Any insight to Virgo men?

  • I dated a Virgo man for about 8 months and it ended rather abruptly with him saying "I didn't expect it to get as serious as it did as quickly as it did." We'd talked about our future and he seemed really happy; we both were. Another excuse was that he "didn't want to be tied down" and many others and my heart is broken. I was just wondering if any of you had dated Virgo men and what your experiences were? Thanks!

  • Also, I'm a libra woman if that makes any difference!

  • Hi, I'm sorry that this happened. I don't know the dynamics of this relationship, don't know how serious it was getting and if he led you on to believe something other than his true intentions. My experiences w/Virgo ( I have dated two) is that they want things their way. Both men wanted to rush into things. I am the one that takes my time in relationships. Both wanted me to make major changes for them. I probably would have if allowed the time to decide if I wanted to make these changes. Needless to say, I didn't get engaged to either. I would be cautious in dealing w/this sign again mainly because I do not rush into anything.

    Maybe that is what happened to you. Things rushed along and then he decided it was too much. I don't know. This is just my personal experience.

  • Yes he definitely led the pace of the relationship. In the beginning, I told him how we weren't getting into anything, etc. and then boom! We talked about how neither one of us was looking for anything but found something wonderful (or so we thought). I can honestly say I wasn't looking for anything from him. I told him I didn't need a husband, a father for my child or anyone to pay my bills. It's the purest form of love I think I've ever felt before. Everything I have read about Virgo men fits him to a "T". It also states that Libra's optimism can turn around any critical or pessimistic Virgo. We were together some this past weekend and we both acknowledged that we'd missed each other but I know he hasn't changed who he is as far as what he wants in a relationship right now. He asked me about every guy he'd seen me talking to since we broke up. I wanted to shout at him and say "you made the choice not to be with me!" I realize those comments were just him doing his controlling thing. I have to move on now it's just really difficult. I've never felt quite like this.

  • I guess what the question is--what did he want in the beginning and what he wants now. Is he a flip-flopper. That was my impression from the two that I know.

  • -Flip-Flopper

    -Mood swinger

    -Workaholic-will always put work before you and your needs.

    -Indecisive (can't make up his mind, one minute say this and do that behavior, or the other way around)

    -Giver one minute and completely cold the next, like u've done something wrong.

    -Ego maniac- loves and craves constant stroking of the ego due to the critical nature of the virgo personality on themselves.

    -Grows bored quickly if u don't stroke his ego with affection and words. He will quickly find someone else to fill that void, even if that means cheating.

    -Claims not to be controlling, however they always find a way to get you feeling head over heals for them, stringing you along, in order to eventually control the whole relationship...will punish you emotionally otherwise by becoming distant and cold.

    These are just some traits i've picked up on from my horrible experience with a virgo man.

    Good for you Lexie72 for moving on with your are someone who seems to have u'r crp together, don't let him come along and take that from you. You were me before I was tested on my strengh towards myself, and ambitions with a virgo man. I fell for the crp, and yes suffered immensely for my bad judgement. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else. Don't even be drawn into his game, because that is only a game that you will lose with a virgo man. They are really good at head yourself, protect yourself, run away hun, you will show strength doings so and therefore pass the test. You will have persevered and by doing so..this has brought you one step closer to the one you are truly meant to be with in the future. Don't let this one stumble you into believing he is your one...his is not your one. You have higher standards for yourself than to settle for being treated like he has treated you. Don't fall into his trap. Love yourself enough hun and you will reap the rewards later, I mean it!

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