is an example. The shift begins within and spreads.

    Purification. To me, this feels like passing through turnstile after turnstile, churning through karma, purifying the self in preparation for a new beginning. Earth changes are part of the purification as well.

    Grace. In this awakening of consciousness, we are divinely held, and guided. The Ancestors draw near.

    All blown up

    Scorpio is about power. Individual empowerment leads to a collective shift. That’s what we’re shooting for at this end of a world age. We’re awakening more and more to the truth that the old ways, the old forms, no longer serve. Life on Earth must be transformed. But the new has yet to be born.

    Right now the focus is on deciding to end the old, to destroy it, clearing the path for a new way, a new life, to emerge. We’re in the phoenix stage. The mythical bird destroys itself in flames then rises from the ashes of its former self to achieve new heights.

    The final passage of 2011 is about completion, the ending that precedes rebirth. Celebrate death and the cycle of life. Enter the spiral, sacred space of becoming.

    Allison Rae explores eco-spiritual dimensions of consciousness evolution through 2012 and beyond. A passionate teacher and author of several books, Allison offers individual consultations by phone, and leads workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys with groups. Please visit her website for more information:

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  • I kept thinking of fire, flames, yesterday and this morning.

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