Sudden Death

  • I have to know what happened to my 16 yr old nephew, Micheal Sullivan. I just want to make sure he is in the right place now. We are are all in shock and devastated, it happened 24 hrs ago. Any insight to why this had to happen would be greatly appreciated. Blessings

  • Dear Sharon, so sorry to hear of your loss. I guess from your post that your nephew's death was sudden and unexpected. Did he have something with his head? Was it a brain tumour? I am picking up a very quick passing which caught him by surprise but he embraced it when it happened. I have a picture of him floating around happily. He will not have crossed over yet so I for one cannot contact him, maybe someone else can help you more.

    Sending strength to you and your family.


  • Thank you so much in responding so quickly! There was an accident with a gun, he got shot in the head and he was alone.We are still questioning if it was accidental or intentional. The police said he was cleaning his gun and was accidental.He told everybody he loved them just before this happened.Please clarify if it was an accident or not. We miss him so much he was greatly loved. I know he is still here, his death was so sudden and out of the blue. I want him to cross over when it is time. I don't want to think he will be earthbound if it was suicide. So tragic-Many Blessings to you Paddifluff

  • A gunshot? That would explain the sudden rush of blood I see, I thought of a brain tunour. I feel him around though I cannot communicate with him. He is happy to be free. He certainly does not seem unhappy. Suicide or accident? Well he embraced the shot and he is happy now but I cannot tell you whether it was suicide or an accident. What on earth was a 16 year old doing with a gun? Please tell his family he did not suffer nor does he suffer now. He is happy.

    I hope someone else can help you more, Daliote, Blmoon or Shuabby can maybe help you further, but really you have to wait until he has crossed over before he can communicate with you.


  • Thank you so much paddifluff for gift of insight. It means so much to me. His family is losing their mind over this.I hope he knows that! His sister feels like he broke his promise of taking care of her the rest of his life as a brother and that there was a mistake made. He should not of left us so soon. My only comfort is from what you have to say. I have told my sister and her family about what you said, thank you. Regarding guns, I dislike guns, in West Virginia they are quite common esp in the rural areas. So senseless, I don't understand this

    Thank you so much, xoxo Song of Sharon

  • Hello songofsharon

    I have to say that my heart goes out too you and your family. I have had two sons that passed but they were not that old. I just can't see a 16 year with a gun. But I will say a pray and light a candle for you and your family.

    God bless Illona

  • blackladydiver

    Sorry to hear about your sons.So difficult to deal with, the emotional pain. Love and Light to you and your sons. God Bless you Illona, xoxo

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  • paddifluff

    Thank you so much! Your thoughts were much appreciated by the parents.Blessings to you!!!

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