AstraAngel .... Need guidance

  • Hi Astraangel ... I have read many of your readings ... I am in definite need of advice... Several series situations .... Please tell me I will survive all of the nonsense in my life! 11/11/56 ... Thank you for your time.

  • Hey Scorpioreader!

    Okay, you asked me to tell you, so... "YOU WILL SURVIVE all of the nonsense in your life!"

    I am having fun with you, I know its not fun what you are dealing with, I wanted to break the ice a little. 🙂

    Okay, I'll go ahead and use a cross and try to see an overview of whatever you are dealing with...

    1. SELF - The FOUR of SWORDS - Well, this is you at this time, worn out it looks to me. Sleeping, what else can you do? That is the best thing, you are pulling back and you see yourself in a position where you feel helpless, powerless, weak, ineffective, incapable, insufficient, lacking, impotent, failing.


    1. Your ACTUAL situation - THE LOVERS - Wow. So you are embroiled in a love matter, and it is not something that worked out the way you wanted it to. She said, what he said and then what was said was not what was meant and then the next thing you know no one knows anything anymore. This feels like there was something trying to be worked out with this person, they took it the wrong way and now it is more damage control than anything else. It has you looking up to the sky though, which is a good thing. Whatever you tried didn't help, so you decided to get some help before you keep trying. In case you don't have the complete perspective of the situation.

    You don't. Thank goodness.

    1. Crossing you - THE TEN OF WANDS - and here's why. Too much you think you need to carry. The monster nonsense is not something you are ever going to be able to figure out, control, fix, correct, determine, guide, lead, adjust or repair. None of that is going to work any more. You thought it would work you tried everything in the book, a lot of books, you love to read. Only whatever the books are saying ain't jiving with this jive situation. You are weighed down with the fact that you are weighed down. I have good news for you.

    It's going to get worse. In a fun way.

    1. Your FONDEST hopes and dreams - DEATH - Hey tell me about it, sometimes death can look pretty attractive right? This DEATH though is what your heart is deeply longing for, and has arranged these situations in order to mature you out, think of this as the hot late summer heat right before the harvest. You are struggling to arrive in a place where you can UNDERSTAND what is going on and more importantly WHY it is going on. You LONG for inner vision and maturity and transformation. You LONG to be above these situations so they (and nothing else ever again) can rake you over the coals like these things and people did. You want ASCENSION and VICTORY in the midst of these trials. I have some god news.

    You will get the VICTORY.

    1. Are you starting to see? A few adjustments and then you are right as rain. What is number five? Oh yeah, this is the MESS that led up to all of the MESSES. THE THREE OF SWORDS - well it wasn't meant to last was it? You are seeing that now. Whatever she said that he said that you said and they said you and him that last time you went out was not what was said, unfortunately by the time it got back to her it wasn't what she or he said at all. A LOT of talking going on with this person and it drove you up the wall and you wondered why you got involved to begin with. YOU thought it was real at first, what were THEY thinking? No matter, it is under you, six feet down and the worms can have it. Good riddance I hear you say, I wish it were that easy. A lot of tears, and a lot of fears that went nowhere, Ugh. This was a mess how can it get any worse. Oh, I hear you saying, "this is just the beginning, wait til you hear the REST of the story". OMG you HAVE been dealing with a lot, holy smokes. Okay, well I have some good news about this anyway.

    It is number five on the list. Change. About time.

    1. Behind YOU - what has recently been leaving, and thank goodness - THE QUEEN OF WANDS - well there she is. The number five in all her radiant glory, Hello sweetheart, how are you doing today?

    "What did you call me?"

    "I said Sweetheart."

    "I thought you said something else... I thought you called me a name."


    "Yeah, I thought I heard you call me a name."

    "What the &^$% are you talking about?"

    "I think you hate my guts!"


    "THat's rtight, you didn't buy me the widdgy-widgies from the store yesterday!"


    "You don't love me!"

    "What the &%$...?"

    "You do't love me and I have had enough!"

    "What? What? What are you on?"

    "I am going back to... mother's!"

    "WHAT? You are..."

    "I can't take you anymore... "

    "Well, that makes two of us... "

    Hey, all good things must come to an end one day.

    What kind of sound did the door make went it hit her on the A** on the way out?

    Okay, that is leaving. There is now an official light at the end of your tunnel. I am calling today OFFICIAL LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL FOR SCORPIOREADER DAY" Yay! We can celebrate today by passing out earplugs for everyone so no one has to hear what she said, you said, that she remembered you said, last month, last year, and verbatim from years ago. What, does she carry a tape recorder everywhere? Who is this person?

    Okay... whew... I am almost afraid now to turn over the next card... are you ready? This next card is supposed to be What is about to enter your life in the near future. Do we really want to know?

    I am tempted to make up a card here and not look at the card i actually drew for you. What would I like it to be? What would you like it to be? I would like it to be the Three of Cups so that you have something fun in love at last. Do you think this card will be anything like that?

    Okay... here goes... hang on...

    1. COMING UP... THE TWO OF SWORDS!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually this is a nice card for you right here. After the nightmare of that Queen of Wands you need a break big time. And this card is the take a break for a L-o-o-ong time card. So this is coming at a good time for you. Tale the phone off the hook, put your cell phone under those stacks of books you have, and turn all the shades down on your windows, and then crawl under the covers and go to sleeep for a while. Like about twenty years. Wouldn't that be nice? It's time to lay it all down ScorpioReader, take a major break, pull back.. let it go... these situations are all designed to do one thing and one thing only... cause you to want to SCREAM and then cause you to GO TO BED!

    After you wake up in about twenty years, here is what you will be stepping into...

    1. THE TOWER! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha, this is actually a great card SR! Why? Because whatever you have been dealing with, all of this nonsense, will soon be blown out to sea and only the gold, silver and precious stones will remain. The wood hay and stubble (that is the "nonsense") is what will be burned up and blasted to smithereens by the tower energy. I am hearing "take no prisoners" so don't try to save anyone either. By the time you get to this place it is every man, woman and child for themselves. THIS Tower is a welcome breath of fresh air in your life. Wow your situation is intense for sure. How are you holding up? Lots of walks, right? Pacing the floor at 2 A.M. asking God why he singled you out for extra special torture? Hey, tell me about it. I have some Good news. You are not alone. There is one other person on the planet in the same situation. Me. Well, maybe there's a third person in China somewhere.

    2. HOW is the rest of your circle seeing you right now? What are your friends saying about you? What is your church whispering about you behind your back? What kind of stories is your hometown newspaper wanting to write about you?

    THE ACE OF CUPS! FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! ANd the amazing thing it is coming from the outside world! YAY! What this tells me is that You ARE in store for a new beginning in love a lovely relationship that will really float your boat, and not like the last fifty, This one is EXTRA ORDINARY and a little bit supernaturally heavenly, like right out of the sky. THIS IS A FANTASTIC situation developing for you, even as we speak. AND it will come out of the blue. I wouldn't be surprised that you hear about it first like a rumor and it will sound too good to be true and then you will have to pinch yourself, and then you will think you are DREAMING and the good news is...

    You are.

    1. YOUR HOPES AND faeries - THE STAR ! WOW! HEY! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! I want to tell you that as I was dealing out these eleven cards, this STAR card was turned OVER when i dealt it out. And I heard very strong that i was supposed to tell you that YOU HAVE GREAT REASON TO HOPE because some FANTASTIC THINGS are developing for you SR! I am NOT $****** you! YOU HAVE SOME AMAZING things happening! I know it feels like H3LL right now and you are freaking out some days, like WHY WHY WHY is this happening to me, right? Hey, I know the feeling. I have asked that a few times. The FACT of the matter is, you are coming out of a dark chrysalis and are about to enter a new transcendent phase that is amazing and wonderful - you are about to pop out as a lovely BUTTERFLY and then all of this malarkey you have been dealing with will fade away like the dew on the early morning grass under a supernova. SO YOU HAVE A BRILLIANT reason to hope and rejoice! SOMETHING very big and nice coming in love, and in all areas of your life. LOVE IS FIRST THOUGH that will open the door and allow you step through and then all of this other pesky garbage will be dealt with speedily SO KEEP YOUR EYES on the STAR you have something amazing in development.

    Now, the FINAL outcome... this better be a good card or I am going to ask for my money back for this reading I hear you saying... okay... I am a little nervous...

    1. OMFG! THE TEN OF CUPS! SLAM DUNK! This is it babes! STOP YER GRINNIN' AND DROP YER LINEN! THIS IS THE CUP LAND MOTHER LODE OF LOVE! THIS IS IT ScorpioReacher! THIS IS THE LOVE YOU HAVE LONGED FOR and it is lovely beyond words. After this hits your like you ain't gonna remember nuttin about all of that baloney BS you had to wade through. This is HEAVEN SENT love like angel love or something. THIS WILL take you to HEAVEN and you will be zipping around so happy! THIS IS YOUR DOOR. You are getting close, DO NOT GIVE UP you are almost there, keep doing what you are doing no matter how you are feeling. You feel like life is dead and pointless and you are longing for deliverance? That is because what is coming is SO SWEET!!!!!


    Hey, I hope that gives you something to think about! This has been a little wild... I hope you catch a little nugget here and there! LOVE is coming for you that's all I know... and it is WHITE HOT AND SWEET AS PIE AND TWICE AS NICE.

    Let me know should you want me to give you a reading while I am not on acid, and I can try again.

    Oh, and here is a verse for you, with miracle working power. Between this and the butterfly photo of your new body, you should be out of the woods soon. This verse was written by PaulieTarsusie on another Tarot Forum i ran across...

    "While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." -2 Cor 4:18



  • Oh, and photo of butterfly courtesy of morguefile!

  • AA I can't thank you enough! That was awesome! I have been trying to digest all this the last couple days. If acid works, then so be it! I believe I know who the Queen of Cups is, so I will not let her bother me. However, there is a man that I know, but have had no recent contact. I can't help but wonder if it's him. He is 07/18/56. You are so correct about me being weighed down. To hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel is gratifying. I would definitely love to know about this man. Thank you again and have a great day! 🙂

  • Hi scorpioreader

    Let me see about shedding some light on your followup questions.

    Let's take a look at this man. You say he is 7/18/56...

    His Sun and Mercury are in Cancer - A homebody and wants to write a book about it.

    Venus in Gemini - One day he says he loves you the next he asks you how you spell your middle name.

    Mars in Pisces - He loves to fish and he loves to tell everyone he caught a 20 pound bass when in reality he caught a 6 ounce Perch.

    Moon and North Node in Sagittarius - He is galloping into your life with a big heart and he also wants to take you to wherever he is going. As long as you don't mind riding on the back of a horse and being asked to help much stalls once in a while it could be fun.

    Saturn in Scorpio - Don't ask him to take out the trash on Saturdays.

    Neptune in Libra - He dreams of one day building a waterproof scale of justice.

    Jupiter in Virgo - He has shelves and organizers everywhere you look.

    Pluto and Uranus in Leo - He has an alarm clock that looks like a dog with a mane.

    Seriously, he looks like a guy who is very tender and communicative about his feelings. His flair for love is sometimes a little aggressive, and sometimes he will melt in your arms. Beauty and the beast.

    He is very well organized in his practical life, and his emotions are rather controlled. This hides a deep nature though, he often runs from his feelings. Overall he appears to be a very kind hearted man who could use a companion who is willing to help him be relaxed emotionally, especially when the lights go down at home. I see late night fire in the fireplace, soft music and he is crying while you hold him, and you are really helping him to dream and expand his consciousness.

    He likes to watch the Wizard of Oz with you.

    Okay now the Tarot.

    This is going to be free form, no spreads, I am simply going to lay down cards and share whatever I am feeling.

    Three of Pentacles - Expect a little work with this guy, it will be worth it, however it will be some effort. This is not one of those candy cane romances, this is down and dirty how are you really feeling deep down and you are going to have to work to pull it out of him. He wants you to do that, he is HOPING you will do that. It will be worth it though, after a lot of tears like flood level tears, he will wake up one morning next to you in bed and smile, and look at you and whisper "you know Sweetheart, I feel so much better this morning". On THAT morning the Sun will beam through your window and you will gaze up into heaven and say a prayer, "Thank you God for this beautiful man."

    Four of Pentacles - You are building something together, do you see? Three.. Four.. shut the door. So a relationship with him will require that old business be closed out. You both have past "stuff" that you will have to walk away from completely. This will not be that hard though because you will both be consumed with the awareness that you are supposed to be together. A little goes a long way.

    Four of Swords - Ah, another four... 44... this is a number of angels, and a DOOR, and this tells me that you two are meant for each other. At least when you are together you are meant for each other. This is a strong sign to me that you have a calling of ministry or something that you should be doing together. Very strong. This is also a sign that you will be in bed together a lot, dreaming, and sharing and crying over the fact that the bedspread doesn't really match the drapes, ha ha... I see a couple very comfortable and able to laugh when the chips are down, and when the chips are chocolate. Oh, he's a Cancer, you had better brush up on your chocolate chip cookie recipes, he will be expecting some of the most wonderful cookies from you - and you will be expecting him to give his "honest" opinion of how they turned out. Don't worry, he is also a good fibber. 🙂

    Five of Pentacles - Wow! This is so cool... three, four, five... of pentacles... this is going to be a fantastic reunion and wedding (I can't believe I just typed that word) of two hearts and these two hearts know how to make the most of their lives together. Very successful and very affluent is what I see like the best of both worlds, and now it is one world and now you two are sailing everywhere together. Helping the earth in some beautiful ways, as the Lord of Love blesses your union in order that you can give back to the planet and help heal her. This could be the ministry part I saw. The fact that we are seeing this strong sequence of Pentacles tells me that you both are VERY sensitive to the needs of others around you and would LOVE to have a shared work where you can relax and devote your talents toward helping everyone, and every creature, the sea especially. God bless you, I hope that works OUT my heart breaks for our oceans, and we need more people like you two who are ready to tow the line and help our lovely world be lovely forever.

    The Chariot - Something cometh quickly, and that right quickly. Like you are both about to be whisked into service, first in love for one another, very deep and pure, and then towards this work aimed at the earth. The Chariot is a sign that matters are now completely out of your hands, I hope you are okay with that. Heaven is totally in charge now, they have heard your cries, seen the tears and they are NOT deaf! You longed for a companion from your youth and it looks like pay day for you. Keep the faith. Oh, and when it looks like the Chariot is out of control, and it looks like it is going nuts, and you have no idea as to what is happening with the two of you... don't worry, the reality is that it IS out of control, and it IS going nuts.. and that is just perfect! Especially for this Cancer guy with a Virgoian Jupiter. Something had to happen to calm him down. A run away chariot is perfect! Your part? Hang on for dear life and remember to laugh often and loud.

    Nine of Pentacles - Hey, the Pents keep on coming, and coming and coming. What this means is that two of you have the MIDAS touch, first in love, then in marriage, then comes Cancerguy with a baby carriage. Material, material, material abundance, life, love and a push button passion that knows how to balance the goods with the gazes... late night gazes... in love and lace and a longing and a leap toward what you both have secretly wanted - and there was that one little conversation you had together where you shared some dreams and you were both amazed at how similar your passions were! This nine is all about affluence for all the right reasons. I want to say that you are both being pulled together for a divine work. A LIGHT WORK couple is what I am starting to see an it is very strong and beautiful. Wear gloves when you two light your torches, and the nations will see the blaze and know that for such an hour as this were you born.

    Eight of Wands - LOOK OUT. This means Fast, fast , fast, like lightning fast. Whatever it is comes quick and you are not going to have a lot of time to think it over. HINT: When he asks you, "would you like to...? or "would you be willing to..." or "WILL YOU MARR...... " just say YES. Its east, here, let's practice it together, repeat after me.. "Yes." Did you say that? Okay, let's try it again. "Yes". There, that wasn't so hard was it? You can try working on it at home, in front of a mirror... "yes... yes... yes..." See, it's not hard. Get ready to say Yes a lot, like when you are asked to show your Visas, and are asked would you like to see the wine menu at some of the finest restaurants on the planet, and when the realtor in Buenos Aries asks "Would you like to go ahead and write a contract on this beach front home he is showing you... "yes... yes... yes..." How easy!

    It will happen fast as lightning and you are asked to hold on to your faith and here are some other languages you might need to practice that say yes... Oui, jah, Bai, da, ya, jes, jah... the list goes on. And so will your happiness with him.

    Four of Wands - THE card of success and achievement. My deck shows a couple under a trellis and they look plum happy, beaming at each other. Beam me up and you will never come down is what i hear. Success, in love first then in every way possible afterwards. We have already have two other fours, so this third four, 444, tells me that foundations are in the making for the two of you. VERY STRONG FOUNDATIONS ENERGIES in the making and this thing has rocket boosters on it so be ready be ready is all I can tell you. How long have you known this guy? He is your Twin Flame I would run over to his place tonight and ask him could he use some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

    Here is a good recipe:

    Hey ScorpioReader, I hope that helps, I was pretty overwhelmed by the energies associated with the two of you, it looks pretty awesome to me. Send me a postcard would you from your new home in Buenos Aires? You ARE IN FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL VERY VERY VERY SOON hold on to your shorts, unless he has a hold of them... then you can let them go... omg I can't believe i typed that. Oh well. HAVE FUN GOOD THINGS COMING YOUR WAY - GO!



    P.S. Four of Cups... this is angelic love and you are asked to not ask too many questions simply hold on. :):):):).. and OMG THERE IS THE OTHER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good morning, Astraangel! I must sit at my desk this morning and use my computer, instead of my phone, so that I may answer you properly!

    Wow! Wow! And Wow! Cinderella always has been my favorite movie and fairy tale...I mean this as the most sincere form of flattery. After all, if I have felt like Cinderella my whole life, why shouldn't I get the happy ending?

    This has been a long road, for sure. This week is most likely when I met this man in 2003. It was quite by accident, or was it? I believe he was continually put in my path until I paid attention. The timing, however, was all wrong, and his perspective on women and relationships as well. He is still married, separated about 13 years now, I think. One of those, for the good of the children guys. I have always felt he had a uniq

  • Whoops! How did that happen?

    Unique attraction to me, but has never wanted to do anything about it.

    The last communication we had was in May. He text me things were just not going right for him and he didn't think they ever would. I know better. Even on my darkest days, I tel myself it will not always be this way. A week or two later, I sent back a text that was kinda like suck it up and get your act together, condemning his constant flirtations with , well, for lack of a better word, hos. So, there is where we left off. The story between the meeting in 2003 and May is a very long and complicated one, but my life always seems to come back to him. Indeed, I know a lot of men, and I did not think he was my type, but there is something in there that reaches some part of' is different, whether I wish it to be, or not.

    I do truly feel it's that lack of a divorce holding him up. I do think he wants one. I know the other women mean nothing to him. And. yet, this whole story has stalled. Like someone has thrown a monkeywrench in it. There is also a better job I know he is waiting for. I know he will get the job he needs, he just doesn't seem to know it. I saw a recent picture in early September of his wife...she appeared to be pregnant (not his), but was uncertain if this was true. No one has acknowledged it.. That would certainly be a great reason to divorce her, but I'm not even sure if it's true.

    I have my own business, at which I am quite good. However, I have been disatracted since July. 2009 by the health of my younger brother. I know he won't be around forever, but I have fought continually to keep him alive. I know when I get to the fairy tale ending, he will not be there, and I just keep trying to deal with that.

    Astraangel, again. I can't thank you enough for writing to me. I have been through such difficult times, and the reassurance of a light at the end of the tunnel is essential in my mere existence at this point. I love your reading style...tell it like it is. I laughed and I cried...all good. Blessings!

  • Hey Scorpioreader

    He needs to divorce and move on. Give me his phone number or address and I will make him. You two are supposed to be together. He is not doing the children or his wife by being in a perpetual state of gray, murk as regards a lousy marriage. Fish or cut bait.

    I will talk to him and straighten him out. You love him an he loved you and that is all there is to it.

    I got the four of pentacles again, so there again there is that energy of you two building something beautiful together.

    From the reading...

    "Four of Pentacles - You are building something together, do you see? Three.. Four.. shut the door. So a relationship with him will require that old business be closed out. You both have past "stuff" that you will have to walk away from completely. This will not be that hard though because you will both be consumed with the awareness that you are supposed to be together. A little goes a long way."

    So this old business REALLY needs to be closed out, That is what Heaven is trying to do here. I was in the same boat as him trying to hang on to a marriage that was doomed. And once I made the quality decision to file, I feel so much better and so does my wife and kids! Actually, the wife and I are getting a long better now that we both know it is ending. Now we can build on a new foundation of simply being friends. And enjoy life again when we happen to be together. Otherwise, it is the law of marriage beating the heck out of you every time you turn around. WHY do people stay in these situations after is obviously serves no positive purpose? I don't get it. What happened to happiness in life? Did humanity decide at some point that our life mission is to be in torturous relationships? It ain't working, GET HELP or GET OUT. And nine times out of ten the 'help' is baloney and serves no purpose other than to keep the counselors in the money.

    So, I will talk to him. And I HAVE PRAYED for him to move on so that will now happen.

    Temperance - He "thinks" he is doing the right thing by keeping the marriage valid.

    Ten of Swords - but its killing him and is blocking the move that Heaven is trying to put together for you two.

    I will talk to him. And knock some sense into his head. What's his email address?

    Two of Cups - HE IS SUPPOSED to be with you! What is the deal with this guy?

    Give me his address and I will write him via airmail and tell him Jesus is telling him to move on. (My big brother upstairs, he gives me advice sometimes. This is one of those time. This guy is making a lot of angels mad because they are trying to put together something sweet for you two.

    Judgment - Time for him make his decision for Christ - and walk the aisle to your side.

    Page of Cups - Give me his fax number and I will fax him and tell him, Hey Bob, it's OVER and Sandra Rambo WANTS YOU pal!

    Eight of Wands - I tell you what Scorp. You buy me a round trip tickets to wherever he is, and you arrange for me to visit him, and I will FLY down there and jerk his chain. I am serious! I am itching to get out of the house anyway my kids are already driving me nuts. Hey, you can afford it, you said you are a successful business woman! So here is your chance to put your money where your heart is and send me down there to FIX THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    Hey I love to fix things. I have been known to spend days and days working on a broken coffemaker, when you can go to Wal mart and buy a new one for ten bucks.

    So... the ball is in your court. And the angels are all pulling up chairs.

    Eight of Swords. Or we can all continue to do nothing and stay in prison. I'm ready to do what I can.

    At the very least, give me his Skype address and I will skype him and we can have a nice little "chat"..

    "Hey Bob... astra angel here... how are you doing pal?"

    "Hello Astra angel... I am fine... how are you?"

    "Just fine Bob. Just fine. The question though is YOU Bob. You see, I am not buying the "I am fine" coming out of your mouth. Not buying it Bob."

    "Well, i probably could be a little better Astra... maybe..."

    "Maybe Bob? Maybe? Bob, you are in pain brother. Deep, miserable suffering. Aren't you Bob?"

    "Um... well.. I don't know..."

    "You don't know Bob? You don't know? Bob, Bob.... can I be straight with you?"

    "What? Straight?.. uh, I guess so... hey astra angel did Sandra put you up to this?...."

    "Bob, please... stop trying to change the subject.... we are not here to talk about Sandra Bob. Sandra is not the problem. You are the problem Bob. You."

    "What? I don't know... I thought I..."

    "You thought? You thought what Bob? You though your life was good? You thought your life was okay" Bob... the truth please..."

    "Well... I think I am okay, I mean I..."

    "Bob, there you go.. trying to think again.... Bob, I am starting to get a little concerned about you. Sandra tells me that you have a problem that you are not willing to face."

    "...what? She told you what?... You have been talking to her?"

    "Bob, there you go again.... focus Bob... she told me all about it Bob."

    "...what? All about what?... what did she...."

    "Bob, Bob... you should be thanking God you have a friend like her... yes Bob. She told me all about... the marriage."

    "The marriage? You mean my marriage?"

    "Bingo Bob. Bingo. So you are aware of your problem in that area. Aren't you? Admit it Bob. Admit you have a problem in that area. Admit you have... a problem marriage Bob."

    "... well, I don't know, I thought it was..."

    "Bob! Please! You have to stop trying to think your way through life. How long have you been trying to do that Bob? Think your way through?"

    "What? Think my way through, I thought I ..."

    "There! Again with the thinking Bob! Let go Bob... let go of the thinking... and Let God, Bob!"

    "God? Let God what? What else did Sandra tell you, I ..."

    "Bob, Bob, Bob... please, I though we agreed not to change the subject. Bob, God want to help you."

    "Help me with what? My thinking? I don't know, I thought..."

    "Bob, lift your hands in the air. Right now. Lift 'em up Bob."


    "Lift them up.. high as you can Bob... and start thanking God for deliverance!"

    "What? What are you talking about?"

    "Bob, stop thinking... and start THANKING!"

    "... what? what? .... like this?"

    "Yes Bob, like that! Lift them high and thank God! Right now! Everyone's watching Bob!"

    "... I don't know... uh.. thank you god..."

    "Louder Bob."

    "What... louder? ... THANK you god... what am I thanking him for?..."

    "Louder Bob, and stop thinking! Louder!"

    "... THANK YOU GOD."

    "Better Bob... better, again, even louder... from your HEART Bob!"


    "Much better.. again Bob!"


    "That's it, again... keep thanking him for your deliverance Bob!"

    "THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU GOD!.... what was it I am being delivered from astra?"


    "What? Sandra told you what? I thought I..."





    "That's it Bob... again... put it all together Bob....!"


    "THERE Bob! Hallelujah! Praise the LORD Bob! YOU JUST BROKE THE BACK OF THAT THING!"

    "...what? I broke what?..."

    "Your dead marriage Bob! YOU ARE DELIVERED BOB! Now, give GOD THE GLORY!"

    "...What?... give what?..."

    "The glory Bob! Giver GOD the PRAISE!"

    "... what praise?... what else did she tell you?..."

    "BOB, PRAISE THE LORD! YOU ARE SET FREE!!! ... now Bob, you must take the next step of faith to actualize your deliverance."

    "... what? actualize what? And you said something about giving God the praise, i don't understand..."

    "Bob, you only need to ACTUALIZE your deliverance now!"


    "ACTUALIZE BOB! Okay Bob, the LORD gave me a word for you. Actually it's a URL Bob. A URL from Heaven!"

    "What? a url, i don't know, I..."

    "Yes Bob! A URL FROM HEAVEN... do you have a pencil and paper Bob?"

    "A pencil.... yeah.. I guess so... hang on.. okay yeah... I have a pencil... what did y..."

    "Okay Bob I want you to write down this Heaven sent message in URL form... are you ready Bob? Are you ready to actualize your faith Bob? Are you?"

    "... well, I don't know, I..."

    "OF COURSE YOU ARE BOB! You are good and ready! I want you to write this down Bob... . did you get that Bob?"

    "Uh... okay astra... I got that.. now what d.."


    "THANK YOU GOD... this is website isn't it astra?..."

    "That's good Bob! I can already see that God has ben working on your thought processes! YES BOB THAT IS A WEBSITE AND THAT IS HOW YOU ARE GOING TO ACTUALIZE YOUR FAITH! GIve God the Praise!"

    "... what? Praise?.... actualize, I don't..."

    "Bob, it's okay. You are going to go to that website this afternoon and end it Bob. You are going to actualize your FAITH TODAY Bob! Right now Bob!"

    "... uh... you mean... I am going to file for a divorce astra?... is that w..."

    "No Bob... you are NOT filing for divorce, you are ACTUALIZING YOUR FAITH! Heaven is getting you the divorce Bob! GOD IS DELIVERING YOU FROM YOUR BED OF AFFLICTION! Give him the praise Bob~"

    "... I what? Give what? what?..."

    "BOB. FOCUS! ACTUALIZE BOB, ACTUALIZE! You are on the way out of the WILDERNESS BOB! Give him the PRAISE! And PUL UP THAT URL BOB! Right now Bob! Do it! Do it Bob!"

    "... I .. uh.. okay... there... I have it up astra... I am looking at it... now what astra?"

    "File Bob."

    "... you mean... fill out this form and file.. for divorce? What about the k..."

    "Yes Bob! FILL IT OUT AND SBMIT IT RIGHT NOW BOB! Show Heaven you mean business Bob! "

    "... business? Show Heaven what...?... okay I am filling out the form... is that w..."

    "Yes Bob! Fill it out! The angels are helping you Bob! The angels are guiding your hands Bob! Praise the LORD!"

    "... what?.. angels?... I am filling it out... and there... I guess that's it astra, I fil..."


    "What? The glory... I ..."


    ".. you mean click the submit button astra? is that wh...?


    "... okay... there.. I just clicked it astra!... I feel.. better !"

    "Of course you do Bob, that's GOD! THANK HIM!"

    "...thank you God!"

    "Come on Bob, you just got delivered from a marriage from H3LL! You can do better than that Bob!"


    "That's it Bob! Now Bob, you will be receiving further instructions from Heaven in the form of some follow up emails from the angels at.... you be ready for that Bob! Will you promise GOD that you will do that?"

    "... uh, I guess so, I..."

    "BOB! BOB! YOU GUESS SO? Follow up Bob!"


    "That's the Spirit Bob.. and keep thanking God!"

    Scorp... one way or the other we are going to deliver this man... right into your arms...

    Give God the PRAISE Scorp!



  • Sounds wonderful, AstraAngel, but begs the question: Which doors must I close? I have to admit that part leaves me just a little confused. I understand he MUST close the door on his marriage...and the hos...that is obvious. But, for me, it does not seem so clear cut. People? Places? Situations? My business? I guess, at this point, as I sit here and nothing is changing no matter how hard I try, it appears to be blocking my vision of what lies ahead.

    And how are you Astra? In need of a vacation, just like me, I think. Perhaps that airline ticket should be to somewhere other than here.

    Thank you again for all your insight and have a blessed day! 🙂

  • Hey Scorpioreader

    1. Which doors must you close?

    Four of Cups. Whatever doors that are connected with the three cups sitting on the ground. Your new door is in Heaven, and that is where love comes from. You are right, his part is to let go of the past, however you really can't control that outcome. I was relating to his situation strongly which resulted in my little "mock dialog". As for you, the part you have is to embrace Heaven's offering of love to you, right now. Angelic, lovely, hidden and yery, very real - love. Spiritual focus is your calling now.

    2. For me, it does not seem so clear cut....

    People? Knight of Swords - Expect someone to soon enter your life who is hot to talk, you will be getting messages through this person as to some next steps you are to take. He is not a central figure, however he is influential. You will be getting a phone call from this person very soon. This will help clear up your path.

    Places? Temperance - You don't seem to be in any motion here, much like the four of cups you are focused on keeping your balance and drinking deep of the Rivers of the Waters of Life (Rev. 22:1) Your "place" is in that spiritual Heavenly Jerusalem river. Relaxing there.

    Situations? Two of Pentacles - there is the eventual choice that will change your situation, a physical move, a new opening is given. You come out of the river of life refreshed and your path opens to you, a heavenly dove descends, and the light is bright and lovely. The questions then will all be answered.

    My business? Ace of Pentacles. A new business, somehow your work changes as a result of all of this prior activity and spiritual focus. Your material life changes for the better and you are thrilled, it is very comfortable for you. Warmer wherever this place is.

    3. Your feeling of your vision being blocked? Six of Pentacles. Join the club. We are all in a place where we must be thankful now for what light we are receiving from one another. The paths may not be clear however that is intentional by God to help us mature. That takes faith and a willingness to trust no matter the fact that our future seems clouded and dim. We are all seeing through a glass darkly, and it takes a childlike trust to keep moving on no matter what.

    I feel this way a lot too... my own life is the same way.

    As for a vacation. I would LOVE ONE. Where can I go that won't cost me a penny? I am broke. I can't afford to vacation in the motel across the street. I guess I can dream though. Visiting your guy sounded like a vacation to me. Anywhere new, different at this point in my life would be fantastic. Hopefully somwhere warm, with a beach. Clear blue water, I would love at least once more to feel the warm surf on my body... and then were heaven to open up and I float away, well that would be the most wonderful vacation of all...

    blessings and light


  • Well, thing for sure...we can both agree on needing a vacation. I say we forget everything else and go!

    Just kidding! I'm sorry, Bob, I know we are both feeling stuck. One little glimmer! That's all we both need! I keep reading all this every time I get a chance. Remember...nothing stays the same forever, so you WILL get that vacation! I promise! Have a great day, Bob a/k/a Astraangel

  • Dear Astra:

    I am very tired. I do believe. Im really having trouble thinking any more. I have definite concerns with my brother 08/02/58. this man I know who needs a divorce 07/18/56 and myself, always at the bottom of the list 11/11/56. A little more insight into my nightmare of a life would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your time abd help. 🙂

  • Hey ScorpioReader

    I hear you. Been in the same place as you, and still make trips there. Trying to avoid bringing back souvenirs though. It is hard and I am not going to candy coat it for you.

    The only relief I can offer is the slim glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, there are aspects of our life to come that we simply can not perceive, and for whatever bizarre reason, it requires greatest pain and suffering before we get there. I often cry out to God, and give him a piece of my mind (maybe that's why I don't have much left ha ha) and really struggle to grasp this nightmare (and that is a good word to use) of broken relationships, love thwarted, emotional desires trampled upon, this deep longing for true relationship apparently scorned by heaven. It is like the very ones with the most beautiful capacity to love, to understand that love for another, with the highest and brightest potential for love - are the very ones singled out for failure in relationships, tragically broken hearts, horribly abusive relationships, physical and emotional abuse.

    These ones appear to have a bulls eye painted on our backs that says "please torment me". We pray "Dear God, please... i long for true love... is there anyone alive up there?" And then we pray," I desire true love" - and the answer to that prayer? More torment and pain as there is no apparent answer in sight. We pray "I long for my soul mate to love, I beg of you, where is this love i seek?" And the answer to our prayer? Abusive relationships and dead end marriages where the emotional connection and sweet communion between two people drained away long ago.

    I wish I had some easy answer... a magic wand that could fix it all instantly. I have been crying out for a long time myself, and about the only direction that even begins (at this point) to offer any hope is to simply come up with an imaginary friend, an angel, who you can love in your heart and try to avoid expecting anything "real" from people ever again. And yet, then I look at my make up, I am a man, with a great capacity to love a girl with all of my heart and soul, to be so sweet and desiring only to bless her and kiss her and hold her in my arms... and angels aren't so great at providing those touches, and the feel of warmth against one another, skin to skin, and the breath of love on one another's cheeks. At least the invisible ones.

    Which leaves me more frustrated than ever, that some creator, or creators, would make us like this, with beautiful bodies and the capacity to enter into such emotional and sensual bliss... and then arrange our lives so that it can not happen. I scream out, in greatest pain at this atrocity. Is Heaven filled with sadists, who love to simply watch us writhe in agony while we long for love? Do they laugh at these children who only wanted someone else to hold, for that is how we are made, to hold one another? And instead, they make sure, that we have only ourselves to hold, alone and crying, tears running down our cheeks... with this love we seek so far away as to be impossible, so distant as to seem unreachable, so removed from possibility as to seem a joke.

    I cannot even begin to fathom any architect of a that kind of nightmare. How many feel these same feelings now, hurting so deep? Millions I am sure, who knows, billions. And his Heaven we pray to, these angels we claim to believe in, seem like they are all off playing golf or something, aloof to us, and we feel totally abandoned and afraid.

    Can anyone offer any plausible explanation why we would be left in such a place? Is God insane? Any reasonable person would come to that conclusion.

    I don't know about you Scorp, all I want is relationship at this point. Love. Intimacy. Deep connection, trust, a true connection one to another where there might be the slightest hope that my partner is not simply using me for what she can get out of me. Money. Pleasure on her terms alone. And when I do not perform to her liking, then the abuse starts up, and lets me know that I am scum. Love would never act that way. Devils perhaps. Not love. Not the love that THIS MAN believes in.

    Perhaps I shall go to my grave believing in this highest love and never having found it. Should that be the case and I per chance open my eyes in Heaven. My first journey will be to find whoever designed this existence where creatures like us are made to know what love should be, and are then kept away from it. I would go to that person, or power, and I would ask then to their face, "What were you thinking? Are you mad? Did you simply like to watch us squirm in greatest pain?"

    Maybe asking those kinds of questions are not allowed in Heaven. I don't care, I will ask them anyway and tell this power what I think of them.

    The thing is though... I really don't believe that this power would do that to us. There is too much evidence of love in the earth, in the stars, in the little playful prance of a butterfly across a meadow. A little baby's happy laughter and smile. That is the evidence that surely there is a deep heart of love behind all of this, and that in fact we are all in good hands. Which leads my to the only place we can go while keeping our sanity, and that is, something in true love is coming for you, and for me, that though we can not perceive it yet, does not mean it does not exist.

    That is the only glimmer of hope I can give you ScorpioReader. That is the only hope that any of us have at this point. At least those like you and me who are still dumb enough to continue to believe in true love. A lovely and sweet and romantic melting away into her, and her into me. And you into him, and he into you. That is what you are crying out for with every atom of your being! That is what I am crying out for with every part of me!

    That is the whole reason we are even bothering ourselves with things like the Tarot and astrology, and tea leaves and palm reading and God knows what else, (and don't forget bible study!).. we do these things because we are all HUNGRY for a true love relationship, and we are desperate. We'll look anywhere to find answers and hope!

    No rational person would read Tarot cards. A person longing for love who is brokenhearted would. No thinking person would pray either, or study their astrology chart... a person seeking someone to devote themselves to with every part of their heart would. All of the dating sites exist because we LONG for that, and though our tactics might be flawed (I am not sure trying to meet someone over the internet is the best way to go about it), it still shows that our hearts are still beating at least a little bit... crying out for someone to call our lover, who loves us truly, even as we love them.

    There is no other purpose in existence. Not really. Take that love relationship out of the equation and substitute it with all the other things of life, the money, the pastimes, even trying to 'help' others by giving of your time and talents (even as we do here on this forum), take all of that, and success, and acclaim, and fame and fortune, and health so that you could live a million years if you want to! Add all of that up, and it will not even be one speck of dust in size compared to this majestic mountain of love relationship that we seek.

    That is why I look around me and scratch my head... what are these people thinking? That work, and jobs, and health and money and being entertained 24/7 is what life is all about? And no one even seems to even remember WHY we were put on this earth - FOR A RELATIONSHIP OF TRUE LOVE. And I look at this world, and these people and scratch my head and wonder... what happened to their hearts? Has Wall Street and vacations in the Bahamas and soccer games and non-stop movie watching taken the place of the one thing we REALLY want? To be in love with someone, and to experience someone actually loving us IN TRUTH and not in empty words?

    That leaves me crying, and let me say I have cried plenty of tears over this bizarre and empty parody of existence. We all have. You do. Some days I pray with all of me heart to simply 'go home' and hope that there is something better 'up there' as 'down here' seems a meaningless and empty circus that only mocks the heart of those who seek love.

    My only hope now is the trust that Heaven has NOT forgotten you and me. That each of us are not crazy for wanting this love, and are NOT wrong for desiring that love above ALL things. That maybe, just maybe we represent a new generation of lovers who would give anything, anything to find that! Who turn away from all of the noise of modern life and the busy-ness that leads no where, and instead cry out "Let me simply find a lady to love, to linger in bed with, to hold and feel her holding me honestly, from her heart!" And your cry like mine, "Let me find a man to love, to linger in bed with, to hold and feel him holding me honestly, from his heart!" I am not interested in all the rest, not really. Career? Fulfillment in my work? Apart from love these activities are meaningless and I say they are the activities of fools who have forgotten love.

    Of course, we do have to work, or make use of our talents. It is just the insult, that these things can be found so much easier than love! I have painted many hundreds of paintings, it came easily. But finding that one love that is real and true? It has seemed impossible. My belief is that the way life is "supposed to work" is that our talents and work build upon the foundations of true love relationships. That is one reason for the economies now failing... it is not the love of money that is the root of all evil, it is the forgetting of love relationships! The turning aside to chase everything else BUT love! The leaving behind of our 'first love' which is the love of a boy and a girl, even as children!

    When I was in the 1st or 2nd grade, I met a lovely blonde-haired pig tail little girl my age and I fell in love with her. Puppy love I guess we 'adults' call it. Looking back, it was the highest most divine love I have ever had. It was pure, innocent, before all of the s e x desires that sweep over us once we are older. I loved her for her, all I could think of was walking home with her after school... "hey, can I carry your books for you?". I never forgot that lovely girl, I look back and think she must surely have been my angel, in a little girl's body. And yet, she went away. We never say each other after the 2nd grade (i moved away) however that experience has never left me. Beverly was her name.

    I travelled back home a few months ago and asked about her, and was devastated to learn she had committed suicide. And I cried and wondered why is life this hard, that a boy and a girl cannot love and be able to simply live out that love? Instead we face pains that are so hard that some of us go that far to try and end the suffering? What possible reason can there be for that?

    And still... I come back to trust... I have no choice, either that or I follow in her footsteps. I have thought about it. However I am determined to see this through to the end. And that end for me right now is FAITH and TRUST that somehow, somehow, somehow there is a method to this madness, and somehow, somehow, somehow our longings for love WILL be answered. I don't know what else to believe. It is all I can believe. And so I must simply keep going, trying to keep myself occupied as best as I can while I wait - for SOMETHING!

    So, I play around with tarot cards, and write, and paint a little, and try to figure out how to make money without a job... meanwhile, I, like you Scorp, face that same 'nightmare' of our lives and wonder, why, why is it like this? Until I leave this place in the way that heaven wants, I will continue to believe that this love you seek is out there for you. He is waiting for you, she is waiting for me. And at the perfect, loveliest divine moment, she will appear for me, and he will appear for you, and then - Heaven will be all around us, and we will know and understand that it has been in preparation all this time. We simply had no capacity to understand the ache WHILE we waited.

    Don't get me wrong, there are certainly so many wonderful aspects of life. And maybe many people go through life and never taste true love. Well, is that because they never bothered to seek it? Because here is the thing. You never find what you are not seeking for. And the fact that so many today aren't even bothering any more to seek true love reveals the sad shallow state of our culture. No wonder the foundations of our economies are shaky... they should be, when there is no foundation of true love!

    Paradoxically, it is those who grow in their search for love who are the ones setting the bar pretty high, and experiencing the 'nightmare' all the more because of the obvious absence of the answer. And yet, it has to be that way when you think about it. No one imagines that you can rush out one day and find this divine love right away! Although I have thought I could by trying a lot of dating sites, thinking that I could scare something up fast. Hasn't worked out for me. I wouldn't even be bothering though, if I did not believe that it was possible to find love! And it is not for physical pleasure only, we can all take care of that by ourselves. It is connection that we are seeking. Real... true... strong... deep... real... meaningful... mutual... supportive... equal... intimate... respectful... caring... compassionate... empathetic... LOVE FOR ANOTHER.

    Our soul mate I guess.... our twin flame... someone... maybe an angel should no person ever show up, and I have found my angel... and yet I still wonder... then WHY am I still here? I would love to simply float into the skies with her now and be done with the earth. There has to be a reason I am still here. (And I am a capricorn, and answers are what drives this man!)

    I didn't mean to write this long post... I wanted to simply say, hang in there, and I draw a card like the Ace of Cups and tell you that ALL WILL WORK OUT BEAUTIFULLY for you... but you touched my heart Scorp because I have cried out so many times like you, why does life feel like a nightmare... so alone... with this ache for relationship that is not answered!

    And so, all I can really say to you is HANG IN THERE because ALL WILL WORK OUT BEAUTIFULLY for you!!! I believe that WITH ALL OF MY HEART. We must be on the right path, otherwise life is a senseless mess.

    And... I did draw the Two of Cups, which is probably the sweetest little card of relationship in all the Tarot. Even better than the lovers card I believe. Because it is so tender and new and childlike and innocent. That is coming for you... love deep and true, so sweet you will be in the heaven of heavens in his arms.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving scorpioreader. You deserve it. I have written your name in my journal and when I see that I will be thinking of you and praying for you, to be filled with hope and faith that love, will be coming for you... heaven has NOT forgotten you, has not forgotten me, has not forgotten any of us!

    Much love and light,


    "So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him." -1 John 4:16

    (I like to quote a bible verse once in a while in the hope that it might get SOMEONE'S attention up there (hint hint) and they will say "hey look at that... they are desiring heavenly love after all. Now we can bring them together with the one they seek .... 🙂

  • Dear Astra:

    Sorry it took me so long, but as you may already deduce, the last 5 days have been extremely difficult ones. I'm tired today, but have things under the best control possible at this time.

    What occurs to me from reading your previous posts, is that we both just need a friend. In spite of all the atrocities in my life at this current time, I am known to be a very good listener. To that end, I will provide you with my personal email... You are always there for everyone else, feel free to write and unburden your soul, if you wish.

    Thank you again for all your support and kindness...Cecelia

  • Hey thanks Scorpioreader

    I appreciate that. You are right, I tend to stay apart a lot and not sure why. Making friends has been a challenge for sure. I will take you up on your offer. I am hesitant about opening out my own life too much however that may be part of my life lesson, learning to trust others who are willing to listen and sharing more.



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